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  1. Traythor added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    Hardly - for life is full of depth and excitement. Ofc it´s also full of people who want to sell you shit to grab your money, too. Much like Kakao.

    So there are similarities.
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  2. Traythor added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    That´s quite possible, doesn´t makes the point less valid tho. Asian games lack depth, content and are rng-infested lazy design money milking games. I can understand that you like the milking part.
    Edit: BDO is just good at hiding that behind an awesome eye candy. It´s like buying an Ferrari with a VW Beetle motor.

    If that´s enough for you. That´s totally ok.
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  3. Traythor added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    1) Point is - if you bring just vanity items, nobody cares. If you bring game relevant stuff (Tears, small but in sum pricey) this is pure greed. Gives a publisher a bad rep, thus looses players. The standard company CEO is just to dumb to realize the long-term effects, because of short-term income of fresh, trying players.
    2) dunno - every game has those.
    3) This is true.
    4) Being an MMO is not an excuse for Rip-Off RNG. It´s lazy game design and a typical sign of non-successful mmos - the good ones manged without those.
    5) just 70% BS, but gear has too big of an impact.
    6) Soooo you killed off every raid/world boss with ease like back in Vanilla WoW/BC when you still needed skill to actually survive a normal or at least heroic instance? Hm... yo da man!
    7) That maybe so - but if an issue like that sticks around long enough, game looses players to due inept programming skills.
    8) I don´t get his point either, but selling dye on a CS ist just the last straw if you need evidence if a game is pure greed by design.

    BDO is a lost cause. Cash Shop->Concealed Subscription on a B2P promise (which was BS from the start)->Merge

    Those are signs of a slow death. Slow but steady and Kakao´s only creativity will be, how they can extort more money from their dwindling customer base instead of finally getting a revelation.
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  4. Traythor added a post in a topic RNG is FINE you little babies. Seriously, you sound like a bunch of entitlement recipients.   

    Be sure to go to the shower once a week and empty the full bottles under your desk every now and then.... the again *rine therapy is a real thing.
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  5. Traythor added a post in a topic To all the white knights defending Value pack   

    Yeah and that´s a big pipe dream. Logging on doesn´t mean actively playing. It´s the same bogus numbers Trion use to gather if their servers have an healthy pop.
    And one reason for it are login rewards. Many wouln´t even bother to patch up BDO if it wasn´t for daily loya and the event rewards or the new attendance rewards.
    It´s a laughable design only to make ppl remember "Ah there is this game i don´t play anymore, but in case i return i should take the daily goodies!" and a slim chance of "Ah well i logged in - oh that costume is nice... okay i buy it, maybe i will play someday again".
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  6. Traythor added a post in a topic Dr.Jumbo's Cure #2: Karma Bombs(PVP)ll Thoughts Anyone?   

    #1 So no more karma loss from PvP Kills? I mean there are none - if both flag afaik. If they don´t it´s PK. If you feel the need to pk, grow some balls and accept some risks.
    #2 This hardly adresses the issue at hand. Ppl that just run back to a farm spot and compete it, while you have to PK to get rid of them. You don´t really have to PK them ya know, just be better at mob grinding.
    I do think the ppl running to a spot just to bug others are the same spineless jerks as PK´s that claim a spot from another player and then whine about him running back there all the time.
    #3 Respawn in Major cities would be a good thing for the guy that only tries to raise your karma, i´d be counter-productive if it´s the guy you just killed because he was in your favorite grind spot and you felt compelled to PK him, because this spot belongs to you and your holiness only.
    I think those ideas are pretty mediocre and don´t adress any issue with the karma system. You basically want to revert the changes through other mechanics.
    The current system has it´s flaws, but mostly for ppl killing undergeared single players who can now strike back. Talk about a taste of one´s own medicine. The above "solutions" don´t... well solve that.
    But i agree Dauum should rethink the issue.
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  7. Traythor added a post in a topic To all the white knights defending Value pack   

    Also true, still you get a shitty return from those packs. Add 1k, 750 or at least 500 Pearls to it and it´d be shiny.
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  8. Traythor added a post in a topic To all the white knights defending Value pack   

    True, but you get a shitty return for your 15 bucks
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  9. Traythor added a post in a topic They won't remove value pack.   

    There is a simple way to counter that.
    Quit the game or at least don´t spent any $/€ more on the game.
    At least until the pack contains 1k Pearls per month and is available for Auto-Pay/Subcription - and it really shouldn´t be 15 $/€.
    So ... just starve them out.
    It´s not worth the money - that´s the issue.
    See above - add a recurring monthly pearl amount to the pack and a way to pay for it directly and it´s somewhat fair and worth it.
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  10. Traythor added a post in a topic To all the white knights defending Value pack   

    It´s a standard sub fee. Even if Daum said there´d be never such thing and it´s B2P with convenience cash shop...
    It was a pay to have an advantage long before this. Even the greedy PER CHARACTER slot expansion showed that.
    Get a grasp of reality. Running a game costs money. That is why B2P and F2P are doomed concepts from the start - the money for montly costs has to come from somewhere. F2P players are just leeching of the paying crowd.
    May hurt your pride. But paying a decent sub for a is an essential thing and manageable even if you just earn some extra money even at a younger age.
    That being said.
    Daum IMPRESSIVELY fails to provide a premium/patron/sub that is worth it, nor do they offer a reasonable way to auto-pay for just that.
    There should at least be 1k extra pearls each month in it.
    And a ways to pay directly for that pack, not them having players buy the 20 € pack hoping they will spent at least that every month because the extra pearls go to other stuff.
    I thought Trion was the world´s greediest company. I was utterly mistaken.
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  11. Traythor added a post in a topic Paying cash for skill resets [a grievance]   

    Considering all that Blizz was pretty capable of creating content that attracted masses.
    And you´re right about dev trying to copy the playstyle and create the next WoW-Killer. That latter itself is a serious problem. If you just aim for a playerbase that big you cannot just create another clone with better graphics.
    You have to create a game that appeals to the players and binds them. That´s one reason why SWTOR and so many others failed. They did a tad bit different, but overall they were just the usual MMO (or WoW) clone.
    Problem is to bring ppl together. I remember well when you needed skill and planning and sometimes even a specific class if you wanted to run a dungeon in WoW without dying over and over again.
    Over the years they downwashed this "skill" requirement to a pure hack and slay. Tanking became like mob farming in BDO for example - no skill involved.
    That way you had more casual players appeal in the game, yet the challenge of the game itself became non-existent (like PvE in BDO). I remember quests so hard that you required a group and even with a good one they were hard af. Or single quests you were obligated to complete alone and challenging to death.
    But with all it´s errors and simplification that hopefully get somewhat reverted in the final release of Legion - WoW was 10 years free of any P2W cash shop. That alone is makes it one of the greatest MMO´s of all time - right after Vanilla Ultima Online. (I count GW1 on 3rd place :P)
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  12. Traythor added a post in a topic Paying cash for skill resets [a grievance]   

    1.) Well, i know
    2.) Earning money is no bad thing and ofc granted, but "main" publishers working the thug scheme of mobile game in-app transactions? That´s not just disgusting, it lacks a fitting description.
    3.) Well F2P and B2P, one of the reasons both models are total bs af, is that a very low percentage of the player base generate more than 2/3 of the income, if not more. Seems like that sum is more than the income from a decent subscription model, also burst shopping wouldn´t happen in subscription models and subscriber numbers can dwindle, while you can blind newcomers always with the shinies!
    4.) Problem with the cash shop here is - it´s not a convenient store (like they promised). At first glance it looks like it, but in general you cannot achieve the advantages therein by pure in game means (not counting loyalty) -> a problem less present in sub only games, if at all.
    5.) Acutally i never saw how Arena Net actually cashed in enough. And for them i don´t have numbers. Problem is GW had "content" whereas in Korean MMO´s you just have more of the same grind, just fish flavored the next time, which can be totally fun, but don´t justify a payoff for an "add-on" and they know it ^^
    Creative recycling of the same sh... all over again.
    6.) TbH i think Blizzard was the last company publishing their Masterpiece with all their hard and not just profits. But even they incorperated an F2P model to keep the playerbase.
    Dunno the current shop, but pre- WoD the shop was harmless, some mounts, no advantages (or buffs) you could totally skip it.
    Still MMO´s going down the drain, i don´t see the genre having weigth in the future. Hell it feels like everybody, really everybody, even Jack the Bum under the bridge, wants to quickly cut their cash grab share from the MMO market while it´s still afloat.
    Then again - there´s enough ppl that play shallow brainless mobile games and even spent RL money on those (or the other 50 clones of one game).
    There´s still a good chance ppl with throw games at publishers that advertise 3d graphics as the new age! Oh wait... it´s called VR now ^^
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  13. Traythor added a post in a topic Paying cash for skill resets [a grievance]   

    You´re joking i guess.
    You imply Daum has no say what comes at what price to the cash shop. Publishers like to pretend they can´t do shit about it.
    But Trions the best example for lying about that part, they totally have full control over their CS - you can see that by not releasing stuff available in the KR CS.
    That´s only one of the bigger hints.
    And i highly doubt Daum has any less say in it.
    Problem is - F2P and B2P are player milk models. Hell even full price single player games come with this shit nowadays. Most commonly in the form of (day 1) DLC.
    Or that bullshit that was introduced with the Battlefield series i believe - Season Passes.
    Instead of a solid free giveaway companies made for their loyal paying customers after release and some solid add-ons later, things changed into outright - we give you half a game and expect to pay you full + something.
    If MMO´s would implement a subscription model that would grand the players a set amount of credits each month, enough to buy one costume for example, that´d be a fair deal.
    And you can have both models running - B2P for those that don´t want or cannot sub with the option of additional payouts for "convenience" stuff (biggest joke ever) and costumes.
    A solid subscription with monthly in game credits (because as a sub i expect my inventory space not being artificially blocked/low).
    And maybe even an F2P option for trying stuff out - with a level restriction or something not too greedy that would give them an incentive to go at least B2P.
    But have no illusions - B2P cannot ever work. Standalone that is.
    A company has running costs - energy, infrastructre, rent - hell even the staff wants to eat something every now and then. That alone is the pure reasoning why B2P / F2P are bogus constructs and cannot work.
    Thus the cash shop. A cash shop basically replaces a subscription (income) for the publisher. It also has higher peaks then a steady subscription income, because they (Daum) know how to push your triggers to go on an all out shopping spree.
    F2P/B2P are the biggest ruse ever.
    And then there are those games, like Archeage - the maximum perv in company greed. Where you have a sub and still have to pay credits to get a full account - like all character slots, max inventory space.
    While it´s totally possible to farm that via in-game gold (Apex) - most F2P don´t realise that somebody has paid EXTRA real life money for the virtual item they buy (Apex) which can be used to gain in-game credits.
    All in ADDITION to a subscription.
    So... either it´s no longer possible to run an MMO today with pure subs only as a company. Or this is just company greed.
    What really is - make up your own mind.
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  14. Traythor added a post in a topic PvP is killing the game !   

    Yeah well, it also seems that this is the only PvP they can actually win, because of the aeons it took em to kill AFKs.
    And the ship to ship combat in BDO is total crap. Archage has that field covered with excellence.
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  15. Traythor added a post in a topic Paying cash for skill resets [a grievance]   

    This is another prime example why the F2P or B2P concept is shit.
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