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  1. Marianne added a post in a topic Aphotic Vanguard [NA RP-PvX, witcher-esque] - Recruiting!   

    Chapter III - The Cause
    The sounds of laughter drifts out of the local tavern, overtaking the songs of the bard for a moment. The sound of a blacksmith's hammer clanking against his anvil echos, sparks flying as fireworks as he shapes a new blade. Merchants call out their deals with beaming smiles, ready to share their wares. These are the people... These are the lifestyles...This is what the diobarach were created to protect. This is their reason for being and ultimately the cause everyone fight for.
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  2. Marianne added a post in a topic Above you.   

    A sexy anime-dude with purple hair, and you know it.
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  3. Marianne added a post in a topic One Word Story   

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  4. Marianne added a post in a topic One Word Story   

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  5. Marianne added a post in a topic Ready for new content...   

    Your name is Donald Trump. Your word is invalid by default.
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  6. Marianne added a post in a topic BDO stopping other games from locking cursor [Win 10]   

    Is BDO running fullscreen? Try making it windowed / Borderless.
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  7. Marianne added a post in a topic Server transfer ticket   

    Why is Orwen dying?
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  8. Marianne added a post in a topic Above you.   

    Say what now, Mr Cat adoring airbubbles in a watertank?
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  9. Marianne added a post in a topic Above you.   

    If Keanu Reeves were a smoking anime character...
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  10. Marianne added a post in a topic 1 milion player and 5 wild horses with 2hrs spawn   

    Then you're doing it wrong. I have seen at least six horses all over the place today, and I am not interested in taming at all. They just keep running into me.
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  11. Marianne added a post in a topic How to screw ower bots   

    Yes, the sky is green and mortals wander the cake of ultimate destruction when you raise someones salary by two series of bowling.
    Just... Yes.
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  12. Marianne added a topic in Suggestions   

    We don't need black magic specialists...
    OK so... I'm not sure about you guys, but I don't have any need of black magic specialists or free marriage services.
    I do suggest getting a few moderators outside of your bedtime timezones, because every time I get home from work, I come to this:

    It is just so heartbreaking and saddening to see this happen and not countered. Game owners only on forums, or at least limit non-owner members to one thread per 24 hours or something and I'll be happy.
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  13. Marianne added a post in a topic Aphotic Vanguard [NA RP-PvX, witcher-esque] - Recruiting!   

    Chapter II - The Search
    After far too many failures, the group has their living weapon. And now, in 'The Search', the group spreads out in hopes of finding other potential subjects. Those who have nothing left to lose and everything to gain... Those who have the potential to survive the transformation and become those creatures they now call The Diobarach.
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  14. Marianne added a post in a topic Above you.   

    Looks like one of the kids from Game of Thrones, that guy with the visions
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  15. Marianne added a post in a topic Reset skills should not cost real money.   

    You can remove one partial skill for 400 loyalties.
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