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  1. Mamberu added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  2. Mamberu added a post in a topic maintenance times   

    If you used to be a wow player, then just convert your time from those in the patch notes..... it would've been faster.
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  3. Mamberu added a post in a topic [Loyalties]Blessing of kamasilve   

    I really want to get it, but I'm saving up for an extra character slot. Already have seven, but I just need that eighth so I can have both a plum and ninja whenever they release.
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  4. Mamberu added a post in a topic Nerf Fishing!   

    Some people use AFK fishing to sleep, I use it to play other games.
    Seriously, Stardew is taking my life just a little less than BDO 
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  5. Mamberu added a post in a topic TROLLS/game-haters come at me. Setting the game straight.   

    The only thing I currently have a strong dislike towards is my luck. I've been trying for a +13 staff and now I have have a character with 32 fail stacks,  another with 24, and one with 5. That's 61 fails in a row. Going by the current auction price of 400-500k each weapon stone, that's 24.4 - 30.5 mil. I could've gotten an ogre ring by now.
    Then, right after doing this someone in my guild gets a +15 chest with only 5 fail stacks.
    Edit: Don't get me wrong, this large amount of fail stacks is great.... if we had any content later than calpheon.
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  6. Mamberu added a topic in Suggestions   

    Just a few small changes I want.
    So, over the past few days of playing, and in cbt. There are just a few tiny quality of life things that I would really like changed.
    1. Ability to customize chat more, some of these colors I just have a terrible time reading. Orange, really? I can't see it at all with lantern light shining on the floor making everything orange. And to take off a lantern or disable seeing other's lanterns just seems wrong in order to see chat.
    2. Take off the restriction of making us buy the lowest listed item on the market price. I don't care if there's 3 iron ore selling for 140, I want to waste less time and go straight to the 247 iron ore selling for 165 each.
    3. Have the rankings go against everyone on the server, whether they are online, offline, or on a different channel. I just would like to see EXACTLY how I rank. I wouldn't care if it took an hour or a day for the update interval.
    4. Ability to move things in our warehouses... That's it. I just want to manually either have empty spaces between certain items, or be able to re-arrange them without having to remove 20 items simply to put my iron ore next to my tin and copper. i.e., make it like our inventory.
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  7. Mamberu added a post in a topic Head Start: What is your present level?   

    36, I could've hit 50 by now... but I'm more concerned over my 67 cp and 80 energy
    Having Apprentice 4 Processing is nice as well.
    1 Day, 14 Hours played time. (38 hours total)
    Oh, this includes a few hours of afk fishing as well.
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  8. Mamberu added a post in a topic Guess the Class   

    About as squishy
    You Win! You get..... oh right we cant trade.... You get the grand prize of me quoting you! 
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  9. Mamberu added a topic in General   

    Guess the Class
    So I just received my costume - after waiting longer than I thought I would - and here's what I now look like from the back.
    Can any of you tell which class I am underneath my porcupine quills? Without looking at references.
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  10. Mamberu added a post in a topic Do maintenance now and not the 3rd (Now with a poll!)   

    Sure, not having a costume big deal, not having free beds is no big deal, not having a t5 horse from the get-go is no big deal, not having a single pet from the start is no big deal.
    But adding all that up is kind of a big deal.
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  11. Mamberu added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    Ah, I see it now, I just didn't feel like delving into each post to see which one would have it.
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  12. Mamberu added a post in a topic All claims for conqeror's on 28th will not get until 3rd March.   

    Ok, so I may just be completely blind, but I'm looking at his activity feed and see no mention of anything in this 'quote'
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  13. Mamberu added a post in a topic Which pet did you pick?   

    Falcon, simply because it's the most expensive. Once I get my 2500 pearls I'll also get a dog and cat.
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  14. Mamberu added a post in a topic Leveling endurance vs leveling horse   

    You'll get endurance leveled eventually, really no reason to for grind it and forgo your horse.
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  15. Mamberu added a post in a topic anyone else plans to cook alot?   

    I tried drying weeds in cbt2, do you need a certain level of farming or something to make haystacks? 
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