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  1. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Node Name & Node Manager Master List   

    Brilliant. Why am I just now seeing this list? I need to come to the forums more often. sigh.
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  2. Bel Geode added a post in a topic New BDO Facebook Group   

    Cool beans! I'm all over it, of course.
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  3. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Character stares at the camera   

    An option to turn it off like we can in character creator would be nice. Personally I love the creepy love stares my Valkyrie gives me, especially when I am pervy camming her.

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  4. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Fix the night time!   

    Yes, and I agree.
    I loved the dark dark night!! To the best of my knowledge I have yet to see a moon cycle. Seems like every night is a full moon to me. Anyone with screenshots of crescent or gibbous moons to confirm a moon cycle, please prove me wrong.

    But yeah I WANT to be apprehensive at night, especially with monsters stronger. And We NEED to have night be a bit longer too. As it is now, the moon rises to midnight then morning comes. Not realistic to me. IRL the moon actually sets when the sun rises, if it is a full moon. So we are being cheated of half of night time.
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  5. Bel Geode added a topic in Suggestions   

    Dear Daum, WTB Outfit for Valkyrie
    Dear Daum,
    When I started playing on KR, in the cash shop they had this outfit, (the translation of it was something like "Know Hen") that I wanted for my Valkyrie. However since I was clueless on how to throw money at my screen and have it convert to Korean currency, I settled for a screen shot of it.  I do not know when or how often you plan on updating the cash shop, but if at all possible PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include THIS outfit pictured below in the next batch of costumes. I MUST have it for my Valkyrie. This is important to a man.
    Thanks for your time,
    Man who likes to play dress up with his virtual dolls, and ain't even ashamed to say it. Eff the haterz brah!

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  6. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Accidentally Releasing Horses- Needs UI tweak   

    I'm not even sure if that is something that can be changed in NA/EU, or if they have to run it up the line to KR? But yeah it really should have been better laid out. Thankfully I have not lost mine, but then, I am the guy who reads the tiny legal type before clicking I accept.
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  7. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Flying Mounts   

    It seems like every time a new MMO comes out, this is one of the first things people request.
    Personally I do not believe flying mounts fit with this world. Granted there ARE dragons in this world, but I have yet to see any rideable. Additionally there really are not any animals that I could even see them using as mounts... unless you count harpies. (shudder).
    So yeah, no, I highly doubt this will become a thing. I would be incredibly shocked if they did.
    Aside from which ,the game is coded to have poor texturing on very distant objects, do you really want to see a low poly world below you? Maybe if this was a flight simulator, that might... well... fly. But not for a game like this. If I am wrong years from now,  i will happily eat my words, but I do not see it happening.
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  8. Bel Geode added a topic in Suggestions   

    Accidentally Releasing Horses- Needs UI tweak
    So last night my friend Tannarra and I decided to ride our preorder horses to Calpheon so I could buy furniture and show her the big city.
    All was well till after our shopping spree when we decided to head back to Heidelberg. I pulled out my horse from the stable and she was under the impression she did the same thing.
    She  did not . Turns out because the buttons were so close together she ACCIDENTALLY released her tier 3 horse, with no way of finding it or getting it back!!!!
    I told her to put in a ticket and maybe they can help her (I hope you guys can), but seriously, whose idea was it to put the release button so close to the "take out" button? I can only imagine if she had a moment of fat fingers and lost her horse, i bet there are others having this issue as well.
    SUGGESTION- Move the "Release" button to the bottom of the horse menu please. Thanks!

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  9. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    I am not affected by this, but I want to give kudos  to Daum for going the extra mile here. That is pretty solid. You guys are ok in my book.
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  10. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Missing Quests!?   

    And remember, if you love contribution points, do those quests!!! You can thank me later, from your posh three story mansion.
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  11. Bel Geode added a post in a topic I'm gonna look like a peasant the whole game?!!   

    That's some groovy technicolor dream coat there. That's solid, outasight man!
    To the OP- You remember in the character creator you have a bunch of different outfits, only like 1 or 2 said P in the corner of their icon? ALL THOSE that did not say premium, you will be able to loot, buy, or craft.  Oh yeah, and dyes.... 
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  12. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Missing Quests!?   

    What level are you? Some quests do not show up till you are a bit higher level. Also make sure you do the first set of quests because some quests lead to others.
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  13. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Names, deleting, restoring, remaking   

    In my experience on the Korean server, after the deletion period has expired, I could remake the character and reuse the name.  I am HOPING this is the same here.... Not that I plan on redoing my characters.
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  14. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Thx Conquerers for beeing our Guinea pigs!   

    I'm not worried about conquerors being guinea pigs... There are not enough to really cause server issues. I am more worried for March 3, when EVERYONE and their freaking brother tries to log in!
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  15. Bel Geode added a post in a topic Game Is Too Overrealistic And Boring!!?   

    Thank you!  See, now you made me come back into the thread... sigh....  :-)
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