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  1. devour added a post in a topic Honest question, can my PC run BDO on high settings?   

    I suggest you play on Medium Settings for optimal experience
    Your card outperform many in 4K Res due to it 8gb VRAM, which sadly will probably be no use @ 1080p in Black Desert, should still get you a 55-60fps on MED, High you'd probably get drops to 40-45, you could probably try it anyway maybe you can hit a 50fps+ Stable
    Now for ultra, no chances unless you enjoy playing with 30fps.
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  2. devour added a post in a topic the ol 'can my pc run this game'   

    HD 6700M? 
    If so, no you probably cannot run this game with a decent FPS. (15 on 1080p)
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  3. devour added a post in a topic We need rewards in PvP   

    Open World PvP = Drop gear, heres your reward
    All they need to fix is the Karma, make it more pker-friendly, it's a bit too harsh right now
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  4. devour added a post in a topic Interview with PM_Belsazar   

    <Q> Any info on CBT Dates (1&2)?
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  5. devour added a post in a topic I Volunteer as Volunteer   

    You got my support, Andromeda for Mod.
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  6. devour added a post in a topic who bought the conquerors pack   

    Oh, surprised, that was fast, was expecting at least a week,
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  7. devour added a post in a topic CBT1 / CBT2 - Questions & Answers   

    Should be anytime soon,
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  8. devour added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    It's not the first game that ip block South america.
    surprised you've never seen one.
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  9. devour added a post in a topic A guest pass is temporarily playable or can the user continue if he pays?   

    Obviously he probably buys the game and continue on with his account
    I suspect once you get the guestpass you make a account on Blackdesertonline.com to Register your guestpass on newly made account and then you can access the game like a normal BDO version, creating your character and playing for 7day(s)
    Once it's over you can probably (99% chances) buy the game and go on
    Just like WoW Trials and such
    Guestpass = No Headstart, (Probably not even 24hour like the 30$ pack)
    Guestpass = Only for full release (No CBT Phases)
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  10. devour added a post in a topic Gift option to buy a pack for a friend   

    Use paypal > Send money to your friend Paypal Account?
    But no, theres no gift option right now and i doubt it's gonna happen, But if everyone wants one it might be added idk.
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  11. devour added a post in a topic who bought the conquerors pack   

    Was considering doing it too if they don't release anything after a week or so, i want informations, i'll give them a bit more time tho.
    This is snail-pace.
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  12. devour added a post in a topic who bought the conquerors pack   

    You're trying to refund a pack?
    Let's us knows how it going, i'm curious.
    Let the world knows.
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  13. devour added a post in a topic Enable Trading? Yes or No?   

    Allow trading with guildmates after X days is a must imo considering the auction house taxes
    Allow trading for anyone = Profit gold sellers.
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  14. devour added a post in a topic who bought the conquerors pack   

    They should release CBT1 Now, for us just to play around
    and then improve for CBT2
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  15. devour added a post in a topic who bought the conquerors pack   

    it's identity theft, if someone from mexico stole my Social securty number, it would be identity theft too.
    (Not sure) Using a VPN is Illegal if your acccesing content that you should not be allowed to
    It's like a copyright infringment i think you could possibly be sued for that, probably not in every countries tho.
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