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  1. Dragoon added a post in a topic OUR MESSAGE TO YOU (P2W VIDEO)   

    this was my favorite game that was ever made.
    ah okay yeah I'm pretty sure it was just a share.
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  2. Dragoon added a post in a topic OUR MESSAGE TO YOU (P2W VIDEO)   

    I've always been Hero.
    @OP thanks for the share.
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  3. Dragoon added a post in a topic You know what it is   

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  4. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    Even worse lag. Lag was so bad on KR that people had to crouch to walk because base movement speed was too fast for the servers not to rubber band you.
    KR lags the same as NA even for Koreans...
    Its not the servers its the engine.
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  5. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    In KR server merge made the servers better and it happened 3months or so after the game came out.
    Maybe BDO is different.
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  6. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    And that isn't what happens when servers merge. Also a fact,
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  7. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    Yeah because condensing them would do that. That's a fact.
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  8. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    Nodes haven't changed at all, the lag is the same. There were only bugs that have been fixed.
    Either way, I'd rather have laggier but more competitive PvP than no PvP at all.
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  9. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    Nodes are not that laggy if you have a reasonable pc. Sieges can get crazy but Nodes are usually very tame.
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  10. Dragoon added a post in a topic Gib server merge please   

    No but if you combine all people warring in all servers into one it would make the game a lot more healthy in terms of PvP. PvErs shouldn't be concerned about it at all.
    As for PvPers, as someone stated earlier, there is little to no competition per server and they are adding even more nodes today which means even less competition. 
    Now idk about you, but I didn't go through all this work getting strong to impress the mobs.
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  11. Dragoon added a post in a topic Why?!?   

    Because IN KR the level for PvP is 50. The quest being there is to prevent PvE alts and players from reaching 50 unintentionally. The quest level requirement should be dropped to 45 for our version in order to retain its usefulness, however.
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  12. Dragoon added a post in a topic Blackstone event isnt active   

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  13. Dragoon added a post in a topic Ignoring us for 3 weeks.   

    It's over dude, it's not changing. I gave up long ago. 
    They really don't care what you think about this. If you can't see that by now then idk what to tell you.
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  14. Dragoon added a post in a topic Demystifying the Valks Cry and Valks Advice   

    lol guarantee I have better gear than you kid calm down
    I never said anything was hard, I just said its helpful, which it is.
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