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  1. Shifue added a post in a topic Server Populaion   

    Yes your right it's completely subjective but this is what i am getting at when i said that. 
    Crafting is pretty much useless outside of upgrading the gear gained from npc/raid mobs which is the best in game.You can make things for houses and such but for the bulk that does not care about that fluff it does not matter as this is lost on most players so then you just have people focusing on trade boxes to sell off to the trade merchant or fish(since fishing is now the afk sport) since fishing is less effort for gaining cash.
    Raid boss style stuff is a burnout in general which is one of the things that leads to theme parks dying off fast. It's not fun to be a melee one shotted by every boss(bad design in this game) and have nothing to show for it other then time wasted and loosing exp like crazy. Theme parks= best base gear player made or npc to grind bosses for better gear hence the ride the ride and get off when done which favors the ranged classes in this game damage and survival wise. This part then leads to
    PVP when gear matters more then skill(in this the gear is a big issue) when you put so much of the bis gear out of the reach of some classes and smaller clans they get burned.As well the pvp content has not made it in yet as they stated it would be that coupled with the server issues the lag and desync (you guys should have listened to us in beta!) this has ruined a big part of the end game. since this feature makes pvp meaningful and is what some of these clans live for. So until these issues are fixed a lot of these guys are burned.
    PvE the server issues affected this as well and even then i don't care to grind but the power creep that comes with 50+ is insane plus the amount of grind for the levels i mean if i remember right hitting level 53 gives you the title of no life? They even noticed it takes a lot of time to do this and awakened weapons are at 56 so many players will be out of reach of these for a bit coupled with dying and random ganking since there is no better use yet for pvp.
    This is not a complaint as much as it's just making a point in the issues with the game right now. Some of these issues can be solved and will be i hope soon others i don't see being the case. 
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  2. Shifue added a post in a topic Server Populaion   

    Burned out i can see as well but burnout comes when there is nothing better to do.
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  3. Shifue added a post in a topic Server Populaion   

    Honestly i wanted this to be my mmo for a while but since the change from sandbox/park to more of a themepark hurts. Not to mention the fact of the server issues,class issues(musa maehewa) The fact all the pvp activates not being put in as mentioned.Crafting is pretty much fully useless(see themepark) outside of a few things like upgrading npc/raid gear as it is the best.While i am a pvper at heart the fact that you loose xp when you get ganked and then adding the fact that it's a good grind past 50 is lame.Plus rng really screws those who have a life and job as ones who can play all day can grind for things like orges ring shadows mark etc. again making crafting useless. So i think i will wait for chronicles of Elyria. 
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  4. Shifue added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    I logged on to test it and there is still no noticeable difference damage is still the same the dp is feeling a little better even though my wizard can still take more hits. 
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  5. Shifue added a post in a topic So do i need to stop leveling my Musa or not?   

    ^ This i rushed my musa to 50 and our ap and dp is so broken we really can't compete
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  6. Shifue added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    you understand this class is virtually unplayable right? should we get something from this? No. Should they give us more info on wtf is going on and how long til a fix? Yes. The fact that they still brought blader out on their own time and it's a crapfest is bad considering the kr,ru,jp version are fine why is the eastern one special? It's bad enough i shelved this class because of it and then the servers are such trash the game is unplayable on top of it.  
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  7. Shifue added a post in a topic Server Lag and Desync   

    Tired of hearing this you knew the score when you payed for the game get over it(sorry if that seems rude but really?).The fact that it's unplayable for the bulk that is in country is not acceptable period.My clan has stopped playing due to this and we are hoping for a fix soon.This is not pearl abysses problem this is daum they should have placed the servers in a place with better infrastructure we reported these issues in beta they went unnoticed now that more people are on it got worse. 
    This we told you guys straight up and surprise the few that are not having issues are in California. But the are fighting us desyncing all over which is why i like many said IF you where to do multiple servers you should do one west and one east or centralize them all. So i hope what you guys paided for the server use was worth it or that they have farms some where else cause this is not going to be addressed by a tech going there and fixing it. 
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  8. Shifue added a post in a topic Looting ruins game experience   

    Final fantasy 11
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  9. Shifue added a post in a topic World bosses are making people quit the game.   

    Honestly the world boss thing is a poorly designed aspect and there is no reason to have crafting in game since it's only to make your gear a higher grade they should have just put in quest for this since this game became extremely theme parky.But even then there is no real reason to have guilds or meaningful pvp yet.
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  10. Shifue added a post in a topic Massive server lag?   

    Orwen serdina O2 is crashing and lagging hard. Something needs to be done about these servers they have been a hot mess for weeks now this should not have been an issue it's bad enough they are not centralized so lag/ping/lac/desync is bad enough but now we can't pve either. 
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  11. Shifue added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

    @CM_Jouska Yeah balancing a class while it's broken is funny plus we know the server issue it's on the west coast in an area of bad infrastructure we was complaining about this in the betas the only people that where fine where on the west ><.
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  12. Shifue added a post in a topic Everytime after maintenance it is super laggy.   

    Orwen server is totally -----ed waiting litterally 2 mins for the npc to respond trying to turn in quest mobs are not taking damage.The lag was bad before but now it's worse why? I mean this is honestly a joke considering the b2p aspect plus the cash shop then again the servers are on the west coast as well so we was getting lag spikes on the east before this now it's worse as well.
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  13. Shifue added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    The damage is indeed broken there really is no point in play the class until fixed.It sucks really cause i love the class but the beating you can't take plus the lack of firepower is not worth it.
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  14. Shifue added a post in a topic Musa Damage output seems wrong   

    Honestly blader and plum are very underwhelming i love the class it's my play style but it's so hard to play do to the fact of very low damage and then we are still paper thin i noticed this as well that my warrior does more damage and yet can take a hit. so right now i am shelving my blader and playing another class.
    As well the female counter part seems to be in every way better then the male so why pick him?  
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  15. Shifue added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    This was a fun one i see i made it in kimmichii's

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