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  1. Celestia added a post in a topic Can we delete pets?   

    Just bumping this cause we really, really need it. Please for God's sake give us the option to either delete pets or hide them everywhere, including our homes. My house looks like a -----ing menagerie .
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  2. Celestia added a post in a topic Character Creation to in-game look   

    Having this issue too, what the -----? The game completely ignores the character creator, get your shit together.
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  3. Celestia added a post in a topic Blue dye? What a joke.   

    I made a thread about this as well earlier: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/32450-most-atrocious-dye-system-in-history/
    But never hurts to have more, the current dye system is completely bonkers and needs to change!
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  4. Celestia added a topic in Suggestions   

    Most atrocious dye system in history
    The title says most of it really.  Your dye system is among the worst I have ever seen, and I used to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, so that says quite a lot.
    I shall use an example from personal experience: I wanted to dye my outfit blue. I bought half a dozen boxes with random blue dyes, cause I knew I might not get the exact shade I wanted right away. These where the boxes with three dyes in them, they cost 120 pearls each.
    95% of the colours I got were not blue at all...almost every single one of them were violet, and a couple of them were pitch black. Now I know some people say "purple belongs on the same spectrum as blue" or some bollocks like that, but this is made even more retarded by the fact that there IS ALREADY a dye box with violet dyes. What the ----- do you get if you buy that one? Pink? Red?
    In the end I had to go for a purple outfit instead, cause I'm not a millionaire and couldn't spend my whole student loan on dye boxes. I really like this game, but this aspect is absolutely horrible. And to add insult to injury, the dyes are one use only, which is -----ed up on so many levels.
    I am a roleplayer, and outfits are one of the most important things to me in a game, but I am quite certain non-roleplayers agree that this system is misleading; you put a label on a product that says one thing, and then once we get it, it's something else entirely. This is borderline fraudulent!
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  5. Celestia added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cash shop outfits gone?
    So just got back into the game and checked out the cash shop...and realised it has even fewer items now than in the beta, at least as far as outfits go, what gives?
    Just for an example; there used to be about five or six different glasses avalible for witches/wizards, now there is just one option (and an ugly one at that). Why have you made your extremely slim variety of outfit choices even slimmer?  I thought you wanted us to use the cash shop...your insane prices notwithstanding. 
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  6. Celestia added a post in a topic Missing Witch visual effects?   

    I have the same issue. Several spells lack visual effects. I've made no graphic adjustments so this is clearly a bug
    Please fix this, it is getting really annoying....
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  7. Celestia added a post in a topic "Hide parked mounts" feature, please.   

    Yes! Please add this feature. I'm a roleplayer and I support all attempts to increase immersion and realism, but seeing 15 donkeys parked right on top of an NPC is just silly and an eyesore. Please give the option to hide them from sight.
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  8. Celestia added a post in a topic So about that cash shop pricing...   

    The current cash shop prices are exorbitant. I get the whole "you don't have to buy anything if you don't want to" argument but these prices make even the people who nicked their daddy's credit card to go "erh...no, don't think so".
    There is a difference between expensive fees and borderline robbery! Please, please, please reconsider these prices
    You will come out better in the long run if you do. Sensible prices draw far more customers than insane ones, I promise you.
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  9. Celestia added a post in a topic [RP] A ROLEPLAYING WISHLIST   

    Yes, yes a thousand times yes. Especially points 1-4, but all these things would be more than welcome. Oh, and point 8. Random dyes are the work of Satan, trust me I know. I played SWTOR for over three years. ^^
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  10. Celestia added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    Seeing as this limit is nothing but a remnant from the Korean version, I don't see why it shouldn't be changed. Developers need to realise that nations with entirely different writing systems need different chat systems
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  11. Celestia added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    It would be the simplest thing in the world to extend the chat limit. Please do it.
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  12. Celestia added a post in a topic Toggle Walk Function   

    Adding my vote. Having to hold down a button feels very archaic.
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  13. Celestia added a post in a topic Walk toggle   

    Yes please.
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  14. Celestia added a post in a topic Ingame mail system?   

    So players can neither trade or send mail between each other. It is in other words impossible to give another player an item? That's feels a bit crap, tbh.
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  15. Celestia added a post in a topic Guild name restrictions!   

    10 characters is ludicrously low. I wholeheartedly support this suggestion!
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