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  1. Emrys added a post in a topic Whats More Fun To Play? And why? Wiz/Sorc   

    Which KR nerf would that be? All I've seen is the bound effect changed on 100%. What are the additional nerfs?
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  2. Emrys added a post in a topic Awakening AP / mainhand AP / universal AP testing   

    Would love to hear from more people about the difference between the Tri Ultimate Blue (or even better a TET) and Tri Dande. Going by numbers it just doesn't make sense, so the Dande has to have something hidden going for it right? Are we positive that awakening weapons give no Accuracy?
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  3. Emrys added a post in a topic Accessories at lvl 50?   

    No offense, but suggesting the pure AP accessories to start is a huge mistake for newer players.
    At level 50 with limited funds you should be using blue or red coral rings and blue coral earrings along with the ancient core belt and ancient seal neck. For the cost these are the most stat-effective items for a witch. Once you get more money you can work on maximizing AP, but wasting money on witch earrings and mark of shadows when just starting out will gimp your damage and survivability for a long time.
    For instance, a Tri Red Coral Ring is 7 Ap, 6 DP and costs less than 16 mill.
    A Pri Mark of Shadows is over 23 mill and gives just 7 AP.
    A Duo Blue Coral earring is 32 mill and gives 8 AP and MP.
    A Pri Witch Earring is over 31 mill and gives just 7 AP.
    A Duo belt of shultzs gives 7 AP for 25 mill.
    A Pri Ancient Weapon Core gives 5 AP and 5 DP (as well as has a set bonus of 5 accuracy which will help at your level, effectively making up for the 2 lower AP) for 22 mill.
    It's not that Marks and Witch Earrings aren't better eventually, but at low gear levels and enchants they are not cost effective.
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  4. Emrys added a post in a topic How is witch different from wizard?   

    This has just gotten silly with that whole list.
    It doesn't include Superarmor on Cataclysm, one of the Wizard's most important skills at level 60.
    It compares accuracy and concludes the witch has more (while technically true) but doesn't note that this is entirely because of a 40% vs. 10% on a debuff skill that is rarely used as it has no Superarmor or block attached.
    And claiming the "Witch can go full DP because her damage is from modifiers as opposed to the Wiz".... isn't exactly true since it's all multiplicative. Whether the  damage is from numbers on the skill or those numbers are multiplied by status effects, the AP still matters to both classes.
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  5. Emrys added a post in a topic Top Witch AW addons?   

    Strange, the defense and evasion definitely show up as different buffs for me (I have them on Cataclysm). Are your defensive skill add-ons on Cata as well, or Water Sphere?
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  6. Emrys added a post in a topic Multiple Magic Arrows x2 instead of x7 - Nerf or Bug?   

    Damage seems to be fixed. I believe I've counted over 5 hits, but haven't looked too closely. We still can't cast it between cooldowns for 80% damage like on KR (which seems odd since other classes are balanced the same as their KR counterparts), but it's definitely worth getting this skill still.
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  7. Emrys added a post in a topic Wizard PvP Vid - Question about CS   

    That sorc is truly terrible...
    The magic missle buff will come to us in time and it does help us quite a bit in 1v1's. Without it we have no chance against a good sorc (as it should be since 1v1 is their specialty and ours is mass pvp).
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  8. Emrys added a post in a topic Anyone annoyed at Witch/Wizard awakening differences?   

    While it was expected, it is a bit annoying. There are going to be people who wished they rolled the other gender (hence why I'm leveling a witch as well to be ready), but that is also true of all the other classes. While the witch/wiz were more similar, I have no doubts there are some Valks who wish they had gotten a greatsword, some Musas who wish they had a spear, etc in Korea. We just happen to be the only class currently released on NA that wasn't able to make an informed decision.
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  9. Emrys added a post in a topic Ancient Weapon Core   

    Notices do not pop up for items gotten directly from scroll boss drops. Not sure why, but it's true. I've had multiple RL friends get Livertos from bosses (not Liverto bundles) and it does not send a system message.
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  10. Emrys added a post in a topic another gillie wearer   

    There are 3000 flares currently listed on the Marketplace for under 10k. Learn to use them.
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  11. Emrys added a post in a topic Multiple Magic Arrows x2 instead of x7 - Nerf or Bug?   

    Still not fixed. Please don't let this bug continue.
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  12. Emrys added a post in a topic To pursue Grunil or not.   

    It's 2/3 on Korea as well. It USED TO be 3/4. They made that change a while ago to try and increase diversity.
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  13. Emrys added a post in a topic Why do you buff field bosses drops?   

    I can't decide if OP is trolling or just wildly inflating numbers for fun. First, it takes FAR more than 10 minutes to kill any of the field bosses. With 40 people it's probably around 30-40 minutes to kill a boss. Then, on average 1 or 2 people get something worthwhile (a Liverto or possibly a belt from the tree spirit boss) out of all those people. The rest get about 1 mill worth of items (less than they could make farming in the same time and not losing EXP ands gems).
    Is it decent money for a lucky individual  or two in each group? YES! But is it making entire guilds ridiculously rich? NO. Those same 40 people could spend that hour grinding and gain EXP + 2 mill a piece from drops. In other words, around what they make at these bosses, the difference being the items gained are more rare.
    Last night I did 5 Field Bosses. Red Nose dropped 1 Liverto bundle out of all the people there. Tree Spirit Boss dropped 1 belt, 0 Liverto bundles out of all the people there. I then did 3 Bheg bosses and in total he dropped 3 Liverto bundles out of all 3 kills. So for the 100 or so people who killed these bosses for 4+ hours, there were 5 worthwhile drops. Yep, people are definitely making billions upon billions with this, hence the hundreds of tree spirit belts that have been put on the marketplace... Oh wait no, there have been 13 since release.
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  14. Emrys added a post in a topic Multiple Magic Arrows x2 instead of x7 - Nerf or Bug?   

    Thank you for sticking with this issue and being open to feedback Jouska!
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  15. Emrys added a post in a topic DUPING EXPLOIT!!! (MARK OF SHADOW) PLS HELP!!!   

    I'm fine with having things checked out, but they will confirm what I've been saying. I just don't want random people coming to the forums, seeing this post and thinking this sort of cheating is going on because some people see something weird happening they don't understand.
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