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  1. Eleris added a post in a topic PK is not PVP!!!!   

    "PvP is only PvP if you follow my arbitrary set of rules".
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  2. Eleris added a post in a topic Ganking for free via Guild Wars (50's are bored)   

    Here's a worthwhile reason: it is fun.
    Grinding mobs, spawning items through click and wait gameplay poorly disguised as activities such as fishing, farming and al, those things are not intrinsically fun. So they need rewards for people to actually bother doing those.
    PvP is intrinsically fun.
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  3. Eleris added a post in a topic Adult is censored in game   

    perhaps not the esrb then. All I know is that chat filters are not implemented wit the belief that they are useful, but rather with the belief that they are necessary.
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  4. Eleris added a post in a topic Adult is censored in game   

    Disable the chat filter.
    In games where multiple languages can coexist you have words with the same spelling that can be swear words in other languages. For instance "bite" means penis in French. So chat filters are unpractical and useless in a game with international chat.
    The truth is that chat filters exist only to appease the esrb/pegi rating boards. In the game I work on I don't think there is anyone in the team who actually believes that players should actually use it, because it's just garbage. The word list file for it is an amusing read though.
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  5. Eleris added a post in a topic Ganking for free via Guild Wars (50's are bored)   

    No, it doesn't need more limits.
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  6. Eleris added a post in a topic Ganking for free via Guild Wars (50's are bored)   

    things automatically become true if you offer them in meme form
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  7. Eleris added a post in a topic Ganking for free via Guild Wars (50's are bored)   

    Whoa, people are findings ways around the system to actually do something fun instead of grinding mobs and increasing bars through repetitive actions?
    Can't have that. How can we punish people better for doing what they enjoy?
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  8. Eleris added a post in a topic DX12 - Will it make an appearance?   

    vr is a fad anyway. It wont gain any more traction this time around than the last time people tried to turn it into a consumer product in the 90s
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  9. Eleris added a post in a topic Aldween's guide to rush lvl 55   

    What I really need are tips to avoid repetitive strain injury from spamming ees 24/7. Great gameplay right there
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  10. Eleris added a post in a topic DX12 - Will it make an appearance?   

    BDO would likely benefit a lot from dx12 or vulkan, but achieving this would probably require a thorough redesign of the rendering engine.
    Those new explicit rendering APIs are powerful because they give more freedom to the application, which in turn means they are also more complex to use and require more work from the developers to be used well.
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  11. Eleris added a post in a topic Weekly Maintenance   

    Except that to do that, you need to have the servers admins work nightshift. And they can easily find jobs where they don't have to.
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  12. Eleris added a post in a topic I'm allready getting bored   

    "hard work" in a mmorpg does means jack other than having lots of time to waste in a video game. Of course people who have nothing going for them other than having lots of free time defend this, because they want to be as powerful in the game as they are worthless irl.
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  13. Eleris added a post in a topic Does this game get challenging?!?!   

    mobs above your level aren't hard, they just take more time and pots to kill
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  14. Eleris added a post in a topic Did Daum take our money and run?   

    The reason they don't want to speak more is because if they respond and offer no solution, people will be outraged. If they respond and offer a solution which hasn't been completely validated by the tech team and later on turns out not to be workable, people will be outraged. If they validate in haste a solution that turns out to do more harm than good, people will be outraged.
    In a complex game like this, made of many interwoven systems, you have to make sure that you think about everything. Not doing so it exactly why these problems happen in the first place. And in the case where you need to fix something that have affected only a subset of players, you have to make sure that the fix won't affect anyone else, that you have correctly identified the right players, that there isn't any even more weird corner cases among them, etc.
    Also there's the fact that the vast majority of players don't read the forum/website, so communicating there is not as important as you think.
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  15. Eleris added a post in a topic Hiding the Treant armor   

    Of course we do
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