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  1. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Allow EXP Bar and HP/MP Bars in Screenshot Mode   

    good suggestion. i would like this alot.
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  2. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic DP feels worthless as a stat.   

    ok. so you are saying you wont need dp for the first 24 hours of grinding (asuming you are lazy or take your time).
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  3. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic kurze Frage zum AFK angeln   

    es gibt ausgiebige tests zu deiner frage.
    einige mit 50.000+ fischen pro angel.
    das resultat:
    weder die größe des fisches, noch die rarität wird von irgendeiner angel beeinflusst.
    weil ich meine angeln gebaut hab, bevor ich im forum nochmal nachgesehen hab, hab ichs dann für mich auch nochmal getestet. ich komme zum selben resultat. benutzt habe ich jede angel einmal +0 und einmal +8. je ~25.000 fische.
    den test habe ich vor 5 wochen abgeschlossen und in den patch notes stand nichts von einem fix. demnach gehe ich davon aus, dass für aktiv angeln die angel mit mehr haltbarkeit pro +stufe und für passiv angeln die mit afk zeit reduktion pro +stufe weiterhin am besten sind.
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  4. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic DP feels worthless as a stat.   

    oh yes. this is 100% true.
    everyone. take this advice, sell your armor, buy a better weapon and go on about your daily farm!
    give it a month and see how they like their equipment choices, once they are no longer grinding the olvia servers.
    lets see how they like beeing one shotted in literally every spot that is even remotely contested.
    but hey... i allready hear the karma bomb police coming. "we will come back". keep it coming. i dont care.
    oh, btw: having no dp as a karma bomber is just perfect. if i am lucky, a kd or grab wont completly insta kill you. makes it easier to feed you to the mobs.
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  5. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    i did, but for some reason i had an oversight of them allready stating they wont fix it this week. my bad.
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  6. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    has not been fixed yet.
    as expected, since there was no patch today.
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  7. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Lavientias Event extended ** Updated [1/4/2017] **   

    has not been fixed. no drops whatsoever.
    kind of expected, considering there was no patch today.
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  8. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic [Guide] semi-Afk leveling as a Witch. it works! 0,007% exp per~ 2 minutes   

    i cant help but laugh at this statement
    its like saying i worked hard for the relics i fished while sleeping. hint: you dont play while afk, so yeah.................
    dont be mistaken tho, i dont care about your playstyle even one bit.
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  9. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic How do you "Snipe" stuff in the market?   

    first of all, you can not snipe in the former sense anymore. its complete rng now, thx to the bidding system. there is no reason to click like a madman anymore.
    the highest preorder wins the item, so if yours is fairly low, you will likely never get it that way. also not all items go intopreorder anyway.
    bottom line: you bid and hope. also if you make a notice and someone buys the item via preorder, you see who got it. then you can whisper said player and ask how high his preorder was.
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  10. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Fragezeichen über Fragezeichen   

    der night vendor ist immer mit einem fragezeichen versehen. das hat nichts mit wissen über ihn zu tun. dadurch weist du immer wo der gute "mysteriosissimus" steht
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  11. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    if you use the chat function to violate the terms of service, they actually can decide on the punishment they will dish out. that can reach from ignoring your offense to permanently banning your account. besides, being banned from chat would still leave the game playable for you. if you are in a guild it may have teamspeak. also who would want to read constant flame and babyrage in world and channel chat anyway? if you are toxic enough for them to chat ban you, i belive no one will actually miss you in chat.
    i did myself a favor and disabled all chat except for guild/whisper and an extra window for general.
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  12. VengeanceAngel added a comment to this issue Tagesmotto Gilde nicht mehr löschbar!   

    selbes problem hier. zusätzlich kann ich auch kein neues motto mehr schreiben.
    da kommt folgende meldung:

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  13. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Wie ist das möglich?   

    dafür sind eigentlich die maids vorgesehen. ich kann durchaus nachvollziehen, dass nicht jeder (tatsächlich vermutlich die überwiegende mehrheit) bereit ist davon sich welche zuzulegen, das ändert aber nichts daran, dass es eigentlich nicht so gedacht ist. wenn ich mich nicht irre ist eine maximale überladung von 170% vorgesehen. ob sie das irgendwann ändern, ob mit oder ohne konsequenzen bleibt abzuwarten. in kr hatten sie es zwischenzeitlich als bug behoben, sich letztlich aber dann doch entschieden das zu revidieren. ich bezweifel, dass sie das in absehbarer zeit bei uns ändern. undenkbar ist es jedoch nicht, da sie so einnahmen für maids nicht bekommen.
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  14. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    that is only the case because they actually did not do anything in the first place.
    people see violations of the tos and see it go unpunished for months. looks like violating tos is ok then. the result is more people doing it, up to the point that a great portion of the game would be banned if they choose to revert their stance on the matter.
    on a side note:
    they could actually hand out warnings to players that violate tos regarding chat, instead of straight perma ban them. that could go like following:
    offense: just a warning message, no actual consequences.offense: 12 hours banned from chatoffense: 24 hours banned from chatoffense: 24 hours banned from gameoffense: 48 hours banned from gameoffense: permanantly banned from chat
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  15. VengeanceAngel added a post in a topic pvp problems: Grab engaging - the worst mechanic post-awakening   

    yes i knew.
    wich required timing and skill to pull of. not to mention your "get out of jail card" - 'evasive dash' every 30 seconds. the only real op slayer skill was 'wind rave' aka 'WINDY!' and even that was counterable.
    good to see so many c9 vets here tho
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