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  1. CelestiaCross added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Tulip Pictures
    I know there was a cherry blossom picture event, which I wish I would have known about soon since I took over 10 beautiful cherry blossom photos, but the tulips are pretty as well. So here's two that I took.

    This night time picture is the best! oooh I love fireflies.

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  2. CelestiaCross added a topic in Guides   

    Venus Picture Tree Guide
    Sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the Palm trees.... But I'm pretty sure everyone knows what a Palm tree looks like. 
    I decided to take pictures of every tree because a lot of my guildies were having troubles spotting different trees for the gathering guild quests. Some trees look very different but they are technically the same tree. I'm going to post them with spoilers. You can add on if you see any different trees that I may have missed. ^-^
    Ash Tree
    Birch Tree
    White Cedar
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  3. CelestiaCross added a topic in Guides   

    Grotesque Trench Quest - Margoria
    It took me a while to get to this quest item, I had used 2 breathing crystals, a breathing potion, and a whole lot of other crap! If you follow the quest guild line to the bottom you can get there, but good luck keeping your breath! Here's a picture of the actual item you need to click on called "Ocean Lantern"

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  4. CelestiaCross added a post in a topic Quick Review -- Biggest concern is Amity   

    The hard part was finding who they were interested in. I didn't find the people that the npc was interested in until the last day of the beta test.... Spent too much time questing and leveling. I still think that npcs should give you a little amity every time you do a quest for them. I think it'd be helpful and useful considering that it's "trust" or something along those lines, it would make sense that doing tasks for someone would build their trust in you.
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  5. CelestiaCross added a topic in Suggestions   

    Quick Review -- Biggest concern is Amity
    All in all the game is very fun and will be more fun when the full version is out. The graphics are gorgeous, but I was seriously surprised that all of the dialogue, or at least most of the quest dialogue, wasn't voiced over..... Most modern mmorpgs have voice overs.... But, I guess that's not really that important. 
    I'm actually a little appalled that the beta test was so short considering that there were so many things to do and so little time. Alright, now that that beef is over, on to the review!
    The game play was smooth. I enjoyed the combat and skills, the experience was a little confusing though considering that you have to kill monsters to gain levels with the exception of very few quests granting combat experience. I do like the fact that you can gain different types of experience even though I didn't get to explore all the options with the limited time that I was given to play. 
    Amity. I was trying to talk to a lot of people to learn as much as I could so that I could gain some Amity. The growth rate was very small and limited for a lot of the characters that I spoke to, and the npc that I wanted the most on I found it impossible to gain--The furniture merchant. I think that every quest an npc gives, including their repeatable quests, should grant at least some amount of Amity so that you're not aimlessly running around gathering data and then having a conversation at a chance to gain a little. Doing quests should gain the trust of a player, yes? I know that if I had more time I'm sure I would have found better ways to gain amity, but for the time that I had, I was only able to get up to 24 with said npc... others were easier. With that being said, I didn't get to explore the housing very much because I wasn't going to buy pearls for a 4 day beta test.
    Here's another question with the housing. You can buy a residential and a storage house? Why wouldn't I be able to store items in a place that I live? I'm not sure how it works since I didn't get to explore it.....
    Lastly, can there be an option to skip little scenes such as when you press "," to summon your black demon thing? He takes forever to just appear and I think it'd be more efficient to have a skip option such as pressing the "enter" key or something, I tried pressing the "esc" key and it just exited.... I was in a combat area and needed him to appear faster so that I could continue with my quest without the risk of getting attacked.
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  6. CelestiaCross added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    LOL fail. I hit "start" and I got a "Failed to Connect" and it closed the game. Yes. Fail.
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  7. CelestiaCross added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    I keep getting this "Fail to init security"
    Edit: Nevermind... Turned off my firewalls... Because that's safe....
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  8. CelestiaCross added a post in a topic Male Character Design   

    That's fine if there's more topics on it, I'm sure if we all b*$%# enough something might be done.
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  9. CelestiaCross added a topic in Suggestions   

    Male Character Design
    I'm a female but I also like to make male characters on occasion. I'm very disappointed that this game has one of the best character design options BUT you're very limited on your design when it comes to male characters. For example, when you click on Berserker.... Apparently you have to look like a monster because there aren't any other choices. As for another example, why are all the wizards old, wrinkly men? What if I'm a young, male wizard? The witches are cute, young girls-- not old hags. For another example, you can't adjust the hair other than the length and you're very limited on your options. For females, you can adjust almost every strand of hair on the head. So then, why not for males?
    I'm not the only person who likes to make and adjust males. I can name at least 15 of my friends who would have a field day custom creating a male character if he/she had all the options that they allow for female characters. It's a bit sexist to make all the customization for females only, that's just condoning G.I.R.L's (guys in real life) to continue creating and playing as females. Men like to customize characters just as much as women, and not all men like to play as women.
    Another nice option would be to pick your "age" so that the preset "faces" can be young, middle aged, or elderly. You have a very good start on character creation, so why stop now and leave it half finished?
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  10. CelestiaCross added a post in a topic More options for hiding nameplates   

    I also think an option to put spaces in the name would be nice, so that your character can be more unique. I like the name Celestia Cross, but I have to smoosh it.... CelestiaCross, and I saw a rule that says you can't use the same letter twice... Well, I feel bad for Aaron then.
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