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  1. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    FFXIV is a payment game and that's why I did not add it to this Post, but yes, FFXIV is also a good game, and for my taste FFXI was even more so. About Ragnarok Online, just to say that it is not a dead game, is a game that 15 years later still maintains millions of players all over the world, and without a doubt, it is the game with more Pirate Servers and full of people that may have .
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  2. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Because in this game the only thing that matters, TRUE, is the "Accuracy" and the most notable way to get it, is to Level. So in summary you always do the same, KILL, KILL, KILL; GRIND, GRIND, GRIND, KILL, KILL, KILL, GRIND, GRIND, GRIND........ 
    Black Desert is a game that does not have PvE (The person who thinks Black Desert has PvE, is because he has not seen PvE in his life .......). In Black Desert the professions are of no use. Gathering, Procesing, Fishing, Trade, Training ... let's face it, none of the professions are for ANYTHING IN ABSOLUTE in Black Desert, they do not contribute anything, nor do you need them for anything.
    The only thing that matters in this game is the "Accurary" and is achieved by raising Level. With 8 hours of leleving each day, you rise from level 1 to level 60 in 2 weeks at most.
    Then there's the team. What is the easiest way to get equipment? Go get it. No, lie, the easiest way to get equipment is to buy it. With 8 hours of leveling every day and a little trade, you can get every day about 60-100 million silver. The easiest way to get equipment is (the same as always) KILL, KILL, KILL, GRIND, GRIND, GRIND, and then buy equipment to upload it.
    You will play Black Desert for a year, you will get the best Team [TET], and what have you done for a year to get it? KILL, KILL, KILL, GRIND, GRIND, GRIND.
    I really mean it, the person who does not talk about this, does not know the fastest and easiest way to get a PJ Level 60 and Full [TET]. And the person who is not looking for a PJ well, does not realize that the only Black Desert Endgame content is "War of Nodes" and "Siege of Castles", POINT AND FINAL; there is nothing else. That is the end of this game.
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  3. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Because I like to see people who think like me, so I realize that fortunately not all people on Planet Earth have gone crazy ... yet.
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  4. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Well, I think I'm able to decide for myself what to do with my free time, thank you
    Black Desert is not what it promised to be, it's not a realistic MMORPG, and not deep. It's a normal MMORPG of the pile, with very good textures (Only textures, the graphics are also very normal. It has no volumetric light, its graphics engine does not have a single physical, it is the most poping game I've ever seen ........) and a combat system copied 100% of "Continent 9 Online".
    In short, a mediocre MMORPG, you could get very far and you will not get anything if it continues like this. Exactly the same as TERA Rising, Blade & Soul, ArcheAge and many others before. Why should my opinion stop me? I am free to express it as many times as I want, and that I do
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  5. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    Well, clearly Black Desert is not what it promised it would be. It is not the most realistic MMORPG in the world, as it has always claimed to be, nor is it the deepest. One thing is for sure, it's the most repetitive MMORPG I've played in 20 years, and its gameplay makes no sense. Why do we have to repeat the same processes so many times? Is not it easier to repeat them less often but in more difficult and fun ways?
    Killing Kzarka 100 times to be able to change 100 souls for a weapon, seriously, this is the EndGame content of the game? : S
    Hello, year 2.017, the technological revolution of the MMORPGs is here!
    Ragnarok Online already knew how to do much better in 2.002 ......
    Neverwinter Nights knew how to do better in 1.991..... The Artificial Intelligence of its enemies was more realistic and difficult than the one of Black Desert .... ¬¬'
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  6. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    If there are so many users post complaining, it is because most people prefer the Black Desert four years ago........ ¬¬'
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  7. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    I understand what you say, but the solution is not that a player can remove part of the interface, because that would be a disadvantage compared to other players who had it active, so the solution would be "all the same interface world," and logically The current interface is much more cluttered than the old one (it's also prettier, but you can keep the "pretty" aesthetic and clutter less, both at the same time).
    I personally prefer a slower combat system and feel more realistic, I do not care if while I fight I'm thinking "this is very slow" because that's how it should be. The problem is that 2.017 players have it FAST and they want it NOW, and my opinion is: "They do not know how to enjoy a game, they only know how to burn it for a month and then get bored repeating the same thing over and over again."
    You are currently playing Black Desert level 1 and 8 hours later you are level 56, what's so funny? Within 3 months you will have all [TET] and you will be crying because you are looking for new content (I am not talking about anyone specifically, I speak in general, the average user of today). The pace should be slower. The problem is that the most important thing in Black Desert is Level: If you do not have level you always fail the blows and if you have 2-3 levels above your enemy you will kill him with ease. Black Desert has a great combat system, one player should be able to beat another by his level as a player, not by his Level ..... Everything is summarized in "Level, Level, Level, Level", it's ridiculous. A level 60 player can have 120AP and 240DP, and a level 55 player can have 190AP and 330 DP, it does not matter because player 60 will win 100% of the matches, all thanks to Accuracy. All this accelerates the rhythm of the game by having players invest 100% of their time in Level, Level, Level ... it's game becomes boring and very, very repetitive.
    And yes, there are players who do other things, but let's face it, those players will never do anything in PvP and this game is full PvP. Professions have no "real" weight inside the game.
    That's why you have to slow down the game, or at least make a Server for players who want to ENJOY Black Desert, and do not want to do exactly the same thing every minute of play every day ...
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  8. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    I am also a PvP player and I always play competitive games, tournaments and everything I can, and I have been in this for almost 20 years, but it is not the same "fast decisions" and "movements without logical control". I want "quick decisions" (I always play "Assassin" classes and I'm not good at playing "slow" classes) but I also want "logical and strategic combat". And in Black Desert there is none of this ... all there is is ACCURACY. If you have high ACCURACY you will damage, if you have ACCURACY under you will fail all the blows; It is ridiculous to fight in Black Desert...
    We are talking about "execution times" and "performance quality" in this Post..... It does not affect the level of the characters, nor the level of the enemies. With all my respects: I think you are not understanding the purpose of this Post: S
    I do not think the problem is the speed of movement, I think the problem is how focused the level system and missions are. Today you go from Heidel to Calpheon, from Calpheon to Epheria, from Epheria to Valencia, from Valencia to Tarif, from Tarif to Glish, etc... all this 50 times a day, and I do not see it correct. The game should be focused as an adventure, reach a city and live adventures for days or even weeks there, without having to move from one city to another constantly. That way you would feel that you are progressing little by little and that you are getting more and more into the game. So I think the problem is the focus of the game and not the speed of movement, and the solution should have been applied to the game approach and not to the speed of movement...
    Regarding the animations, I also made less than enough and the one you mentioned is one of the most missed. The game should not constantly make modifications to help players not make mistakes as if they were small children or silly people; It is the users who would have to learn not to make foolish mistakes, and learn to play TRUE, not only believe that they know how to do it......
    I missed the time when video games were difficult and challenging for the players, and you struggled to overcome them. Today video games are easy and repetitive, and the content is summed up in "repeating the same thing over and over again"; It's a little ridiculous all of this, and I think that, in part, it's a step back in the video game industry.
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  9. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    You can play quiet, but you will always be behind. You will never be able to fight face-to-face with other players because the current rhythm of the game is HECTIC, and the Accurary breaks all PvP and PvE balance ......
    Black Desert was not like that before, its pace of play was calm and leisurely and nobody could about come out so much to play 24 hours a day.... The pace of the game was slow and enjoyable, for ALL.
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  10. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    No, that video is in real time .... You only have to see at the speed that runs the time of the Buffs.
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  11. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?   

    I have the same problem as you with 300Mbs of internet and a PC of +1,500 €
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  12. Lobo Necrodes added a topic in General   

    Black Desert 4 years ago ...... What happened to you ...?
    Play calm and enjoying. Explore your huge world. Meet the best MMORPG ever created. Live a real adventure... and it's part of it.
    Correct position of the camera. Clean HUD. Realistic movement speed. Realistic combat speed. Correct lighting both day and day. Correct immersion ... A magnificent game.
    Yes, this video is in real time .... You only have to see at the speed that runs the time of the Buffs.
    What happened to you, Black Desert...?
    Can not you see what you've become...? T_T
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  13. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert will always be a social game without social interactions...?   

    I do not know anything about Black Desert ...? I have a PJ level 61 in Europe, I have almost a damn trillion and a half silver coins, I have Full TET equipment, TRI jewelry and gun, secondary weapon to PEN and awakening in TET, I have +250 AP and practically 300 DP. I have been playing this game 3 years or more and I think I know everything that is necessary to know.
    I do not know you at all, so I'm not who to judge you, but if you're unable to reach my level and team at the same time as me, it's neither my fault nor my problem, and I do not have to tolerate it Frustration that camouflages your incompetence.
    Black Desert is an MMORPG (ie, a SOCIAL and MASSIVE game) that has absolutely NO social interaction beyond sharing potions and meals with your friends ..... Being part of a Clan is not something social because you can not do NOTHING with your Clan, the only things you can do in a group with them are KILL MOBS and KILL PLAYERS, Is that social interaction? Do not make me laugh please ......... Power to supply materials for the construction of four nonsense, it is not a social interaction, because you must obtain those materials in SOLITARY; Then all you do is deposit them. Is whale hunting social? Please ......... there goes anybody and all he does is spame a key until the whale dies to later be able to steal his materials; But once again, all this is done INDIVIDUAL, there is no cooperation at all.
    You are giving poor excuses for everything I say with the sole purpose of defending Black Desert ... Maybe Black Desert is giving you money or is you feeding it every day? So why come so much iron defense for something that is so obvious and logical? Black Desert is a social game WITHOUT SOCIAL INTERACTIONS. Whether you like it or not, it's reality, and you can kick it as much as you like ...
    I have started this Post in a friendly way to know the opinions of others, and from minute one you are trying to change my mind and accept yours as the only valid one. He does not stop attacking me and even insulting my intelligence or my abilities as a player. Who do you think you are? For almost 30 years in the video game industry, I have been a professional player of Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, Starcraft and so many other games; I think I know enough about video games and the video game industry, so that you come to tell me crap because you can not accept the reality of the game you like ....
    Black Desert is an MMORPG that I like, but it's still objectionable, and MUCH. He has a lot to improve and change if he aspires to stay on the cover for more than two or three years, and you keep telling me to accept that Black Desert is a mediocre game and that it's okay ... Allow me to tell you not to Has no enterprising attitude or the attitude of a player who loves video games, you are a conformist person who complies with what they give and does not demand anything more. The World is full of people like you .... So yes, please do not answer again because this is not going to become a personal fight .....
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  14. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert will always be a social game without social interactions...?   

    Maybe you do not know how to do it ... but we do not all have the same knowledge of the game, nor do we play the same hours, nor do we have the same luck ...
    And all the MMORPGs I know have a 1000 times more open exchange system than Black Desert, and all those MMORPGs have more users playing. I also add that none of them P2W, the people who pay will have more facility to get things, but people who do not pay can get everything equally effortlessly; But Black Desert is already at that point, should we call it P2W then?
    * In Black Desert the person who pays money monthly (same as a subscription) has +16 inventory holes and +16 storage holes; This is a fairly important improvement in this game, + 30% of money in the transactions in the auction house, which is another really important improvement in this game, 10% more experience in all areas of the game, another remarkable improvement , Especially at high levels and those who pay have +100 weight in inventory, something also notorious.
    * In addition, those who pay can modify the skills of their horses at will, which makes breeding faster and increases their sales.
    * Those who pay can repair their expensive equipment with incredible ease, which seems to me somewhat brazen by Kakao Games ...
    * Those who pay have a lot more weight and inventory gaps, something to keep in mind.
    * Paying people can restart their skills infinitely and easily.
    * They may also have more gaps for characters, which increases their energy points extraordinarily easy.
    * You can also buy as many slots as you want in each city, and also the slots for stables. Even the slots for workers.
    * Paying people can buy clothes that increase their statistics permanently and without penalty. Things as crazy as swimming 200% faster.
    * They can also buy furniture to make their home number one in a city and make it very easy to incredible amounts of money daily.
    * They can even buy pets that will pick up your items instantly, making you not spend time on it and can dedicate it to take without pause. It is incredible the extra experience gained with this, since 100% of the time is dedicated to leveo.
    * In addition to all this, you can also sell the Prmium items in the Cash Shop, giving you all the extra silver coins you need in the game, and with 100% of the profits thanks to the Value Pack.
    And even more. You make the sum of everything. The person who pays each month in Black Desert, or whenever you feel like it, has a very simple and comfortable life regarding any area of the game. Is not Black Desert a Pay To Win NOW? Because seeing all this ... I would say yes ¬¬'
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  15. Lobo Necrodes added a post in a topic Black Desert will always be a social game without social interactions...?   

    I've been playing Black Desert since the first Alpha came out in Korea ... for about three years. There are plenty of ways to get money fast, where to farm, etc ...
    I was also in charge of giving European FeedBack to Black Desert before arriving in EU / NA, and things like "double saddle horse", "ability to swim and dive" or "A system of Trade" (Although it is more basic than Which we asked for) exist today in the game because this FeedBack came to Kakao Games and they liked it.
    The game can get better. If I can improve I will not shut up and go to another game; I can be here and denounce what I see. I can not be a conformist person who conforms to a grain of rice, so I am here now with this Post.
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