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  1. athreus added a post in a topic Imo rushing to 50 is bad for you and other people   

    This is the best post I've read in a while. Exactly this! Not only - as a fairly new player to BDO - I was surprised there is actually a ton of content in game (contrary to the popular belief spread on this forum and others that the game is only a grind to 50 and then pk-ing), but I can't possibly understand why anyone would like to skip all of this only to grind thousands and thousands mobs in one place for days... And THEN come back when the content is trivial... How boring is THAT?
    I think someone (maybe even Daum) should inform all the players, especially new ones, how rich and vibrant the world and content of BDO is. And that doing quests is not only the best possible way to learn the game (as every aspect of BDO is showed through quests), but also usually quite fun. There is even a lot of lore to follow if you're interested. 
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  2. athreus added a post in a topic Emphatically the worst Game launch I have ever experienced in all my life......   

    It was one of the better mmo launches I've experienced ever. Could it be better? Of course, it always could be. But show me one mmo that had smoother launch than this.
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  3. athreus added a post in a topic IX Kohorta - Polska Gildia Dojrzałych Graczy (Jordine)   

    Rozumiem, że gildia na serwerze Jordine? Jeśli tak, to pogadam z przyjaciółmi i spróbujemy zaaplikować
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  4. athreus added a post in a topic Impressions thus far?   

    Well, I'm in love and in awe with this game. It is sooo beautiful, the combat is perfect (who would have thought that the grind will actually be one of the best parts of a game for me?!), the fishing, cooking, trading, horse riding, housing, Energy and Contribution systems, even the Amity mini-game (which I don't fully understand, I mean what is wrong with those combos? "Favor will be reduced by 5 in two turns" - reduced or, in fact, increased???) -- all just splendid.
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  5. athreus added a post in a topic 17 hours played, level 15, got a raft and pole i made myself, life is good   

    I have so much fun! Level 16 after about 14 h play, did some cooking, some fishing, some fighting and to be honest... I just love being in Velia and do all the stuff there  
    It so much to do that I will have to constrain myself - and that is a sign of a really great mmo in my book.
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  6. athreus added a post in a topic [PL] Gildia Hopeless [Jordine]   

    Haha, boskie  To tak, jakby Make Life Harder założyli gildię w BD.
    Czuję, że mógłbym tu się dobrze bawić.
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  7. athreus added a post in a topic Kungen: "BDO has more endgame than WOW"   

    I, for one, think he's absolutely right. 
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  8. athreus added a post in a topic Such a beautifull world, I can breath the morning fog!   

    Soooo beautiful! And soooo reminding me that we have to wait a few more days to visit BDO world again...
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  9. athreus added a post in a topic I GUESS YOU DONT WANT MY MONEY!!?   

    45 hours? Wonderful news! 
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  10. athreus added a post in a topic Daum and their PR Trickery   

    I didn't know about the removed dye vendors... Weird decision, indeed.
    With every post like this I just wish the game was pay to play, with monthly subscription and monthly Pearls income (something similar to ESO subscription right now). By the way, ESO did one thing perfectly: the dye system. You get different dies with achievements. It would work great with BD, too - the game has tens of achievements (titles). But it probably won't happen
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  11. athreus added a post in a topic Wiggles Pay2Win Discussion Ft. LazyPeon   

    In CBT2 when you bought boat skin it came with a boat. It seemed it wasn't a bug.
    In CBT2 when you bought boat skin it came with a boat. It seemed it wasn't a bug.
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  12. athreus added a post in a topic Wiggles Pay2Win Discussion Ft. LazyPeon   

    I don't care about the +10% EXP etc. buffs. But selling BOATS along with a boat skin*? Or wagon along with a wagon skin? That is lame. Not because it's p2w per se but because it takes away a sense of achievement from players that crafted their boat themselves. It was a long process but very satisfying one. And now... everyone can have a boat, like it's nothing you could be proud of. That is the most disappointing element of the cash shop for me.
    * Maybe it was a beta bug? But I doubt it...
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  13. athreus added a post in a topic Based on CBT2 what would you like to see at launch?   

    Fix localisation problems (low quality translations, overlapping text, text not fitting in the "button" space etc.)
    Lower cash shop prices (I'm pretty sure it will happen)
    Cash shop available on the 28th (because why not?)
    Describe us server(s) situation - so players can organise
    The xp rate - for me it could as well be even lower. I know many players just want to jump to 50 asap but for me it is about the journey and taking things slowly. But then again maybe it won't be a problem at all - I'm going to do all the quests for skills, contribution, bag space and lore. So it should take some time.
    Some settings don't save on game exit.
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  14. athreus added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Shaznora
    Family Name: Sykora
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/E8Hv1TL
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  15. athreus added a post in a topic Voice overs.....red flag   

    To be honest, so far there was only one abysmal voice over - that one from the intro movie. The rest is okay and some of them are really nice. Not so much different from - for example - ESO voiceovers. But I guess people seem to be EXPECTING bad voice overs after this horrible, horrible intro and they are actively looking for any mistakes or hiccups during play It's not so bad!
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