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  1. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    Well, the subject here is different, so do not mix things up.
    It is known that the game will never be translated into Spanish by kakao, and we are not interested, we work for us to play as we want. We are a small group that we help the Spanish community with the translated texts. But we were hoodwinked because many English-speaking people abused the patching mode for their f... guild quest mod.
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  2. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    We are not asking to be translated the game, we do not need it, we work without profit in a patch for our Spanish community. We do not need kakao to do it, we do it.
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  3. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    Why do we have to learn English ?? Why does society say it ??
    Spanish has more than 400million native speakers, and English has 350+ million natives, but of course with more than 1000million that they had to learn English only because society says so ...
    Close your mouth, and begin to fence United States.
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  4. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    Updating the patch is easy, the only thing we ask for is that we should continue to use the patch.
    There are ways to keep using the translation, and easier still, but modifying the game, and that if it goes against ToS, but in the previous way, nobody touched anything of the game.
    I hope Kakao will reconsider and allow us to continue using the patch, so that those who do not understand much English, we can play this game quietly.

    PS: apologies, google translator.
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  5. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate   

    Are you talking about ban? The disadvantaged were us who tried to play comfortable, because many of you, used the translation method as a mod for Guild Quest .. do not come to talk, it is clear what happened, and that was the reason ...

    If I live in Spain why do I have to play in the Latin server?
    PS: apologies. Google translator
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  6. CrazyTole added a topic in General   

    Traduccion Español//Spanish Translate
    Hola, queria saber por que no podemos traducir el juego despues del ultimo mantenimiento? Somos un grupo de jugadores españoles que trabajamos en una traduccion no oficial al español, para poder jugar a gusto este gran juego.
    Pero ahora nos da bronca perder tanto tiempo de trabajo para que de un dia al otro no lo podamos usar mas. 
    Agradeceria si algun CM nos puede responder. Gracias.

    Hello, I wanted to know why we can not translate the game after the last maintenance? We are a group of Spanish players who work in an unofficial translation into Spanish, to be able to play at ease this great game.
    But now we are afraid to lose so much work time so that from one day to the next we can not use it anymore.
    Would appreciate if any CM can respond. Thanks and excuse the English, I use google translate.
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  7. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Black Friday Deals - Venecil Dress Set [Witch]   

    Same with my Venecil dress set ranger
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  8. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    in 5 months more ... F2P, more P2W and remove ip block GG. 
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  9. CrazyTole added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    "Falklans island"  They r Argentina Territory...  out of joke... well , Why not South America????? WHY, WHY?? All South America has alot of player w8ing for this game.. please think and let us enjoy the game.
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