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  1. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Prodigy still around ?   

    Yeah i left around shortly after Mediah came out. Too bad i cant get in game till i move. 
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  2. Dradiinmmo added a topic in US Guild   

    Prodigy still around ?
    Just curious if the guild Prodigy is still alive and kicking, i had to move to an area with internet that did not support decent online interactions, but i am moving back to the land of high speed ! So anyone knows something about Prodigy can you post it here.
    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  3. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic RE: Core gameplay change request   

    Hi, no thank you.
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  4. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    This can be apart of it too, i guess.
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  5. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    Does not require it, but is apart of it.
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  6. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    There are avenues to players to get around the PK aspect, i am guessing you did not see the post i made in this thread.
    You might want to read it. 
    Every single version of this game in all the other countries it has been released, has had OWPvP. I am not sure why it should be changed for our regions.
    Just because a small, but very vocal portion of the community wants something, does not mean it should be implemented. I want free Zarka weapons given to all of my alts starting tomorrow morning. Should that be given to me ? No where on the front page does it say i should not be given a Free Zarka weapon, therefore i should be given it.
    Have a great day Storm-Herald.
    You are sorely mistaken.
    45 for all alts for PvP active. Wow the unadulterated whining if it was the way you described.
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  7. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    Dear OP,
    Steps to leveling horses outside of safe zones without worrying about PK. 
    1. Go to character creation screen.
    2. Make a new character.
    3. Start game with new character.
    4. Get character to level 4+ (takes less than 5 minutes).
    5. Take new alt you just made to the stable where the horse you want to level is stored.
    6. Set autoloop path. 
    There you go, now you can train yer horse to yer hearts content. As an added bonus, you will not affect the game the way it is intended, thus avoiding hatred from people who got this game based on its existing format.
    Continuing to make threads based on this idea is basically you attempting to ruin other players fun in the game, something you stated in yer OP as something you did not like.
    Have a good day.
    P.S. This works for AFK fishing also.
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  8. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Launcher not launching the game anymore ?   

    yeah first thing i did.... shoulda said that my bad. 
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  9. Dradiinmmo added a topic in General   

    Launcher not launching the game anymore ?
    Played this morning, logged off  for work. Came back after work, nothing has changed on my computer since this morning. 
    Click the game link.... and nothing. Shows the launcher running in processes. Does not even go to the point where i input my password.
    Anyone else have this problem ?
    Solutions ?
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  10. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Hacker banned from BDO, makes a video crying.   

    Cheating is a bannable offense on twitch.tv.
    So the next step is for the community to make sure he cannot post any more twitch streams. 
    Just my thoughts.
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  11. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Honors attempt to take calph E2   

    Umm i guess if you call getting yer rear-ends handed to you "Fun".... Enjoy.
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  12. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Buyers Beware / List of Known Issues   

    Pretty sure this entire thread will get deleted by Deska, i made a slight criticism of Deska and the entire thread was deleted and no trace of it could be found, not even in my posting history.
    Bury the heads in the sand.
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  13. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Rubbish Mods   

    Did happen to a post i made where Deska completely removed any trace of it... was not even in my post history.
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  14. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Honors attempt to take calph E2   

    Quotes entire long OP..... LoL
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  15. Dradiinmmo added a post in a topic Odd new forum policy, don't use publisher's name?   

    Was that the reason why everyone calls them Trino ?  I have sworn off games made or published by those Shysters, so out of the loop on why that had started. 
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