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  1. M3TAL added a post in a topic [EDAN North America] Grats 1st Level 60! Derprume of <FML>   

    funny thing about that screen shot taken of relevant members on one channel is that they where on that channel together because they where PvPing in a node war lol. I guess you could consider this as not being PvP because they just farm people like sausans but whatever.
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  2. M3TAL added a post in a topic Rangers Used to Lead the Way.....   

    Rangers with >210 ap are no joke. I think I would rather fight any other class that our guilds high ap Rangers and I'm a sorc with 253 DP if that tells you anything. They can melt me like butter. 
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  3. M3TAL added a post in a topic <Relevant> Orwen's first and only hardcore guild   

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  4. M3TAL added a post in a topic [Luciform] Experienced/Organized/Serious PvP-Focused Guild LFM (Orwen)   

    you mean the "Loosely Formed Illuminati" ? 
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  5. M3TAL added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    @CM_Aethon I like having events like these. They seem to help with catching up for those who are new to the game and for people like me who have changed classes and are trying to get caught up. The biggest issues though that I've had with getting caught up is getting the skill points needed. With these bonus EXP events it's nice to be able to catch up in level but I'm still not able to completely switch to the class I want to play due to not having enough skill points to be viable. Will catch up events for skill points ever be a thing? I wish that skill point exp was tied to combat exp so that when boosted you are not hitting level requirements for skills far before you will have the skill points needed to spec into them. 
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  6. M3TAL added a post in a topic Welcome CM Aethon!   

    Welcome Aethon 
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  7. M3TAL added a post in a topic [NA-Orwen] <Flex> PvP For Hire (GvG, Node, Siege) Recruitment : CLOSED   

    lol DVSGaming quit BDO a while ago. But you could put Rage in there spot for your meme  
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  8. M3TAL added a post in a topic Mega Alliance on Orwen are cowards   

    Thanks for the Good Fight last night LoTD. You guys put up a better fight that anyone else on Orwen. Respect  
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  9. M3TAL added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

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  10. M3TAL added a post in a topic Calling Freelancer out for street cred   

    Please fill out this sensitivity report so we may better address the issue: Sensitivity Report
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  11. M3TAL added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

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  12. M3TAL added a post in a topic Siege/Node Wars: Remove non-participating guilds (or nerf them)   

    Wow! What a clever use of game mechanics. 
    Definatly broken though and hope they patch it 
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  13. M3TAL added a post in a topic Custom quick slot and multiple characters   

    @CM_Jouska this has defiantly been a pain point with having multiple characters and hope you will forward to devs. I have limited my playtime on Alts because it has been a pain switching between characters having to reset up everything each time I want to switch characters. I'm sure there is some kind of fix that can be done to make playing Alts less of a chore and more enjoyable.
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