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  1. Daveon added a post in a topic Free Extra Character Slot for Ninja/Kunoichi?   

    Considering the max slots were increased by 2 from 8 to 10 when Musa/Maehwa were released, with 1 slot free, a lot of people are going to assume the same has occurred this time ... only to find upon buying a character expansion slot token from the pearl shop for that anticipated 12th slot, that they can't use it.
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  2. Daveon added a post in a topic Guild Quality of Life improvements   

    This one can already be done, in a limited fashion, in the Friends window.    If you click on an entry from your Friends list, you can send them a message, even if they are offline.
    I know, it's not quite the same thing as being able to send in game mail, it requires they already be in your friends list to begin with and it's perhaps a bit less noticeable, but it works.  
    Adding these to the original list.
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  3. Daveon added a post in a topic Guild Quality of Life improvements   

    Added to the list.
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  4. Daveon added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Quality of Life improvements
    I've seen several (but not all) of the below suggestions pop up in their own threads.  But since these are all associated with quality of life or guild management improvements, I thought it might be helpful to compile a list in one place. 
    (List updated with additional suggestions from replies through June 4.)
    1. Currently there appears to be a bug in the Guild History tab where if the Windows operating system is configured to automatically adjust for Daylight Savings time, this tab will contain no data.  Disabling automatic DST adjustment in the OS allows the history tab to display correctly.  Addressing this as a bug in the game client would appear to be appropriate.
    2. Add an column to the guild roster to provide an AFK note to allow officers and members to have a better idea of how many guild members are currently active.  This will be useful for determining when to kick off guild missions, etc.  This note would be visible by guild members via the roster only, not an overhead tag visible by anyone outside of the guild.
    3. Allow guild contract renewals to be made across channels.  Yes it's easy enough to have members or an officer switch channels when a renewal is needed.  This is simply a matter of convenience. 
    4. Allow officers to renew other officer contracts (but not their own).  There seems to be no real reason an officer should not be able to renew other officer contracts.  This would affect contract renewal, only.  Officers would still not be able to promote/demote.  This is useful for situations where the Guild Master is unavailable for officer renewals but not yet at the 7 day inactive guild takeover timeout, but officers still need to be available to renew regular Member contracts, perform guild invites, respond to war dec's or kick off guild missions during this time.
    5. Add extra membership tiers with configurable rights/permissions by the Guild Master.  This would allow for some extra guild control options such as allowing the guild to set up NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) roles to allow for options such as inviting new members or initiating guild missions, but not being able to make war declarations or ban members.
    6. Add a toggle to choose whether you want to display character names or family names in guild chat.  In active guilds with lots of alts, it can get confusing keeping track of which alt belongs to which member.  Being able to display family names in chat would prevent a lot of confusion or having to look up the character from the guild roster just to know who you are chatting with.
    7. Add timestamps to guild chat.
    8. Allow for alternate message option (other than "Ban") when removing inactive players from the guild. The message text that displays to the guild as a whole (Family <name> has been banned) and the message that removed members receive via in-game mail, is not necessarily reflective of the true reason a character is being removed.   It can incorrectly lead members to believe they have been "banned" from the guild due to "a problem", when all we are doing is freeing up a guild slot for someone who is actively playing.  This can be accomplished either by addign an extra button for "remove inactive", separate from the current "ban" button.  Or you could make the pop-up message displayed to the guild and mail received by the affected member customizable by the Guild Master.  The primary goal of this suggestion is simply to avoid misunderstandings.
    9.  Prevent guild waypoints from breaking previously set auto path waypoints of guild members.   Several members have previously indicated that they have had wagons destroyed and horses killed after someone sets a guild waypoint.
    10.  A working, officer editable, Message of the Day would also be useful to guilds.
    11.  The ability to either send mail or send offline messages to guildies or friends.  They could either go in mail or popup as some type of message notification they have to open. It's impossible to get messages to people who have become less active or are in different time zones.
    12.  Ability to toggle guild notifications for players going offline/online ONLY for those you turn on.  Default could stay as everyone, and then we could have a choice to have: All, Friends List Only, or Specific Players for which we just type in their family name.  I am in a bigger guild and it is nice to see my friends going online/offline, but for the people I don't talk to regularly that I'm not close with, it's not really something I care to see.
    13.  Being able to change the color of our chat text.  I can see it easily, but one of my friends can't read PM's.  He's not color blind, just magenta with black outline is difficult for some.
    14.  Hide Offline Players for guild list
    15.  A keybind to reply to players who have whispered you, and then using tab to cycle through their names.
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  5. Daveon added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

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  6. Daveon added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    I'm also one of those who claimed items between 8 - 12 UTC.  I got a partial reset on Monday, but only for those items that had not yet been delivered.  For those that were delivered (title, cat and general pack with the horse and pearls) they remain flagged as Used in my account and the items are on a character on the wrong server.  I had also used the 3 character expansion tickets so I have 3 extra slots on the wrong server.   But I never received an in-game mail about the need to delete along with a March 3rd reset.  The only in-game mail I ever received was for the generic delivery failure message.
    Server name Orwen, Family name Daveon.  Character with the items and extra slots ended up on Uno instead of Orwen where it belonged.
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  7. Daveon added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    I received the original "failed delivery" messages for a couple of my items, but still have not received any notification about deleting and resetting the items that were incorrectly sent to the wrong server because of the serendia channel snafu.   So I'm in the half-and-half group without the 2nd mail they indicated was supposed to have been sent already.
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  8. Daveon added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Seamus
    Family Name: Daveon

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