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Exploding Acorn

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  1. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Offhand of crimson flame > much better then > Ultimate Offhand   

    Where did your info come from about the special attacks only triggering on stuns? Everything I've ever seen mentioned about special attacks is that it encompasses all of the blue tier bonuses.
    Granted only down and back attacks are about the only ones we make real use out of the special attacks really. (outside of the always funny shank counter attack). 
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  2. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic I'm pitiful as a Wiz.   

    Yeah those meals are a total toss up at this point to me on functionality since from this thread the GM apparently brought it up to the QA team who couldn't find anything wrong with the accuracy.
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  3. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic I'm pitiful as a Wiz.   

    Honestly having trouble with feedback here since I don't see anything from your post that would indicate such a massive issue with accuracy. I'm running a steel offhand without Bheg's, but the combo of Serendia Meal and the Elixir of Advanced Concentration works just fine for me. 
    Who is "them"? If it's a Valk/War and they know your focusing them they'll tank through it with the shield until you blow your main CCs. Zerks, Musas, and Maewhas have enough access to super armor that there isn't much you can do to CC them until they go on the offensive. Sorcs are i-frame heavy so they'll always be difficult to hit until they commit to an attack.
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  4. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Value Pack Discussions   

    My feelings on the marketplace tax is that I have no problem with it being removed or changed. The tax reduction to me was the least valuable aspect of the pack since I barely sell anything that would really make much use of the bonus.
    Personally I would like the value pack more if the tax reduction was replaced with a 30 day Cliff's Skill Add-on Guide as it seems strange that the pack offers all but one of the sub based cash shop items. Too me the skill guide isn't quite worth the $7 per month asking price on top of a $15 per month value pack.
    Also since this is a premium sub just with a different name following other premium sub offerings, like cash shop price reductions or a small amount of pearls each month, would be a nice option / addition. 
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  5. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic What do you think should happen with the Value Pack?   

    I like the pack outside of the marketplace tax. Although that mostly stems from the fact that I really don't sell all that much to the marketplace so it's a minor bonus to me. That and it does cross a line where you're trading real life money for in-game currency, (although I guess the same could be said of weight increases and inventory slots).
    For me personally I'd just like them to remove the marketplace tax and replace it with a 30 day Cliff Skill Add-on Guide. That way the marketplace tax anger can finally die and every cash shop item in the game that has a monthly timer is available in one package. I'd much rather save the $7 per month additional sub of the Cliff Skill Guide than make extra silver off the marketplace. Gaining silver is just a matter of time, being free to swap out all awakening skill effects and have PvE and PvP loadouts without mem frags is incredibly useful.
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  6. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Merv's Palette - Why so restrictive?   

    That moment when you re-read something after reading it a few times and come to realization that you've misunderstood the process. Still slightly annoying about needing to remove "normal dyes", but I've been humbled in my misunderstanding
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  7. Exploding Acorn added a topic in General   

    Merv's Palette - Why so restrictive?
    Nevermind my understanding was wrong on this system.
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  8. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic I cant claim my 3x Value Pack for Conqueror Preorder   

    One part of me is on the, "well they must have alot of people to send these packs out to so that's why it takes that long." The other half is on the, "well if we hold off on giving them the free packs maybe we'll get more money out of the impatient players." Honestly with how the Merv's Palette attempts to double dib I'm leaning more on #2.
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  9. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    If only the value pack left out the marketplace tax reduction and replaced it with free skill add on changing alot of the anger could have been avoided.
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  10. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Any option to turn off pet's sound effect?   

    Sadly no hiding the pets doesn't turn their sound off. It's pretty much the sole reason the game stays perma muted. Had a few guild members give kudos to the music in Valencia so I unmuted the game for a second only to be spammed by my cat and dog constantly making noise. Didn't take long for the game to go right back to being muted.
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  11. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic 3 weeks later, still no fix for cannon shop contribution points   

    Yeah was hoping that some mention of this issue having a fix inbound was going to appear on the question and clarifications with PA thread, since according to my support ticket response, "We are aware of this issue and are awaiting a developer fix for this."  Sort of starting to wonder what the progress is on this fix. Getting annoying that I've lost contribution which I'm constantly short on.
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  12. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Questions & Clarifications with Pearl Abyss   

    I know when it comes to the patch as a whole this is probably lower on the list of things to watch, but have the devs started to take a look into the missing contribution points from when the cannon foundries were removed from the game? Last I heard via the response on my ticket it's up to the devs to fix. There are plenty of things I would love to invest that contribution into as the 255+ contribution grind really slows things down.
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  13. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 29th   

    None of that really matters though in this instance since that isn't what they put in writing as to how this round of auctions was meant to work. That is valid feedback to the time frame I'll grant you, but you can't just put out patch notes with set times and then suddenly have it go 2 hours early for no reason stated.
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  14. Exploding Acorn added a post in a topic A new way to acquire black crystal shards must be introduced.   

    While it can seem pretty long you can usually hit multiple Kzarka spawns each time he shows up. Also that patch covers the Nouver Offhands and Dandelion awakening weapons, all BIS. This coupled with the posts I saw about boss loot no longer using the rich get richer DPS loot checks makes gear acquisition alot better for people with lives. If anything it's a step in the right direction to me. I appreciate that no matter what with the boss weapon quests you're progressing towards a boss weapon, helps soften the punch in the gut when you do a boss and don't get the RNG loot roll.
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