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  1. Priya9 added a post in a topic HUGE benefit to having a girlfriend   

    Character looks ready for a night out on the town. She did a pretty good job!
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  2. Priya9 added a post in a topic WHERE WILL YOU BE GOING? (NA)   

    I want to go Orwen thanks to it being a Brave Frontier character, but probably Edan.
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  3. Priya9 added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    @Locket it's here!
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  4. Priya9 added a post in a topic What part of your life well you lose to this game?   

    Well I cancelled on a lunch date tomorrow so that I could play this game so....
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  5. Priya9 added a post in a topic People in the forum right before release   

    More young customization options for Wizard and an actual ass on male characters would be nice.
    But I'm not gonna repeatedly make threads about it or bring it up.
    Mostly just gonna go through angry threads with the following attitude.

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  6. Priya9 added a post in a topic So I don't want to be that guy but... Can we disable jiggle physics?   

    Add male crotch jiggle and ass jiggling (or at least an ass in general >.>).
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  7. Priya9 added a post in a topic humorous post about PvE Server :)   

    Entirely troll post, ignore and move on lol
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  8. Priya9 added a post in a topic Most Important Poll of the Night - BDO vs Vindictus?   

    Personally hoping that DD's success on PC means DDO and DD2 (with not vastly shortened story/characters this time, maybe an actual romance system, seeing as it's central to the game's story, and yet ridiculously bare bones)
    My Magick Archer love <3
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  9. Priya9 added a post in a topic Most Important Poll of the Night - BDO vs Vindictus?   

    I really hope Dragon's Dogma Online comes to the west.
    I voted Vindictus across the board. Vindictus has crazy amounts of options between outfitters and regular armor combinations, as well as a slew of inners to mess around with in terms of fashion, and while I do think BDO is a better overall package in terms of the total amount of things it offers, honestly, my soul WEEPS at Vindictus lost potential from it's mismanagement from Nexon.
    The combat system is hard to compare, I really do think Vindictus has some of the smoothest combat ever, and the system was absolutely fantastic for being fairly simple. BDO is more complex, and while it does offer more variety, I don't know if I'd consider it as fluid.
    100 man raids? Pretty sure the Royal Army Raids were restricted to like 24 (granted, I should know this, I did them on Sylas like a month ago) , and while the AI/Mechanics is better than BDO, that's not saying much to be fair.
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  10. Priya9 added a post in a topic Key points with the new Tamer Awakening Trailer   

    A -----ing men to this. 
    Coming from FF XI summoner to FFXIV summoner was... disheartening to be frank. Yay, easily top DPS for a long time, but hard to justify calling it a summoner. Worst part is that it could be easily adjustable in order to retain the DoT aspects while still making it more summoner esque.
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  11. Priya9 added a post in a topic Tamer awakening   

    Was hoping for Wizard/Witch weapon preview at the end tbh ;.;
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  12. Priya9 added a post in a topic Forum Signature?   

    +1 to this, we already have ignore signature as a option on forums regardless when ignoring people.
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  13. Priya9 added a post in a topic Which is your favorite pet?