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  1. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    train to play without grabs, you gonna be better. 
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  2. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Coming back, do berserker still "suck"?   

    Cry more about zerker, heals can be counter, grabs op ? yes 1v1, what about the damages ? good damages without super armor yes, so, easy to counter, with high gear berserker is strong yes but which class suck with high gear ?
    you can't kill berserker 1v1 ? of course grab is the best cc in the game, can you kill an archer when you get a grab ? only one grab kill you.
    Just learn to play vs berserker and stop cry
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  3. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    bad idea
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  4. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Bug Arme secondaire de Kutum   

    trop de pleureuses à cause des prises je joue canon
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  5. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Bug Arme secondaire de Kutum   

    Toujours rien ?
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  6. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic L'escroquerie de la Dandelion.   

    qui joue a bdo en français en 2016
    PA>Dmg Humains 
    Donc 6 pa sont mieux que des dégats aux humains inconnus
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  7. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

    If they add valk cry in a random box, they add it on cash shop, and what 40 free failstacks ? wtf ? how many times fail for your tri ? none i cash shop..
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  8. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Bug Arme secondaire de Kutum   

    Je me permet de faire remonter le sujet, il n'y a toujours aucune informations ?
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  9. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Anyone else having desync issues during grabs?   

    After the last patch, desync is at the max.
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  10. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Why all cry about this box ? they offer you a boss armor and no one is happy, they can give nothing.
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  11. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic So, damage in PVP   

    i have 181 ap on awakening, i can hurt 50% hp on 280 pd, with the buff 45% cc so, u need accuracy ^^ and knockdown the ennemy of course.
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  12. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Berserkers - tell me what you think of your hand cannon!   

    I love the gameplay  so funny, dmg are the same with the axe but axe are op and get nerf soon
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  13. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Maintenance September 28th   

    Why u stay here ? go kr
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  14. Zaky Chan added a post in a topic Awakening..what offhand?   

    For the moment the accuracy of the kutum dont work so Kutum = Saiyer
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  15. Zaky Chan added a topic in Report de bug   

    Bug Arme secondaire de Kutum
    Bonjour, après des tests, (sur berserker) L'arme secondaire de kutum n'a pas de précision, Une kutum TRI avec deux gemmes 5 pa tape moins fort qu'une saiyer sans gemmes.
    Donc la kutum donne 22 pa de plus que la saiyer et tape moins fort (sur cible avec muskan TRI).
    J'espère que c'est un bug lié a la précision qu'offre la kutum et qu'il sera réglé d'ici peu, merci.
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