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  1. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic Pre orders packages are a Joke   

    On the whole i'm pleased with it.
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  2. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic This worries me!   

    I like what I've seen so far and can't wait to get started. I don't care at all what another person does in the cash shop 
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  3. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic The PVE Flag Suggestion   

    Hi Eonian, I really enjoyed reading your post thanks
    I can't completely agree though, even though I want to.  If I'm right (please forgive me if I'm wrong), is that you suggest this games is "an open world PvP game with PvE elements". this is the part I cant agree with.
    I'll give you some examples. Housing is absolutely not necessary for PvP or PvE, they are aspirational not combative. NPC staff are not necessary for PvP or PvE again, Farming is not necessary for PvP or PvE this too is aspirational content. Trading is not necessary for PvP or PvE again aspirational. Breading of animals again aspirational not PvP or PvE. 
    There are things that are PvP such as Arenas, Fortresses, and to certain degree city flags but not cities themselves. I include crafting outside of all the rest as it is used to enhance any type of game full stop.
    So to describe the game as "an open world PvP game with PvE elements" is to look at the game with a very narrow lens. I would argue that a huge part of this game is not even about combat at all - its aspirational and creative. But those who come for the aspirational, NPC management, and Creative sides of the game will not want to find that its too much of a hunt-and-kill game to be able to enjoy doing these none combat things. 
    If the developers simply wanted to create "an open world PvP game with PvE elements" they would not have gone to all this trouble to entice other types of play styles, which in turn draws in other types of players. 
    And if the mmorpg industry is to survive you are going to have to accept that PvP and PvE are not the only kinds of play styles. The creators of DBO just might be the ones that understand that.
    **** Now the last point is this a PvE flag allows you to concentrate on aspiritional, creative or PvE things, withouth being Harrased. ****
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  4. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic Favorite books~   

    Strong female, but so prone to being Judgemental. basically I loved every character in that book.
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  5. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic The PVE Flag Suggestion   

    But what if you have misunderstood and its not trying to just target the PvP only game... What if its a game that is trying to be so much more... 
    If as you say they mean this game to be a PvP game predominantly then yes they should say so, because when I look at the game I don't see a PvP game at all. and I would argue that PvP games don't bother putting in all the other things that BDO clearly has.
    Lastly when I look at the Asian game, I can see very clearly that theirs is not a predominantly PvP game, and I think that is why PvP centric players are trying so hard to change it.
    For me, if the game is staying the same as the Asian version, with the same consequenses for PvP. Then I can live with it!
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  6. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic PvE servers and PvP server   

    Hi Sera 
    We are talking about the game when its released not just in alpha or even beta here. so I find it hard to believe that the Trading System will be locked at release and even if it is we are talking about the long game here so it won't be locked forever.
    Furthermore there are plenty of games that have very long running communities that are not PvP or have ways of choosing who takes part in PvP and when. So I would refer to those as proof that the pvp end game is not the be-all-and-end-all of MMorpgs. The proof is already well established.
    Player gear indeed focuses on combat, but also on crafting buffs etc. gear is gear and exists in every kind of game regardless of the game's emphasis.
    "What does a none PvPer do" is another question that I have seen asked A LOT! I'm an older woman and I've played mmorpgs since the start, and I can remember games like Star wars Galaxies where it was possible to play nothing but a builder, or store keeper, even a dancer and their were people who did literally nothing else. I played a builder for a very very long time and I rarely got into combat! 
    There are other play styles, its just that people have forgotten that they exist, as games have become more and more limited. Black Desert online is clearly a game that is trying to break out of that mold, but all I see is PvP centric players trying to force it back into a mold that they have already given up playing in western games. 
    The Western games market is Dying because it looks the same and acts the same. So when you fall in love with an Asian game that has done something different, allow it to be different, don't turn it into something, that if you examined yourself more closely you would probably discover bores you. I saw that happen with a very well know asian game that shall remain nameless. In Alpha it was a beautiful game, trading, farming with animals ships, they changed it in beta, and added more forced pvp than you could shake a stick at, and everyone got upset - even the pvp players . I don't see the pvp community lining up for it now though!
    I  say, if there must be PvP then keep the Asian game version (that everyone is so desperate to get), or allow us to choose not to be cannon fodder for bored players, who want to be annoying.
    I just want to add that on the point of the "what will PvE players do", the biggest mmorpg in the world has PvE servers and 12 years later PvE players are still finding plenty to do. and having been in that game since closed beta I can say that it didn't have everything right at the start either.
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  7. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic PvE servers and PvP server   

    Hi Sera
    As I understand it, most of your point possibly suggest that there is no conceivable way to do anything at end game but fight other players? do I have that right?
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  8. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic PvE servers and PvP server   

    Yah that's a very good point on the town owning thing. 
    I don't think I really understand your second paragraph, so i'll reply by saying that surely a pvp server is just like a standard server having everything?
    On the third paragraph, I would say that I certainly would not recommend "nothing but PvP". generally that's not how a PvP server works.
    I suppose when I think about it, its probably as difficult for someone who loves PvP to understand someone who doesn't and vice versa. 
    It's all the other unique and rare things that attract me to this game, things that I have wanted to see for a long time. When it comes to PvP though, I honestly can't so what this game might have over any other pvp game out there? possibly city owning but i've seen other games that do that.
    When I look at this game I see its most unique things being Trading, Multi-property owning, and minions, not PvP or PvE for that matter. This to me means that It has a unique opportunity to attract people who want other things than just combat, maybe even whole new audiences.
    Finally I would say that I'm ok with PvP as long as forced PvP is seriously restricted, which I know that Asian game accounts for very well.
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  9. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic Whats your Former Games   

    Dark Age of CamalotStarwars GalaxiesWorld of WarcraftEverquestArcheageDungeons and DragonsEnder ScrollsEliteAge of WushuFinal FantasyGuild wars 2RyzomeRiftStartrek onlineVanguardWurm OnlineAnd many more, but only mentioning those I spent a lot of time playing.
    But the best of them all was Starwars Galexies before they messed up
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  10. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic Favorite books~   

    Currently i'm Really enjoying "A court of thorns and Roses".
    My all time favourites are: Lord of the rings, Of Mice and men, The Belgariad, Thomas Covenant, Ann of green gables, Pride and prejudice, The Crystal singer, oh and Harry Potter for sure.
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  11. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic PvE servers and PvP server   

    Thanks for that informations Strates, i'll keep that in mind. 
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  12. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic PvE servers and PvP server   

    Its not possible for me or any other forum member to "force" pvp on you, that sentiment is very insecure. Remember this is a suggestion forum for everyone.
    And regarding going away, not a chance 
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  13. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic PvE servers and PvP server   

    oh I just noticed something, Its all the same handful of people, who are very vocal about anything that doesn't promote PvP. I understand what's going on here a bit better now. 
    Again thanks.
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  14. Chiefarchon added a post in a topic The PVE Flag Suggestion   

    I see what you are saying and like your coments.
    However, I would also argue that there are is so much more to this game than just fighting full stop. There is trade, and exploration, and farming, and housing, and animal breading, etc. etc. so this is personally what i'm looking forward to.  I believe that this game has the potential to bring in a whole new type of gamer, which is needed if you are to listen to sites such as MMorpg.com. Not all these players will want to be forced into PvP. 
    don't get me wrong though, I think that the Asian PvP version of this game is something that I could live with.
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  15. Chiefarchon added a topic in Suggestions   

    PvE servers and PvP server
    Continuing with the idea of allowing people to play their own way. I would like to suggest to Daum the idea of pvp and PvE server like those found within games such as WoW.
    I suggest this only because there are those who seam to want the game to become more PvP centric when it hits the west. But if Daum alter the PvP mechanic found in the Asian game this would likely make PvE centric players more alienated. WoW captured this understanding well.
    Many games have tried to offer forced PvE on players and in truth nobody ends up happy.
    PvP and PvE is truly not all this game is about and should Daum choose the keep the Asian pvp level I for one would be very happy.
    Because PvP and PVE is not all this game is about, there are players who want to join it for reasons other than just combat. Players like myself have always and will always exist, and we are not a small number, and we can be catered for. 
    Players like myself have always been attacked, viscously for not wanting to PvP, and on the whole we tend to keep quiet because of the level of vitriol that gets thrown at us from the very vocal PvP community. But it does no good to just keep quiet because that gives the impression that we don't exist. I'm the same person who suggested the option of the "PvE flag" in another thread, and if you want to see how aggressive the PvP community can get, just read that thread. 
    Let me just say again that should the same PvP controls that are found in the Asian game be ported over to the western game, then I don't really have any complaint I'm sure I could live with it. This thread is only really relevant if there are planned alterations to that model.
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