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  1. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic Spring Tulips Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Imgur link for another that is larger than 2mb. 

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  2. Techkalakosis added a topic in General   

    Game server problems?
    I can understand a week, maybe two. But this has been going on for over a month. Why is it taking so long? I know our Microtransactions have given the company more than enough money to sustain the servers. I can't even stay connected to the game now and for some moronic decision they patched out the "Click Start, not ENTER. And you might reconnect." ability. So now when you get disconnected it takes you the time of BDO Startup. 

    Come on Kako/PearlAbyss. This is really disappointing on so many levels. I have never experienced server lag THIS LONG on any game ever and I've played some games with really trashy servers. 
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  3. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    1-4 weeks after launch we were getting DDoS'ed. I still remember getting compensation for it and the servers functioning perfectly fine after about a week of it. 
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  4. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    You could sit and buy stuff and list to the market every week for 3 years and make a ton of money. But if you don't farm and gain skillpoints and EXP, you're never going to win in PvP. 
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  5. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    You're lucky. Everyone in my guild has had the same problem and we have 80 some. 
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  6. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    i can tell you now, that wizard had to be lying. Even with Bolide at 100%, you still need 210ap+ to one shot 283dp. 
    are you a port-a-potty? Because you're full of crap. 140ap isn't gonna touch 320dp unless it's a 56 with 320dp and 140ap on a lvl60. 
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  7. Techkalakosis added a topic in Suggestions   

    If you want people to play your game, start by making it so they don't have to restart when your server kicks them offline.
    As the title says..

    Server stability has been that of a suspension bridge getting gangbanged by 3 Stage 5 Hurricanes. You shouldn't have to completely restart a slow start up game to reconnect. The korean ancestry is showing. 
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  8. Techkalakosis added a topic in General   

    Why no love for the long time players and Pre-order owners?
    Couple weeks went by and then they give everyone the option to get the same bonuses as pre-order players aside from free pearls, and a CHARACTER bound weapon/armor cover. 

    First year anniversary comes around and they still haven't shown any Pre-order pack purchases a slightest bit of appreciation. Then on top of that, 30d inactivity players get it better than people who actually play. 

    What's the deal guys? I always defend this game, but I am starting to wonder why I continue to. 

    It may seem like a rant, I know if I read this it would come off as a rant. I'm not trying to complain or b**** and moan. Just trying to show that I'm upset with the whole thing and I'm certain I speak for a lot of people as well. 
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  9. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic What specs to get 144 FPS on max settings?   

    Hertz has everything to do with your FPS. Your eye can also see far higher than 35 frames per second. 
    In order for you to make use of say... a 120hz refresh rate, you need to push 120fps. If your Screen is only a 60hz Monitor, a lot of games you will find are locked at 60hz. That is because your screen won't allow it to go any higher, most of the time because you have some form of Vertical Sync enabled. This option tries to sync your framerate with your monitor to keep the frames from tearing together. 

    The higher your FPS, the quicker the image. Lower FPS's tend to have a stronger Motion Blur, and fast moving images tend to shred apart (Vertical Sync) or just aren't moving quick enough to display smooth enough. 

    I would highly recommend doing some research before spreading false information. 
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  10. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    One Year anniversary and the first idea is to delete items that are FINITE in supply. You CANNOT earn more unless given by events. This adds and equal factor, nobody has more than another. 
    Removing things like the Silver and Gold Rings, Rio Medallions, things like those made sense to be removed, but why you're removing the Attendance potions honestly astonishes me.

    @CM_Yukimura I love Black Desert and I stand up for the game anytime I see someone badmouthing it or saying false things, but this is disappointing and makes no sense at all. 
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  11. Techkalakosis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Marketplace Suggestions
    First off, stop forcing us to buy the absolute cheapest of an item. If any more hit the market, you have to wait for the bidding to go away, and you have to compete against other people to get what you seek. This is annoying when trying to buy Black Stones or Scroll fragments especially when there is more than enough on the market, you shouldn't have to compete when there are thousands up for sale. 

    This one is more half in half out. I'm dead certain everyone agree's with the above. 

    Pearl Items in the Marketplace rarely last longer than a few hours and those are parts of costumes. Prettymuch everything else sells instantly, even more now that everybody is living together in one big server. 
    Give us an option when listing PEARL items to specify a Family name of the player we want to sell it to. The transaction will have NO effect on Marketplace price fluctuation to avoid any dumbfounded attempt at tanking the price.
    The price of the item is limited to the Marketplace Value as usual, and limit the "Locked" transaction to once or twice per week. 

    This will let people who want to help a friend that can't afford the luxury of buying pearls, or is only selling an item in hopes that their friend gets it. That used to be a thing, but now with everybody living in the same server, it's an improbable thing unless the item has never been sold before. 
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  12. Techkalakosis added a topic in Suggestions   

    Stop making us restart the game because of a disconnection
    It's not our fault your Time To Live is so low that a mere ping loss of 3 will Disconnect you. Why do we have to be punished for it? You used to be able to click Start to reconnect but instead Daum patched it out. 
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  13. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    As someone who played a sorc and wizard, a newbie sorceress is far more scary than a newbie wizard. 
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  14. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic Margoria pre-download - starting January 16th   

    Yeah, that's not slow internet. 5 minutes to patch ~650mb is about 17mbps. Give or take a few. If you think that is slow, I would gladly trade you so you can witness SLOW internet. 

    It takes me 30 minutes to patch 500mb. The only thing it does is screw over my daily schedule. I can find a schedule for a large 4gb patch. But a daily bandwidth lockout of 30-60 minutes is more annoying than helpful. 

    Getting into game instantly doesn't matter unless you've got an addiction. There are no more awakening events for the Destroyer of Dreams title until after we get Dark Knight, then later her Awakening. 
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  15. Techkalakosis added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

    I think the means of people saying this is if they get the item, they'll gift them something because they're generous people. 
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