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  1. Heather Blade added a post in a topic Has there been any official response regarding massive performance issues since DK patch?   

    My biggest issue is all of the constant disconnects at certain hours of the day. During the week I cant stay on past 6:00 Pm in the cities and in the field grinding its usually around 8:00 PM when the disconnects come. Once I get DC'ed I cant get back on until the morning. Seems allot worse when they merged the servers.
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  2. Heather Blade added a post in a topic 3-11-17 Connection/Disco issue   

    There are a lot of people disconnecting lately. I usually cant stay on past 8:30 pm eastern due to lag and disconnects.
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  3. Heather Blade added a post in a topic What we need.. and what we want!   

    I would love for them to work on server stability, its very difficult for me to stay logged on after 8:30 pm eastern with out being dc'd and cant get logged back in. I would even be willing to pay a sub just for a premium eastern server just so I can play when I get out of work esp on Fridays.
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  4. Heather Blade added a post in a topic Cash shop LT increase   

    Thank you SandPit, I really appreciate your help. <3
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  5. Heather Blade added a topic in General   

    Cash shop LT increase
    I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this question. There are several choices from lowest to highest increase but it says on each one can only use once on each character. Does this mean if I choose the highest one I cant top off my LT limit with the smaller ones too?
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  6. Heather Blade added a post in a topic taking bets on how many times i disconnect before bdo is playable   

    I get DCed allot and sometimes I cant stay on the toon longer than a min. It seems to happen in the later part of the evening starting around 7PM eastern when the server gets under load and the channels start filling up. It seems the servers were much more stable at launch than they are now.
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  7. Heather Blade added a post in a topic Paysafe card   

    Thank you, When I first visited the page it must have loaded improperly as the other options weren't present.  I went back and it had those options. I really appreciate your post, I wouldn't have likely gone back if it wasn't for you. <3
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  8. Heather Blade added a topic in General   

    Paysafe card
    I wanted to buy some stuff in the cash shop. When I went to buy the Daum cash I noticed there was no option for a credit card just a Paysafe card. I noticed there was no areas close to me to buy one so it would be a little out of my way. Is there an hidden option to buy the Daum cash with a credit card? I bought the game with a credit card before it released in NA.
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  9. Heather Blade added a topic in General   

    Dark Knight is awesome
    I just wanted to let the Devs know how much I like the Dark Knight class. I find the gameplay very fun and I like the design of the outfits and sword. Is there any chance there will be a better selection of costumes in the near future?
    Thanks again for bringing this class to N.A.
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  10. Heather Blade added a post in a topic [Poll] (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ current state of the game (POLL)   

    there really isn't anything that I have seen on the cash shop that I am interested in. I was watching you tube and saw some of the outfits they had and wanted some of them so bad. I also wanted one of the horse armors they had and didn't see it on there. It would be nice to have black dies for sale as well. It just seems the cash shop is really lacking in some areas.
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  11. Heather Blade added a post in a topic N/A servers overrun!   

    I to am experiencing a lot of lag after 6PM eastern and at 8 the disconnects happen. Its almost unplayable after 9 pm for me. unless the player base drops its only going to get worse as more people buy the game. If you get disconnected it wont even acknowledge your no longer online unless you try to re-log back on so more people wont be able to fill those slots if a queue is present.
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  12. Heather Blade added a post in a topic Lagging and Disconnects   

    I am from the east coast too but it isn't the issue, I can game fine in the off hours but as soon as it hits 6 pm EST the servers get really crowded and I start lagging really badly and the disconnects happen. I hope they can fix this soon, I don't think the servers can handle this many people on them.
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  13. Heather Blade added a topic in General   

    Black spirit energy
    I reached level 30 on a character and I started to accrue black spirit energy. The tool tip says to unleash it upon your enemies. I do not see any hot key to do this and I am at 100% energy. How do I use this energy?
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  14. Heather Blade added a post in a topic Massive lag Issues   

    I have seen this too only during the peak times when the server / channels are overrun. I don't think its a connection issue, I think its a server issue with handling all of the players. I suspect it will get worse when everyone is allowed in the game on the third, that is unless they can fix it in the 6 hour down time tonight.
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  15. Heather Blade added a post in a topic Is Multiboxing allowed?   

    if they are rich enough to run 100+ subs in wow to grief others, they are rich enough to buy a server running all of those clients.
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