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Haunted Echo

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  1. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic If you could Change/Fix/Remove or Add ONE thing   

    I would add a bear costume cause if we can fight in high heels, why can't we fight in a bear costume?
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  2. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Does anybody want these humble bundle keys? [All Gone]   

    I'm sure there's a thread where players post those. 
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  3. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Does anybody want these humble bundle keys? [All Gone]   

    I mailed it again
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  4. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Does anybody want these humble bundle keys? [All Gone]   

    I only have the neverwinter key left, I will send it to you via PM. 

    That's them all gone  
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  5. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Does anybody want these humble bundle keys? [All Gone]   

    I sent the code to you via pm : o
    The only thing I have left now is the Neverwinter thing 
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  6. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Does anybody want these humble bundle keys? [All Gone]   

    Blade and Soul key gone. As well as the Robocraft. 
    Guild Wars key and Neverwinter still available
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  7. Haunted Echo added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Does anybody want these humble bundle keys? [All Gone]
    So I decided to donate and get a bunch of games from humble bundle with this https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast-jingle-jam there are games that I don't play and since I don't want them to go to waste would anyone else like them? I don't know if this is breaking forum rules if so I'm sorry X__X I just don't want stuff to go to waste. These are the games below that I'm giving away/have left. Let me know if you're interested via reply or PM 

    • 13 replies
  8. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic horse disappeared   

    It should say what stable your horse is in. Everyone's horses, boats and wagons were sent to the last stable/wharf they were checked into. Like my Tamer's horse went to Velia and my rangers horse went to Sand Grain. If you still don't know, perhaps showing a picture of stables with your horse grayed out. 
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  9. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic What Are You Doing During Downtime?   

    I should be asleep since it's 6am in Scotland right now but due to earache here I am. With the server being down I decided to try get better at playing DotA 2 since my boyfriend plays and I'd like to be good enough to play with him =P.
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  10. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Auto Check-in for Boats, Horses and Wagons on cities   

    I don't see this working. It's not a bad suggestion but when you kill a boat it'll go to the wharf you last checked into. Checked boat last in Epheria > Boat out randomly at sea is destroyed > Goes to Epheria wharf. So this auto thing might mess up.
    Example say you checked your boat up in pirates last and sail to Velia and didn't check in there, won't the boat automatically be sent up to the pirates wharf?
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  11. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Marketplace - Price of PETS   

    People do sell pets it's just difficult to get them since you have to be on when they're sold. You cannot price pets the same as a costume or a value pack in the market just because you want them to be sold more often. If they do that they'll have to raise their pearl price too which they won't do. Pets aren't even worth the price of pearls that they're being sold for. 
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  12. Haunted Echo added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Black screen on game start up
    So after the 16/11 patch there was a second patch which I did but ever since that patch when I open BDO after the "Pearl Abyss" fades away it's like black for 3+ minutes. At first I just waited it out but now I just alt tab and let it do its thing. Then when I do get in game I'm super laggy, sometimes when my character moves it's like she's frozen when moving. 
    Nothing has changed on my computer, everything was fine up until that second patch then it just messed up everything. 
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  13. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    People saying that this is an exploit it's not. Daum knew this happened in KR and knew it would happen here if they wanted to prevent it then they should have put server locks when we picked our servers and if we wanted to change/try other servers then we have to pay or something to do so. Everyone knew a merge was coming but not this early but we knew. It's unfair or unhanded? How we never hid that we did it? Boopers/Hakurai made a video saying to go do it when P2W was announced, the information was out there so just because you didn't have a "Korean" friend to tell you how it was gonna go down, there was plenty of other ways to find out. You're just saying it's unfair because you didn't do it or you didn't do it because you didn't feel right. Yes I feel it is a lot of items to be getting even myself but you can't say it's an exploit just because you didn't do it or that you choose not to do it and now you're upset after seeing the items/gold/whatever.
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  14. Haunted Echo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Occasionally unable to open Black Spirit
    I'm trying to enhance a weapon and sometimes when I open the black spirit I get forced to this screen below. It doesn't go away and I have to ctrl alt delete. Now this doesn't happen every time I open the black spirit but maybe 2/5 times.

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  15. Haunted Echo added a post in a topic Costume design contest for NA and EU!   

    I never said it shouldn't happen, just said it'll be filled with people claiming art that's not their own. People are shallow like that
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