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  1. Narugami added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 7th **Update**   

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  2. Narugami added a post in a topic character slot is closed   

    So remember my previous posts? I indeed only needed 3 character slots unlocked. I know this because I went ahead and bought 4 character slot tokens because for some reason I had 4 characters locked. I can't use the 4th character slot item I bought because I already have max characters. What can I do about this?
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  3. Narugami added a post in a topic character slot is closed   

    Alright, so in theory, since I only have 3 "extra" characters (2 from Uno, 1 from Edan), only 3 characters should be locked, right? I have 4 characters locked right now...
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  4. Narugami added a post in a topic character slot is closed   

    Okay so regarding the pre-order character slots, I've been playing since conqueror's package headstart. Now, if you remember along the way, there were free character slots given out, I think when musa/maewha got released. I had 10 characters on Orwen, 2 on Uno, 1 on Edan. In theory since my home server is Orwen, I should be able to access 10 characters, but instead I only have access to 8 and the other alts are locked. Do I need to purchase character slots to unlock them or can they be fixed as they are characters I've made when we were given free character slots?
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  5. Narugami added a post in a topic Your "dream" item on the Black Friday Sale?   

    PEN kzarka >:
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  6. Narugami added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I mean, sorry to say but your guild and the other guilds you asked seem retarded. I didn't know, my guild didn't know, but somehow we came across the information that servers are going to merge. I don't remember how, I don't remember why, but we came across that information. It was general knowledge that servers were going to merge by the time valencia came out. Channel chat talked about it every now and again. I mean unless you're so closed to information, I have no clue how you've not come across it. Even with 6 days/9 hour work week, this information was easily available to me and friends I play with.
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  7. Narugami added a post in a topic Merges   

    There will be 36 channels. Plenty of room for alliances to grow and get assigned their own channels.
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  8. Narugami added a post in a topic Iconic, Sieges, and You! 10 - 22 - 2016   

    I see you've drawn the short straw and have become this week's damage control representative.
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  9. Narugami added a post in a topic BEEP BOOP BEEP MEDIAH SIEGE UPDATE   

    Hey chief of Server Police, I'd like to report a disturbance. Iconic seems to have taken over Serendia. Please arrest them for taking over a territory that's supposed to be for small guilds only. Also, what's the alternative of this 1v1? 2v1? Fuck yeah if the other option is a 2v1 why would we not want a 1v1? Fuck off
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  10. Narugami added a post in a topic BEEP BOOP BEEP MEDIAH SIEGE UPDATE   

    It's expected. Observe the forums right now and compare it to next week. LotD is laying low. Next week it'll be a surprise (not really) LotD + Iconic attacking Mediah, then shitposting like never before after we inevitably fall/stalemate against two.
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  11. Narugami added a post in a topic 10/15 Siege Night   

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  12. Narugami added a topic in US Guild   

    10/15 Siege Night
    Calpheon, Balenos, and Valencia were uncontested.

    Against Server Police LotD's word, <Iconic> decided to roleplay as a small guild and take Serendia for themselves.
    As for the main event:
    <Relevant> against <LotD> showdown! Relevant, boasting 54 people, representing the numbers of a big guild, took on the corrupt police force of Orwen, who are allegedly deep in the pockets of the <Iconic> family. Reports say Legatum of the Dead turtling, an act that they themselves deemed illegal when fighting against big guilds with smaller numbers. Reports also suggest that an excess of Sodium Chloride filling the air, Legacy of the Dead losing the ability to talk and type when the war finished, despite being perfectly able to taunt and spam prior to starting.
    What the future holds:
    <Iconic> will not stand for <Relevant> resisting arrest and putting down their pet police force <Legatum of the Dead>. Tune in next week for <Iconic> and <LotD> teaming up to bring down the bully big guild <Relevant>!
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  13. Narugami added a post in a topic <Relevant> - Open Recruitment in Preparation for Server Merges (Updated 11/12/16)   

    The thing about Relevant is we don't stop each other from shitposting, shittalking, husband/wife-sharing, meme-ing, triggering, and generally being involved in fuckery. At the end of the day, it's a game, we play to have fun, and usually all the shittalking is part of the fun, for our known vocal members, anyway. Relevant are mostly people who've come from guilds that had a strict "DON'T TALK TO THEM" policy, "DON'T FLAG UP ON THEM BECAUSE ALLIANCE/NOTANALLIANCE" policy, and generally things that got in the way of fun. Yeah we flag and declare and fight and generally kill people, and we also receive our own share of our shit getting pushed in and getting chased out (look for posts made by Iconic/Ascendance/LotD). It's all part of the game and everyone in Relevant knows that. Hell, most of us here before being in the same guild had our guilds permawarred so it was pretty funny at first seeing names that used to always be red actually be a friendly colour. We tend to get pretty rude and bad mannered towards people outside the guild but inside, we're tighter than a celibate nun in her prime; closer than siblings into incest. So help us fulfill our role of being a "big guild" so server police LotD can actually be right in calling us a big guild that can field more than 45 people in a siege.
    TL;DR: It's a game, we have fun.
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  14. Narugami added a post in a topic A little late but a quick recap of last night's siege on Orwen   

    "Siege tactics" aka zerg the shit out of them. I actually feared LotD before last night's siege, exactly because you have a more solid core that I regarded you as the top guild on Orwen. Last night just erased that; you're nothing but zerg. Yeah, commendations on the annoying outposts, but shit, that seemed to be the only thing going for you. Other than taking turns penetrating elephants into our tight little base [; 
    Speaking of max numbers not meaning anything, are you under the impression all 76 of us are in the siege? Also, I'm not on all the time so would you enlighten me as to when you were appointed Orwen's Honorary White Knights? I mean, surely if you're boldly going "Serendia belongs to smaller guilds" and "Relevant needs to go for castles", you must have some sort of authority. Katiya's Damacia roleplay doesn't count.
    Are you under the impression we had 76 people show up to defend against this massive bukkake on our base party?
    Nah it's more of an inconvenience of having to reserve a weekday for a node war.
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