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  1. raptorhead added a post in a topic new outfit thoughts   

    I just want to be a brick 
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  2. raptorhead added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    muh eyebrows
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  3. raptorhead added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Farewell Easter, see you in a year.
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  4. raptorhead added a post in a topic Future Horse Costume Previews?   

    I want a horse in a bikini.
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  5. raptorhead added a post in a topic Can you dye your hip-pads?   

    You can't unfortunately ;_;
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  6. raptorhead added a post in a topic growing out of ultimate basteer ._.   

    There's always Liverto if you're rich
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  7. raptorhead added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  8. raptorhead added a post in a topic Trying to figure out the armour combo right for me   

    From the extra DP, MP, evasion, and accuracy.  So you wouldn't be able to get as much AP as you would with gemming Agerian, but you'll be able to survive for longer.
    You shouldn't upgrade rarity until you +15 your gear, since you need an item of the same name to repair durability.  I don't think cast speed was a bonus, but I might be wrong.  And I don't think you can fail, since it's just crafting in a workshop.
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  9. raptorhead added a post in a topic Trying to figure out the armour combo right for me   

    I'm not entirely sure about movement speed, but I'll probably try to figure that out eventually.
    Tarotus has accuracy and evasion, so it'll put you at an advantage against people who use Agerian or haven't stacked accuracy.  Even though other people are stacking accuracy, there should still be a chance of missing, which is always better than having no evasion to begin with.
    Our Celestial Spear  at max rank gives  80% crit for 5 seconds, so since we pretty much rely on CS as an opener, we don't need to stack crit unlike wizards/witches.  Valks mostly do burst damage anyways.  We do want HP, but  it's less important than our other skills and stats, but it's still convenient.  Rangers need to stack HP because they have some skills that have HP added on as damage. 
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  10. raptorhead added a post in a topic Trying to figure out the armour combo right for me   

    If you're wearing tarotus you won't have the same amount of casting speed as agerian, so you'll have to make up for that casting speed.  Accuracy is pretty important in pvp, so I'd get the set bonus if I'm already wearing 2 pieces.  Valks don't really run out of stamina that often, so I'd say the only situations you would wear zereth boots is if you were wearing 3 pieces of agerian.  I wouldn't go with talis boots, since 2 move speed still won't make valkyries too mobile compared to other classes (rangers and tamers ;_;), so there would be much better alternatives.  Evasion is the best though.
    You can definitely get 5 casting speed with tarotus, I'm personally using 3 pieces of tarotus with agerian gloves.  Valkyries don't need to stack too much hp/crit/attack speed, so it's definitely an option.
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  11. raptorhead added a post in a topic Valkyrie skill and gear questions   

    Sword of Judgment.  This is pretty much your bread and butter along with Celestial Spear in PvP.  It's not quite as strong in PvE as just spamming Shield Throw, but it's great for weaker mobs.  You can also pick up Sharp Light to chain the 3rd hit of SoJ, but that's not too necessary.
    As for gear, you could either go with Agerian with Zereth boots for the stamina bonus, or Tarotus for the extra evasion and accuracy.  I personally went with Tarotus armour with Agerian gloves, since I want to survive a little longer in PvP, and it gives a stamina or mp bonus (which is really useful).  But it's all really a matter of preference and every set is viable depending on your playstyle. 
    For your weapon, you definitely want to go with a Yuria longsword, unless you're rich enough for a Liverto.  You should definitely go for Vangertz if you're going to PvP, since it gives a lot of evasion once you enchant it.  The AP the Axion gives really isn't that important once you consider the fact that Valkyries shouldn't need too much AP to begin with.  You also shouldn't get anything like attack speed, since only our kick is affected by it, so focus on stacking cast speed.
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  12. raptorhead added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

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