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  1. dogbarf added a post in a topic Epheria rod from +7 to +8 BUG   

    Had the same thing happen to me today.   Lost 15+ stacks and a bunch of durability that i need to repair (Max durability did not change)

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  2. dogbarf added a post in a topic Most OVERPOWERED Class? (Updated 12/12/2016)   

    I am a sorceress therefore this thread doesn't make sense and is shitty..... STOP BULLSHITTING
    Its blatant obvious to anyone playing the game which class currently has pretty much zero downsides.... its sorceress.
    1. The highest burst and single target dps  (Look at the logs posted on reddit showing which classes have received zarka weapon the most often... sorcresses is by far number one despite being melee)
    2. The best iframes and very good mobility.  (If a sorceresses wants to run away good luck catching one)
    3. The best buffs and utility of any class and great self healing (30ap, Manaburn on attacks jfc)  
    4.  The most crowd control of any class (Ranged and melee cc!)
    Currently what do Zerkers, Warriors, Musas and Maehwas do better than sorcs in pvp?  The answer: 
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  3. dogbarf added a post in a topic Most OVERPOWERED Class? (Updated 12/12/2016)   

    It would be nice if @CM_Jouska would mention if they plan on addressing any of these numerous threads regarding sorceress balance. My friends have all either re-rolled sorc themselves (Not because they find the class more fun.... just a lot more effective) or quit the game out of frustration.   Rangers have already received a small nerf, slightly adjusting sorcs down would be good for the overall diversity and health of the game anyone saying otherwise most likely plays a sorc. "IF" they ever manage to fix de-sync and sorcs turn out to be weak simply re-vert any nerfs.
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  4. dogbarf added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    What do Valk/Warrior and Blader do better than Sorc in PvP?
    Sorc has better:
    1. Burst/sustained damage
    2. Utility and self healing/manaburn
    3. Mobility/survivability 
    4.  Crowd control
    Either slightly nerf their burst or up the stamina cost on their iframe at least until desync issues are resolved.
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  5. dogbarf added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Shitposting +1
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  6. dogbarf added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    33% vote no, which is probably about on par with the percentage of people playing Sorc now that so many people have re-rolled or quit their original class.
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  7. dogbarf added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Sorcs have:
    1.  Highest Single Target DPS of any class  (Look at the posts showing the distribution of classes who received kazarka weapons, sorc wins by far and away even though they are melee)
    2. The best group/utility buffs in the game.
    3.  The best Movement/Iframe skill in the game.
    4.  Numerous ranged crowd controls.
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  8. dogbarf added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    If you are Dieing 1v1 to a wizard/witch as any other class you are either severely out geared or have an extra chromosome.
    The difference is sorcs will outperform equally geared/skilled opponents in almost all forms of pvp.  Yes they get weaker in very large scale fights (40v40)... BUT ANY MELEE class in any game will have this issue, even in large scale pvp SORCS are undeniably better than War/Valk/Blader. 
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  9. dogbarf added a post in a topic Sorceress Balance Poll   

    Sorceror is a better choice than Valk, Warrior, Blader in every situation.  (Large scale or smallscale pvp) 
    More utility, Way more damage, and often times better survivability. 
    They don't need to be nerfed into the ground but something needs to be done before 40% of the server has rerolled sorc.
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  10. dogbarf added a post in a topic Wizard and witch awakenings   

    I definitely believe he did, Heres a video two weeks ago of a 160 dp wizard (Kungen) getting combo-ed down in a few seconds by a solo sorc.  Watch the whole thing it happens over and over. His group gets the sorc low but doesn't even bother to chase due to how pointless it is with the sorc Iframes. 
    Note that the sorc was not using any food buffs or potion buffs (You can look in the video).  With these the sorc could've killed the wizard almost instantly. These consumables add a ton of damage.   Attack power scales a lot better than DP, so things are only getting worse.  
     If you aren't level 55 and +15 everything you shouldn't talk about pvp balance.  While I definitely don't think he did the best job kiting the sorc... sorc is not balanced in its current state. Of course low level pvp noobs and sorc players will chime in and say they are fine... l2p blah blah blah dont nerf my bullshit just reroll sorc or quit!
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  11. dogbarf added a post in a topic Top 8 Things Ruining PVP   

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  12. dogbarf added a post in a topic Top 8 Things Ruining PVP   

    Done reading what some post editing carebear thinks.   Id read this and respond but then youd just delete/edit again after getting BTFO.  

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  13. dogbarf added a post in a topic Top 8 Things Ruining PVP   

    8.  Well how can I argue with that?  A retard thinks the game is balanced.  Killing players with equal AP and DP within a single stun is definitely enjoyable and balanced gameplay, I mean you think it is so why argue right?
    7.  Where'd all that experience that you were talking about go?  Do you not understand that AP greatly outscales DP?  AP is more valuable because of how abilities scale.  Let me break it out for you since you've already established yourself as a retard:  For example on a Valkyrie an extra 10 AP is an extra 60 damage to each of the first two hits on their word of judgement and an extra 90 to each of the last two hits.  
    6.  Holy Shit you mean the devs agreed with the complaints that I posted (before they put in their changes).  And no shit you can get 3 flares from a quest, that completely solves the problem!  Nice strawman dipshit.  Guess what, flares still suck ass and cant be used in combat and are pretty much worthless.   Ghillie suits are amazing for bots, check reddit for a really solid one in action.  
    5. Nah its not, I have 20 ping to the servers, Guess all the people complaining about desyncs on their grabs just have "bad computers".   
    4.  Yes the devs agreed with me and fixed it, your butt-hurt is showing cause someone on the internet called you mean names.
    3.  Your answer:  People are abusing something, you should just deal with it instead of complaining so they might fix it.  "Just enjoy eating shit like I do."
    2. Re-Read my original post.  Holy shit I don't think you can read at all. How can idiots like you sit here and defend paying 50 cents to not die in PvP, it is blatantly Pay2Win.
    1.  Penalties for dieing to a pker are basically -----ing nothing (1% exp booo -----ing hooo).  I want a game where world pvp is a possibility outside of meaningless guildwars where people spawn on each other over and over until someone gets bored.  Reducing karma penalties would encourage spontaneous pvp and help make the Brain-dead pve a little more exciting, but maybe the pve is already challenge enough for someone like you.
    <Insert Le-Smug baby.jpg>  
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  14. dogbarf added a post in a topic Top 8 Things Ruining PVP   

    8. Ah some retard who read on the forums that the FoTM is Ranger so theres no way any other class can be overtuned or bad for the game.  
    7.  PvP is gear Dependent?  Thanks for the update dipshit I had no idea. 
    6. Not in the game yet moron, but this doesn't bother me much either way, I use the suite while scripting but I understand where people are coming from with their complaints.
    5.  The skills function is to cause your character to just vanish?  Sometimes people will turn into a red ball and you can follow them other times latency -----s it up.
    4.  Looks like the devs agreed cause people complained.
    3. Ya its clearly working as intended, why fix something thats clearly broken?  You must enjoy eating shit.
    2.  I like how you contradict the points you made on number 3 here.  If you're too scared to pvp without the risk of losing exp.. maybe you shouldn't be playing a PvP endgame MMO with open world PvP.  But instead dipshits like you happily support the pay 50 cents to have no death penalty.  They should implement the same thing for enchanting your weapon, Im sure itl go over well.
    1.  Nice contradiction again,  If you can't handle a game where "evil pkers" can kill you with out reprimand maybe you shouldn't be playing a PvP endgame MMO with open world PvP.
    <Insert funny TumblrImage.gif>   
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  15. dogbarf added a post in a topic Top 8 Things Ruining PVP   

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