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  1. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Hey Daum,
    First off thanks for working so hard on the game I've been one of the lucky ones and rarely has had any problems. I've been disconnected a few times...which resulted in my death and crystals breaking but, i roll with haha.
    I am a role player in the game. The features for RP are ok. Not the best, but far from the worst. In the long run I'd love to see some more emotes. But this RP chat channel you've added is beyond ridiculous. Having a separate RP channel is decent enough idea...but at an energy cost? C'mon...whats the point? I mean what is the ACTUAL point of that? Is it to keep people from spamming the RP channel? Well i have 80 some energy so if I want to spam for awhile I could. But in actuality, if there are no RP events going on with my guild I usually look for random RP in Heidel once i've finished all my processing...which means i have 0 energy! Having 0 energy leaves time to do other things...like Role Play! Don't be surprised if no one uses your RP channel.
    Speaking of chat. I'd like the option to change the text color to what ever i want for what ever i want. purple for whispers can be damn hard to read sometimes. If this option already exists and i haven't found it yet, forgive me.
    Final point. These patch notes don't really give me the feeling like bigger problems are being worked on. Like disconnections. Or my transportation carts disappearing with all my goods in them. Adding pets, and costumes, and chat channels is all things that should be addressed once the game is completely stable. We, as a player base, would rather have everyone enjoying the game than throw more money towards you for pets and costumes.
    Ps. Who's idea was it to have such an energy cost for chat banning? I spent 60 energy chat banning two gold spammers the other day. Bull -----ing Shit. it's sad this energy penalty wasn't completely removed. Stop Punishing us for trying to help you guys!
    Pps. love the game, keep up the hard work, stop making silly decisions regarding our energy consumption, fix the game problems before adding more cash shop stuff to scrub more money out of the players who are enjoying the game.
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  2. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic 'Simple/Minimal UI' Improvements   

    A BIG OL' +1 FROM ME!
    The interface is SOOOOO intrusive. Need to minimize all that shit. I would love to only see my Health bars, hot bar, and minimap. The quest tracker is ok but being able to focus on one, like ESO, would be amazing.
    Basically Daum, go take a look at ESO interface and take some notes
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  3. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic Black Desert Intro video revealed   

    I know its been said by  so many people already, but I figured I'd add my thoughts just so DAUM knows how bad that video was. The cinematic itself was pretty decent. I liked how it was all stop time and the camera was just whirling about. The script itself wasn't the greatest but, it wasn't the problem either. A good voice actor could've made that a million times better. Tay is just not a voice for voice acting. The guy can sing alright but to deliver an emotionally charged performance is just not in his deck of tricks.
    It reminded me of a shitty saturday morning cartoon narrator. Or the guy from the old school batman series "same bat time, same bat channel" only way way worse. Tay's delivery was horrible. That's all that can be said really. If this is the opening cinematic added for the final version of the game, Daum you can be certain it'll be the most skipped cinematic in video game history.
    Bite the bullet, accept the fact that it wasn't done well, pick a new voice actor and redo it. Someone exotic and raspy.
    I would suggest someone like Zach McGowan.
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  4. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic Q&A with the Developers!   

    How is the creation of Raids and Dungeons coming along!? PvE end game content is very muchly mucho needed!
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  5. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic Chat improvements   

    More characters per message! especially for the RP crowd
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  6. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

    Agreed! +1
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  7. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic CBT-1 Events   

    Yea Shadows Looming was pretty cool. No loot for me either though. But lots of chaos. only got 8 fps durring the whole thing. runnin a gtx 970 aswell. But it was fun.
    If thats how they want world bosses to go, could use a few tweaks.
    I was at Serendia Shrine channel 3 NA server
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  8. Omega Contagion added a topic in General   

    So i've watched many videos about nodes, I fully understand how they work. But I'm playing CBT1 right now and can't seem to get any going. I bought a house in a town, figuring that is how you start ur node path but...I cant connect any! Every node just says "Previous node needs to be connected" so I click that and go to the previous Node, and I just keep getting flip flopped around. It makes no sense!  Anyone help? How/where do I start a Node chain?
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  9. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic World Bosses & General Difficulty   

    Both would be awesome. World bosses for big guilds, even world bosses for smaller groups of 4-10 that could form up near the spawn. If more than one group fights the world boss, everyone should get xp and silver. Drops go to the team who dealt the most damage or maybe got the kill? DKP? Something else, i dunno?
    Then there should also be summon bosses, and there should perhaps be different tiers of summon scrolls? *if there isn't already* Also something cool would be you should be able to chain your summon scrolls together. Something I noticed from the ONLY video I saw of the NA alpha that had a group playing was that "Only the party leader" can use his summon scroll? *pretty sure thats what they said at one point, in passing* It clicked in my mind that a cool feature would be to LINK your summon scrolls together, which would produce a harder version of the boss with better/more loot drops. It would be nice to see this on a % scale so you could have no cap on the amount of people in a linked summon. 1 player=boss 100% HP, 2 player= 175%, 3 player= 310%, 4 player= 440%, 5 player= 600% up and up it goes in some fashion. I think the most important part of the scale would be that the boss would have to become CRAZY hard the more players there were. So if you did have 10 players, it would be like 3000% or something like that. Could even throw in some mobs that spawn at a certain player count, or even get enough players and you get 2 ultra hard bosses or something.
    how to achieve the linking, well it could be done a few ways I guess. When the party leader first clicks the scroll to summon, could have a pop up to choose between single or linked. If you choose linked then all others must link in their scrolls withing 5-10 seconds or something then the summon starts. Could even have it that players need to stand in a certain pattern, or be within a certain distance of eachother. Another way it could be achieved is everyone from the group would give their scrolls to one player *so bring back the 1to1 trading * and that player can combine them. Could even throw in a feature that is like, if what ever class uses the combined summon scroll there is a higher chance of that class's gear dropping. For groups who play together on a regular basis this would be of benefit if they know one player needs a new item more than the others, they would give him the scroll.
    I dunno, just brainstormin peoples! Thoughts?
    Also I'll link in that youtube video, its by the peeps from MMOS.COM. It took me a lot of sifting to find it, so maybe not all of you have seen it. Its a great video that features alot of group questing. Definitely highlights the things that are done right, and the things that are done wrong when it comes to group combat.
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  10. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic PvE?   

    That would be really cool, but you're right...it would have to be implemented in the right fashion. Like Aincrad from SAO!? lol if you've seen the anime and understand my reference that is...
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  11. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic Order of Alsands <Heavy RP Guild>   

    Woopity Woop!
    Greetings Fellows! What presents itself to be vertical?
    I am a total noob when it comes to role playing in an online mmo, but that didn't stop the crazy great peoples in the Order of Alsands from accepting me into their fold! They've been showing me the ropes and helping me along so when BDO actually launches we will all be ready to play together. There are many benefits to joining a guild before the game comes out, and as i've now learned, even more important for a RP guild. Gives you lots of time to get to know your fellows, and flesh out your characters. So if you are visiting this thread as a new RPer, don't be shy and drop on by! RRRRRHHHHYYYYYYMMMMMMMES!
    Order of Alsands will be a great place for you to get your feet wet!
    And most definitely Cards Against Humanity was pretty damn funny!
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  12. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic RP Advancement   

    This would be a great GREAT feature! They could add a lot of different permissions you could set too, as the home owner. Like, Player X can buy/sell and move furnature...but can't use crafting stuff. *i dont know why you'd do that to a friend, but just an example lol* heheh it would be a funny joke to rearrange a friends house while they are away. put everything infront of the door so they can walk in tee hee hee
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  13. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic RP Advancement   

    Lol that's hilarious, I was gonna say something about toggle walk too but, no sense beating a dead horse right?
    Im sure if one thing is implemented form all the RP forums, its gonna be the walk....I hope.
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  14. Omega Contagion added a post in a topic First   

    Gah! You're so swift!
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  15. Omega Contagion added a topic in General   

    RP Advancement
    Hey Everyone!
    Just wanted to start a thread for the discussion and advancement of the RP elements in Black Desert!
    So go wild!
    I myself am fairly new to RP in online games, but have joined a pretty awesome community at http://www.blackdesertroleplayers.com/home
    I am so excited to start playing Black Desert!
    Anyone else down to RP!?!? Lets hope these forums on the official site can help bring us the game we are all hoping for. The teams from Daum Games and Pearl Abyss have done an amazing job already, hats off to them for creating such a beautiful game. But here's some ideas we have had to advance the RP experience within Black Desert Online!
    Annnnnd GO!
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