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  1. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 3rd 2017   

    This is interesting... considering I only recently added black desert online to my steam account as a non steam game.
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  2. Noyjitat added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    This is the exact reason why we need authenicators like google authenticator and 2 step verification. Why the hell do we still not have this as an option? It's 2017 damn it!!!!
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  3. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    too funny lol.
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  4. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Not exactly going to appease everyone, but use: fraps, overwolf, steam, etc to take screenshots.
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  5. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Can't connect   

    What's really ridiculous is things like google authenticator and basic two step verification are used by most mmos at this point and we don't have either.
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  6. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Jeron quests for Delphine knight Deisgns   

    If you happen to find out i'd like to know... Im level 51 and did the delphe knights castle stuff during the first week of the NA release back on edan server. I traveled there when i found out this was ingame (jumping for joy) but the npc has nothing for me and I didn't find any new quests. I even tried checking the amity window and raised that to 1000+ just to be safe. Went ahead and put in a pre order for the costume should I be completely out of luck.
    Hey again... I'm not sure why I didn't think to do this but turn on all quests in your quest journal. This game is odd and having that turned off does more than just hide the quest icon on the npc but it hides the quest completely when you talk to the npc. You should be able to pick up the quest now.
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  7. Noyjitat added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    Happens everytime i go near the storage warehouse in heidel. file corrupted... you can move the box to the side and keep playing but the forward movement animation is broken (you sort of slide forward but your legs dont move) until restarting the client. Nothing corrupted is ever found and i've redownloaded the damn game several times already on both windows 10 and 7. 
    Harddrives are fine and all other games run as they normally do without issues.
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  8. Noyjitat added a topic in Suggestions   

    2 step verification, Authenticators keys or google authenticator please
    So for the first time im getting a warning of a potential virus or keylogger from xigncode and this just makes me even more paranoid. In todays time most mmos and many social media accounts have some form of enhanced sercurity but bdo has nothing.
    Would it be too much to ask to atleast add the google authenticator app as an optional form of enhanced security for our accounts? At some point or other every mmo I've played has had someone atleast login to my account and I know its bound to happen here. Would be nice if something other than changing my password regularly existed to actually protect my account.
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  9. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Ban Waves   

    What about banning chat spammers too? On Edan atleast 3 guilds fill up chat windows with special text characters and symbols displaying the guild name or other various words in addition to spamming guild war declarations.
    I'm no stranger to fun with chat, but its excessive and chat ban reporting doesnt stop repeat offenders.
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  10. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Dali Elephant Mount   

    dunno... the op states duration 40 minutes under the cost. Not sure why a token would only last 40 minutes but then again the mount only lasting 40 minutes of use also doesn't make sense.
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  11. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Dali Elephant Mount   

    If it cost that much and only lasts 40 minutes then thats a huge let down.
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  12. Noyjitat added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Dobart exhange mission
    Had the gloves to +5 and unequipped in my inventory but dobart didn't have any options to exchange them. Dropped the mission and tried to pick up again but the black spirit won't offer the quest any longer. This was on my Valkyrie so I don't know if everything has run into this problem.
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  13. Noyjitat added a post in a topic HOLY MOLY, how much?   

    I wish I had disposable income rofl
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  14. Noyjitat added a post in a topic Daum: Request for more 'lore friendly/npc' clothing!   

    I want the cape she's wearing on it as well. It's only half as nice without also including the cape.
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  15. Noyjitat added a post in a topic T2 female horses cant breed?   

    So for anyone that was confused as hell as I was. Once you register your male for breeding. Select the female on the left side of the screen in the stable list; the place where you select a horse normally to check in or take out. It isn't clear that you're supposed to do this on any of the guides and the "my horse list" button doesn't even do anything.
     You'd think that is where all the breedable females would show up but they don't...
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