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  1. Glacial added a post in a topic How much?   

    Sound out the words, nice and slow...
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  2. Glacial added a topic in General   

    How much?
    How much do you think they'll make you pay to fix their mistake?
    $20? $50?
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  3. Glacial added a post in a topic Cash Kao maybe it's time to fix KUNO ??????   

    Question is...will it earn them more money by fixing it?
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  4. Glacial added a post in a topic Valencia is broken. Fix it. game getting stupid as is   

    Will the fix directly earn Kakao money? No? = No fix.
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  5. Glacial added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    You can run a business, you can earn profit and choose not to screw over your customers. Look at the millions of other successful businesses in the world. Your argument that "it's greed because it's business" is illogical. I'm not delusional, I understand that companies need to earn money...surprisingly I work for a company that requires money to run. However they used the argument of "We're introducing sellable cash-shop items so players who can't afford them could" well...they could've done it the way I said and still got the same results while making money from the P2W'ers who don't want to grind endlessly for their costume.
    I don't call the earning of money, the business, the game greedy...I call the business choices which brought us to this point greedy. 
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  6. Glacial added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    People still think the game is thriving so they keep reminding everyone every 5 seconds that the servers are always full while almost never being crowded, Kakao selling the game for $10 and introducing more P2W items like artisan memories. 
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  7. Glacial added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    Not many people are saying quit, just stop trying to fight the p2w as they wont listen to the players.
    Many games offer players in game ways of getting cash shop items without adding P2W elements. For example Revelation online allows you to turn ingame currency into cash shop currency. The way Kakao did it was for greed.
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  8. Glacial added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    I'm so loose.
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  9. Glacial added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    I really did quit lol, I'm playing revelation China. Black Desert isn't even installed. 
    BUT Because I bought the game for $100, because I enjoyed the game until it went P2W, because I would like it to not be P2W. 

    I AM ALLOWED TO COMMENT...see how that works?
    If you love the game so much, why don't you GTFO and go play it. Loser.
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  10. Glacial added a post in a topic P2w only been here 2 weeks   

    There is literally no point fighting this. Before the P2W was introduced, hundreds, if not thousands of people said in response to their "We want your feedback" said an absolute NO, however despite all the feedback they went ahead, they deleted anti-p2w threads and supportive threads were always visible. Many people including myself quit that day (I paid money for this game therefore I am allowed to read and comment on the forums, before anyone comments that) They are going to continue with the p2w despite any feedback, therefore I suggest you don't waste your breathe and have what little fun you can until something better comes along.
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  11. Glacial added a post in a topic Fix your servers   

    Why would they fix the servers? They want to have more money, not less...Silly.
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  12. Glacial added a post in a topic Wealth rank #1 on Uno is....Gold spammer   

    someone finally admits the game is dying, gg
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  13. Glacial added a post in a topic Poll: Consolidate p2w posts   

    Putting all P2W complaints in one thread would be sweeping the problem under the rug.
    No-one would read the post, only the most dedicated anti-p2w players and white knights. If people keep posting about something, there is a problem which needs to be addressed, Kakao wont do anything though.
    You're just adding to the 'problem' btw.
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  14. Glacial added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Again you ignore the main content and go for the examples. Stop trolling and go play non-p2w BDO.
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  15. Glacial added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    The game not giving any time for work is a flaw in the design, that doesn't justify spending more money to catch up.
    Besides people claim the game isn't p2w so there is no benefit to what is happening.
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