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  1. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Rich Merchant's Ring   

    Say 199 have the rings and all 0.5%.  
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  2. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Amethyst Hekaru Spike drop from Hekaru   

    Yes.But NA version will be Price 100 Million, Market Price 10 Million (NPC not AH) 
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  3. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats - Just show us AP, DP, Evasion and ACC on char sheet   

     meantime Trump ( LV 61 Giant Tweet ) (from other sources)

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  4. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    Im ok with it. eg I can take 1000 calpheon crates to/from Trent to Valencia City or Ratt Harbour. I can finally meet Kutum and Nova on time and convenience, Who needs T9 or T 10 horse. Market will be flooded with this useless horse. 
    Please think of the cons side for everybody sake before asking bobo question.
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  5. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Whats the best worker generated product to be selling direct to the market right now?   

    Playing Korea and Jp. I share this info. 
    Alchemy Stone can now be upgraded using Plywood, Ingots and Green Tier Crops on top of Sturdy and Blue Tier Crops. Demand is high for this raw materials. Good Luck. 
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  6. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Do you think they should set pearl sales a bit higher in the market place?   

    In Jp and Korea, the silver price of pearl items has double since latest patch. Not sure when it will be implemented. Blessing Kama is 24 Million Silver ++ . Good Luck
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  7. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Epheria Sail Boat   

    new chain quest will give more designs. But it is one per character. After the quest, only one per day.
    Add Shark Costume.
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  8. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Epheria Sail Boat   

     Elixir of Seal Birch Sap x1, Dwarf Mushroomx3,  (Wolf Blood/Flamingo Blood) x4, Purified Water x5 Breathe underwater for 1 minute
    Magic Crystal of Infinity - Submergence (Shoes) Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power x2, Essence of Destruction x2, Sapphire x5, Clown's Blood x3>Breath Gauge +15 sec
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  9. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Epheria Sail Boat   

    You can fish on top of anything as long it is floated and near water.
    No need. You can take ferry from Lema Island to Ratt Harbor while making Eph. Boat from Day one/ ( dont forget daily Epheria Ship Blueprint from Eph NPC, u can use alternate toon standby there)
    Heck, you can farm King Pearl Oysters in old world sea. ( clam will appeared once Marg. patch apply). You can farm seaweed,kelp, coral etc in old sea. ( lots of environment changes, prepare for big files ) . You can farm new seaweed(increased breath stat)  from Epheria harbor. No need fish costume. go naked and gather hoe.  (ideal for farm diving :  Silver Embroi Costume+3 with shark costume. Alternate, use any 2 slots gear, use breath crystals. this for extreme diving.
    No. Some near shore, u can go naked and get it. For those deep embedded, you need fast hand and long breath to get. Lobster can be found in King Pearls Oyster clam ( rng) and coral ( rng) . lot of divers will compete. 
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  10. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    I normally use Silver Embroidered Trade +3, 3 pets ( tier 4,3,2 with life %), pet with trade %., sute tea, bargains and Imperial Trade Delivery. and also premium life event 8% daily. Maximise as possible.
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  11. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    For trade level up, Buy Noble Wagon. Continuos Trading between Calpheon City and surroundings trade node. Keep changing Channels/ Master 2 to 8 in two days if full time trading. do few imperial trade delivery if possible. Sooner or later there be trade more than Master 10 at Kama update. Better now to upgrade for any pre requisite trade or quests then never. IMO< the nerf due to Koreans finding way to make much much more money. Part of test and improvised by developer. Me still think trading still profitable and to be improvised in future contents. Just need spend hours and find ways to earns. No doubt for life grinders should not be issue. For serious mobs grinders or pvp players, may not have times to level trades and enjoying afk. Possible sea war pvp, it will be worth investment.
    My guides is based on my experiences and answer some query. Still best to experience on your own beside, developer still updating contents. Not so bad.
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  12. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    Yes. It will appear magic word something like this in your version " Margoria Sea Node has been explored " , and press M, certain fog area will be removed.
    Im just like you all, only gather when free at night, i chop at this place. My advice, to avoid boring and constant chopping, go to Epheria or Calpheon as per below, near warehouse or use maids. Pack of trees. I think 10mins, tree, respawn. Or u may change channel. Off the sound and get good music. 
    It depend how geared your boat and from which location your journey start. Mostly DP to withstand attack from sea monsters while afk.( try not to move a bit or detour from attack, unless u have compass). Cant expect much from beginner navigation skill. expecting 30Min -1 hours plus. ( you may stop for afk fishing ) im still beginner 9. The highest so far in my server is Professional + . Enhanced Blue Accs boat gear will helps a lot ince you have sea monster knowledge and learn the sea monster movement with your limited cannon aiming.

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  13. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    You can judge for yourself the pricing, Velia, Tarif, Alti Nova. Next trade i try at Glish ( last pic). Strange indeed. 

    Default Price as reference. ( From Fammes BDO)

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  14. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    All monsters at Magoria Ocean will aggro if too close. ( 5 fishing boats range ). Sometimes pirates ship and monstersea are close. you may detour if u using fishing boat but doing so, you will lost at sea without compass. Most non aggro seamonster can be hunt at Ross or Jurr Sea. They wont aggro unless you shoot them first. Most materials can  be farm from two type of sea monsters which reside at ross/jurr sea. LOCATION IS FIX. Only Ghost Ship is random.
    It is possible to swim to Ratt Harbor, you still need Shark Costume incase your ship sank.  Gear Shark Costume when piloting the ship. Floating wont let you change costume nor accessing Cash Shop. You cant even drink elixir or food. Only Alchemy stone can. Seamonster and pirate will attack you ( floating) after your ship sank. They are very accurate if u swim straight. No monster attack at deep. you can change channel to reset stamina. or dive deep until lost breath and auto float, stamina reset. swim and see any floats or shipwreck. plenty random at sea. i can swim from magoria to ratt harbor and fish on my way.  ( use your " escape" wisely )
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  15. OmahaBeach added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    Ya at first it look nice to sell before margoria patch. Once you deep into it and the 800 standardized timbers is a bit too much to gather. Ofc if a hard working player is a full time gatherer then good for him. But for 200M, 500M will be better price for me.
    To complete the ship, I use all my workers from Velia, Heidel, Calpheon. day one, 43 workers in order to complete within 20days. less ( 15 days) if you start quest from Epheria to Katio for Epheria Ship Design blueprint.( use ferry service from Lema island to Ratt Harbor,or u can start Navigation skill by using Fishboat ( but u cant afk during travelling and take more than 1 hours or lost at sea. using "escape" wont bring you to mainland or nearest islands, you still at nearest sea node. warning. probly need to die , so make sure dont wear any gear) . ensure you have material in respective warehouse.
    Also in future they add Imperial Delivery Trade Manager at Ratt Harbor. Nope, no Imperial Fish Trade Manager. If that happen whole Trade mechanism will be changed. Best level up if still not yet Master Trade 2. Selling trade items within a 500 meter distance now gives you a reduced trade EXP. The price, however, remains the same
    Minimum trade item that can be purchased at Ratt Harbor is Trade Master Lv 1.  ( it still weight 150LT each )
    My Favorite new accessories from Margoria patch will be as per below, from BDdatabase, good for life gatherers or grinding pve. well if a player can reached that high enhancement. Theres others belt which can be searched. 

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