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  1. Eilios added a post in a topic Lets make this a pay to play game!   

    We're still recruiting and looking for dedicated PvP players through PvP or PvE to supplement the PvP. 
    Wanna cause some havok? We've been having decently large wars most nights lately. Check out our site and hop on our teamspeak (info on the site in the about section). 
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  2. Eilios added a post in a topic another gillie wearer   

    Hold up I thought he was a credit card warrior. Now he's unemployed and can't pay his credit card?
    I'm sure that $30 is killing him. 
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  3. Eilios added a post in a topic Guild /NewPlayer   

    Check out my guild Knights Templar. While we don't know everything we have a pretty good grasp on the game at this point. We plan sieges, and are a growing guild but have a pretty large alliance to back this up as well. 
    We do require 18+ and teamspeak. Get more info at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  4. Eilios added a post in a topic Looking for Guild on Orwen   

    My guild Knights Templars teamspeak is just about that; We poke fun with each other and usually joke most of the time, but still take our goals seriously for PvP. A core of friends that has expand from randoms and friends of friends to make a pretty unqie guild. 
    We do require 18+ and teamspeak activity. For more specific info check out our site http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  5. Eilios added a post in a topic [Orwen] Group of four 40+ players looking for medium/large PvX Guild   

    Check out Knights Templar! We require 18+ and active Teamspeak. 
    We're in the 60s for member count and pushing to grow past that still. 
    We have a laid back, joke around teamspeak but take our PvP goals seriously. For more specific information check out our site at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com 
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  6. Eilios added a post in a topic [Edan or Orwen] Looking for Guild   

    "...being sarcastic,making double-sided jokes and innuendos (younger crowd sometimes miss the point), and have a sense of humor."
    Thats pretty much the daily dose of our teamspeak on Knights Templar. Hit me up or get more info at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
    We are on orwen and require 18+ and teamspeak. 
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  7. Eilios added a post in a topic [Orwen] Two players looking for a nice fit into a guild.   

    Hi there! 
    Check out my guilds Knights Templar. We're pretty laid back but still keep serious goals in PvP. Teamspeak and 18+ is required though. 
    Check out our site for more detailed information at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  8. Eilios added a post in a topic Making Guilds Great Again!! - Orwen   

    Bump it. 
    We're still open recruiting for any class/level for now, but if you're a berserker we want you! Our open level recruiting won't last forever either. 
    Growing stronger daily and have an active teamspeak with jokes galore!
    Also, if it's your thing and you're a smaller guild looking for more action hit us up for a talk on merging or joining an alliance (or large guilds). We're a part of a pretty decent sized, growing alliance as well. 
    Check out our site for detailed info!
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  9. Eilios added a post in a topic New Player looking for guild   

    Check out Knights Templar!
    We're all 18+ and teamspeak is required. Pretty laid back but take progression and PvP seriously. Still have a couple strong PvE focused members willing to help the others through PvE means too if that's your thing. 
    We're also a part of a quite large alliance as well, but hold our own ground most of the time. 
    Get more info at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  10. Eilios added a post in a topic How about an Old timers home?   

    If you're still looking and on Orwen check out Knights Templar. We have some in that age range, at least a few 60+, but range from 18-60+. 
    We like to joke around in teamspeak a lot and it is required to use teamspeak. We do however take our guild goals quite seriously. 
    Get more specific info on our site at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  11. Eilios added a post in a topic Looking for dedicated guild   

    If you're on Orwen check out Knights Templar. 
    We joke around a lot but take our goals seriously. Age 18+ and teamspeak usage is required. 
    Check out more info at our site http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  12. Eilios added a post in a topic 51 Warrior LFG - Orwen   

    Check out Knights Templar!
    We have casual and semi-hardcore players. We focus PvP and plan sieges and have already done a small chunk of GvG and will continue to do so. We're growing at a good rate but are also a part of a pretty large alliance at this point too. 
    Most of our teamspeak time is joking around, but we do take our goals seriously. We require teamspeak and age 18+(range from 18-50 I believe). 
    Check out our site for more detailed info, and to join in our teamspeak and talk if you'd like (teamspeak info is on the site in the About page). 
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  13. Eilios added a post in a topic Making Guilds Great Again!! - Orwen   

    Enjoying some GvG and prepping/recruiting for upcoming sieges. Hit us up in game, on our site, pop in our ts, or message here!
    Best group of gamers I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. 
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  14. Eilios added a post in a topic Looking for an active, Newb/casual friendly guild.   

    If you're still looking check out Knights Templar!
    We're a mix of semi-hardcore and casual with larger end game focus on PvP still. We still keep in mind we're all here to have fun though. Also I'm a father to 3 with my oldest at 4 yrs so that may give you an idea on my understandings with real life, and I'm the leader. 
    Check out our site at http://www.knightstemplarguild.com
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  15. Eilios added a post in a topic Group of 4 Looking for guild/home   

    Check out Knights Templar! 
    Growing at a pretty fast rate and planning sieges or nodes end game when they're here. 

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