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  1. Qexel added a post in a topic Egg hunting tips I NEED these easter eggs   

    Anyone know where to find Raindrop or Star patterned Eggs in the wild?
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  2. Qexel added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   

    [Orwen; Touch]

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  3. Qexel added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


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  4. Qexel added a post in a topic What foods or costumes or equipment for fishing?   

    Yep, at certain levels within your Skill/Profession, you'll eventually get faster and better fish.
    Different ways to increase rarity/speed;
    1. Food
    2. Clothing/Uniform
    3. Fishing Rods
    4. (Eventually) The Penguin Pet!
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  5. Qexel added a post in a topic A New CM has arrived   

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  6. Qexel added a post in a topic Black Desert is basically Runescape v10.0   

    God I love this game.
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  7. Qexel added a topic in General   

    Smooooottthhhhh. Guess I'm waiting 'til March 3rd?

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  8. Qexel added a topic in General   

    Another bug/glitch

    The bug's the Black spirit questline. I'm supposed to have completed the chapter at level 20 but its stuck there.
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  9. Qexel added a post in a topic The new CM says hello   

    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada!
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  10. Qexel added a post in a topic If you could change one thing....   

    Don't think many people are going to understand that. 
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  11. Qexel added a post in a topic Take a pic of your final view   

    I like Black Desert Online.
    Think everyone can relate to the first picture at least.

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  12. Qexel added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    After 4 yellow fish, Beginner level, and hundreds of fish...

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  13. Qexel added a topic in General   

    Thank you!
    I'd like to thank the devs and the support from the servers!
    Often times, the servers are usually WAYYYYY overcrowded and crash with the influx of players surging into the server but not thisss oneee! 
    Once again, the devs have done a job of helping the new players with the (short but still valid) Imps issue!
    and to top it all off, I'd like to thank the devs for a massive clusterfuck amount of dyes!
    (If anyone can give me a costume so that I can dye it, that'd be great

    I really like the graphics and how gorgeous the game literally is. (For those that don't know how to remove UI for future screenshorts; Ctrl + U)

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  14. Qexel added a post in a topic CBT1 Patch Notes   

    Thanks Jouska!
    Someone's gotta show the appreciation for what they do.
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  15. Qexel added a post in a topic Countdowns!   

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  16. Qexel added a post in a topic CBT characters being max level/You select level?   

    I don't get why people are so adamant against it.
    Why can't there be an option that asks the player;
    "What level would you like to be?" and then you type in whatever level you want and you can test the skills and experiment if there are any obvious bugs/broken skills that should be tweaked.
    Everyone has tunnel-visioned that "CBT isn't meant for whatever class you want".
    Its obvious, its meant to bug test. But what's the point of testing bugs if we can't get to the stages where a majority of the skills will be used by later players?
    A lot of people are in the fallacy of "OMG MAX CHARACTER. NOPE NOPE NOPE"
    Please really re-consider this decision.
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  17. Qexel added a post in a topic Valencia Update Part II   

    Jesus lord, BDO is going to be the new MMORPG that stomps every other MMO out of the way.
    Keep it up with the updates DAUM & Pearl Abyss!
    (If you could give us an update on the cash shop that'd be great)
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  18. Qexel added a post in a topic DAUM IS SWIPIN YO MONEY   

    OH. Jesus I completely misinterpreted that. 
    Thanks for everyone that helped re-clarify!
    Nice job on putting down others! You're an unbelievable role model!
    Why isn't there a "Frequently Asked Questions" Sticky on the frontpage of the General discussion for minor questions like these and other issues?
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  19. Qexel added a topic in General   

    So. I understand that the developers are making an awesome addition in the pre-order packages and giving us the option of pre-ordering or not but I just want a re-clarification with the community as a whole.
    ALL of the Limited content, WHICH IS ONLY AVAILABLE in CBT 1 & 2 will be deleted when the game fully releases?
    We lose characters lots, name reservations, Founder costumes & weapon skins?
    This made me completely re-think my purchasing... Can I have some community opinions on whether this is true or not? 

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  20. Qexel added a post in a topic PvE Hopes & Dreams   

    I genuinely hope something like from this anime happens for BDO:
    100 floors and boss(es) that requires parties to go in altogether and with difficulty increasing exponentially over every level.
    Of course mobs could be soloable but would require an intense mind and skill set that those whom are capable would earn titles or badges.
    I would hope for this to be implemented but hey, who knows?
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