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Posts posted by gieljo

  1. Tamer bugs make it close to unplayable atm, which is why most tamers are rerolling/quitting. Meanwhile this ninja/kuno bug doesn't even happen once a day for most players and almost never has an impact. In fact i don't see how this could make anyone reroll or quit.

    Doesn't matter how you look at it and what class you play, you can clearly tell tamer bugs are a bigger problem and devs should be focusing on those before any other classes bugs.

    There is no one rerolling or quitting because kunoichi has almost no players

  2. Fix Stealth And fix Kunoichi jees


    It has been 2 months since we got our last message. Give us some info for once.


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  3. Hey guys. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I've gone ahead and passed it on to the rest of the team for further investigation. :) 

    Do you finally have some info about this? 

  4. No. People are just unskilled with the ninja/kuno class in general.Kuno and Ninja are global counters, but require the most skill out of any of the any classes.

    Most people simply don't want to learn what they need to to be gods.
    Most people simply don't want to put the work in to be gods.
    At the end of the day, any class can do it, it's the driver that makes the mitsakes.

    Ofc if most kuno's/ninja's have switched.

    Must be that literally every ninja/kuno must be bad.

  5. I got banned for Ebolatan.

    Meanwhile people like







    And even guilds with



    Are still alive



  6. Tell me first why you want so many classes to be nerfed. xD

    Which classes did i want nerfed? I remember it only being 2 classes


    The only thing i've complained about is Kunoichi being underpowered as hell and the company doing nothing about it




    But meh lets just keep this version of Kuno because people don't want more competition amirite ¬¬



  7. What he means is: Add every char to that except mine. :ph34r:

    I thinked with what i added to the list it's all classes 

  8. most toxic class? valk, tamer, ninja, kuni. all i heard from them is moan after moan about how they suck at their class.

    Add ranger, witch, wizard, warrior, sorc, musa, maewha to that

  9. Wasn't it the exact way around?

    If you're someone without a single brain cell jeah Kunoichi would kill you.


    But I gotta say Iframe on a 50m telepoort is fun when you're a kunoichi without alot of mobility.

    The pets of Wiz/witch can literally block our mobility and Stealth.

    +25% Accuracy on their abilities which makes Evasion builds useless.

    A ranged Knockdown which is hard to dodge due to 0,1 sec iframe + Desync.

    No wonder so many people are rerolling to Wizards/Witches.

    Kakao can see the money rolling in.


    @CM_Serenity please fix this shit.

  10. if u think wizard/witch are op test them yourself, goodluck in pvp against the super fast classes, that are faster behind you, then u look.

    Ranger/Musa/Maewha/Ninja/Kunochi kills witch/wizz easy

    Zerker grab u to dead and charging at u like a steam machine, when u used teleport.

    Warior block every spell, and boom u with the 100%.

    in 1vs1 witch/wiz are not good!

    In addition many people forget in the time wiz/witch make one animation of an skill, ranger/musa already cleared the camp...


    witch/wiz are only godtier gvg, mid tier pve and low tier 1vs1

    Wiz/Witch are straight counters to Kunoichi's so what you're saying is false

  11.  Rangers and ninjas/kunos, they always insult if they kill u, and they always grief your spot. 

    Spot taken :smirk:

  12. @CM_Serenity @GM_Dew

    It has been almost 1 month since you've passed it on to the team for further investigation.

    Are we going to get some more information about this?

    Kunoichi almost hasn't been touched since she got released with exception of 1 nerf where we did not even get the nerf in the patch notes.

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