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  1. Tamsin added a post in a topic "Cannot apply item result to memory"   

    The Guide to Crossing the Desert can not be completed either because the rewards are:
    Contribution exp, a shovel and either star anise tea or purified water.

    For the duration of the bug I'd like to request the shovel be taken out as a (potential) quest reward from all story quests as it keeps people from obtaining their quest rewards and furthering the storyline.
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  2. Tamsin added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 4th   

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  3. Tamsin added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


    free costumes yay
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  4. Tamsin added a post in a topic Horses for Sale/Wanted   


    Looking for a T6 horse.
    I'm fine with a level 1, color and skills not important so I can level it myself.
    Atm my budget is 11M~ish but I suppose I could grind more

    PM me if you are looking to sell. Thanks!
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  5. Tamsin added a post in a topic Vote for Ninja/Kunoichi   

    Would be happy if they released nin/kuno around May as well.
    I don't mind having an UP/unbalanced class as long as I can play it.
    Being underpowered is only bad for the people who wish to play the class and not detrimental to all the other classes like having a new class being overpowered.
    Personally very fine with being weaker until the eventual rebalancing patch occurs as it allows me to at least play the class I wish to play and prepare with SP, gear, breath, etc.

    Please Daum, if you have any power whatsoever in this decision, please, release them in May.

    PS. can't vote for some reason in the poll?
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  6. Tamsin added a post in a topic Need Advice   

    From 37 to 42 I grinded North of Florin on masked owls. There's nobody else, the packs are so large your aoe can't even hit all of them at once and they drop rings, belts, necklaces and sporadically weapon stones. (Kali's/Yuria/bares weapons)
    They also drop 1-2 feathers a mob which are worth 42.5k/100.
    IMO caphras cave and refugee camp suck balls (mostly mob density being low and too many people or caphras mobs doing that lame transformation before taking damage) 
    Bree tree ruins is slightly better because of the massive droprate for armor stones. But without a good LT youll be lugging stones around... Also stone mobs have lots of health.
    Before 37 I quested in the entire northern calpeon area and started grinding Bree ruins from 35 to 37 then went mask owls.
    After 42 I'll likely go saur camps or hit petrified miners for a bit. If lucky I might killsteal Chimaeras or stuff though the junk golems are awesome too.
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  7. Tamsin added a post in a topic Shield size   

    Size doesn't matter, it's how you use them
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  8. Tamsin added a post in a topic Witch Skin doesn't match her face?   

    My fix is using the full face mask tattoo in black and then setting the first slider low until her face matches the rest of her body.
    By doing it like this is just applies a darker layer on top that doesn't shine or look like the original tattoo and you can still add freckles or other blush options without making your character look like triehard tumblerinas.
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  9. Tamsin added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

  10. Tamsin added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   


    Newest tryout. Kinda wish the valk hair with the twin braids was available for witches.

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  11. Tamsin added a post in a topic Character Creation Service (no more requests atm pls)   

    The right one looks better to me. Both are good matches though
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  12. Tamsin added a post in a topic Character Creation Service (no more requests atm pls)   

    Heya, trying to make Gemma Arterton (on a witch of all classes...) maybe you have better luck? 
    This is what I threw together so far...

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  13. Tamsin added a post in a topic Will wizards be able to do mounted combat at launch   

    Wasn't that stirrups?
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  14. Tamsin added a post in a topic Does Ranger vs Ranger even need skill?   

    Looks like weaving to me, he's almost artfully utilizing dodges and evades and staying out of his enemies max range before dipping in and destroying him. (note the arrows flying under him several times just after he dodged)
    Meanwhile he tries to stay within his glowy tree buff things area, it may not look like he's hiding behind trees and setting up traps or luring others but it's a one v one, not a one v guild video. 

    This is what pvp should be like, when build and gear are equal the person who sucks least or gets the drop on the other should win. 
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  15. Tamsin added a post in a topic Character Creation Service (no more requests atm pls)   

    Could I bother you for the customisation file for this one? (or don't you share em?)

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