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  1. Hedgehuug added a post in a topic can someone tell me a good rotation   

    wow thanks so much, that is a lot of new information, I'm grateful 
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  2. Hedgehuug added a post in a topic can someone tell me a good rotation   

    I know this is a few days old, but what do you mean by the block cancel? I'm playing a sorc myself and am wondering about the best way to fight
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  3. Hedgehuug added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    Three hours my *ss 16:50-20:00, aha! sure, it's 20:32 now... still says the exact same thing.. -20:00
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  4. Hedgehuug added a topic in PVE   

    Kzarka forgot to drop loot?
    So I was just peacefully grinding manes when I saw the Kzarka notification, so I quickly rushed over there, died twice, lost a few crystals, but I didn't care, I just wanted the loot. However, once it was finally defeated, we all left disappointed as Kzarka dropped ABSOLUTELY nothing, not a single piece of silver for anyone, so we all started crying to our channel about why this could be, noone had any idea, as far as I'm aware, Kzarka always drops loot to the top40 damage dealers, so there is no reason for everyone not to get loot. I'm aware that maybe I should submit a ticket to customer support about this, however, I've done that with a previous problem about 1.5 months ago, no answer. I thought that if I could get people with the same issue to stand beside me, the developers will notice this post? Hopefully this hasn't happened to anyone else, but if it did, please say something(you can also tell us what you lost while fighting him).
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  5. Hedgehuug added a post in a topic How does worldboss loot work? Daum please`?   

    If you ask me, I think that the lower dps bracket is just based on amount of times hit or amount of times that the player attempted to hit, but missed because of the lvl difference
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  6. Hedgehuug added a post in a topic Guild History Not Working?   

    I have the same issue, would also love an answer
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  7. Hedgehuug added a topic in European Guild   

    [Croxus] <Fire> | PVE | Lvl20+ | ~30 members |Casual guild|
    Hey everyone, we're a guild by the name of 'Fire'. We interact with our guild members whenever we can, and party up together for various activities. Currently we are a PVE guild with the aim to become a PVX guild (Both PVE and PVP). 
    When it comes to members, we have about 20 so far, and are on the lookout for more. You're welcome as long as you're fine with PVX and are active with a level 20 or above character.
    If you're interested, come ask for an invite - don't be shy 😉 (Don't worry we aren't assholes)
    People you can ask for an invite are as follows:
    (Balenos C2)
    Hedge (Guild-Master)
    Rin_Takagi (Officer)
    Sensus (Officer) 
    You can of course post your IGN in the comments for us to contact you, if non of us are online.
    Hope to see you soon 😃
    Yours sincerely, Javlanofitta
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  8. Hedgehuug added a topic in Tamer   

    Problem with the website?
    I know this might be a stupid thing to ask, but why is the tamer class not in the classes section of blackdesertonline.com?
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  9. Hedgehuug added a topic in General   

    How long is this game
    So, I was just wondering about how much game time I'm getting for the 50 euros i bought the game for.
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