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  1. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Bought wrong item from cash shop   

    You have to put in a support ticket for it, log into the main site and there should be a support link that shows up next to account in the top right hand corner.
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  2. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Should Daum punish violaters more severely?   

    The issue is the responses to any of these bans are getting met with disregard from the GMS. Usually its just a cookie cutter response restating the reason for the ban but its impossible to get the information required to fight a ban. Its just a he said she said every time, we can't see a screenshot even if its cropped and censored to protect the accuser. Like I said when an infraction has happened we've been willing to accept it but its not just happening to the guilty and there has been zero ability to reason with a GM to attempt to resolve these kinds of issues. It definitely doesn't help when the ban comes down 3 weeks later. It would be nice to have an actual policy in place or any kind of sense that there is at least a burden of proof because at this point it seems like you can just put a name in a ticket and at some point a temporary ban will be handed down. More specific details on the ban would be nice as well, we've been able to get very vague details but in the case of bans for things said in chat GMs should be able to provide the exact chat lines that are in violation of the ToS.
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  3. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Should Daum punish violaters more severely?   

    To this point our biggest concern is the inconsistency with whom is banned. We have had a member banned for something that occurred 3 weeks ago. No one is denying it happened and we don't have an issue with people getting banned for it. Our bigger issue is that there were never any warnings and they refuse to provide us with the evidence used to make the decision. We now find ourselves in a situation where we have members whom we know were not involved (as in AFK at that time) that are banned and several members whom readily admit their involvement that have had no penalties whatsoever.
    It appears that simply putting a name on a ticket is enough and that no actual evidence is required which is really unfortunate. There needs to be more accountability of the GMs handing down these decisions, they need to have a burden of proof provided with any ban handed down.
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  4. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Kzarka vs Liverto - need clarification   

    Acover came the closest to the main point. As a Valkyrie the majority of our skills already have a base crit rate of 80% so the value of the crit provided by the liverto is significantly diminished for our class. On the other hand the Cast Speed provided by the Kzarka weapon basically frees up a crystal slot. This crystal slot is in the helmet which means we can help fill out things like knockdown resistance, hp or evasion. Although that might not seem like a lot all these little things stack up. The fact is that at worst they have the same damage and this extra crystal slot still makes the Kzarka a better weapon.
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  5. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Guild Alliances - Pacts   

    Other than my individual opinions I believe there are a number of game mechanics that would have to be completely reworked for this to be implemented which unfortunately means there is likely no chance of seeing it. The biggest of these issues is with the node and territory siege system and how camps work. Its actually quite a realistic system as itis where you can't avoid friendly fire from non-guilded members and you effectively have to be the last camp standing. If you were to prevent allied guilds from attacking each other then how would you ever find a winner and how would that work for guilds allied with the defenders. This is very well written up and thought out but unfortunately I don't think it fits the concept for how PvP and politics in this game are being developed. As someone whom has been involved in large scale PvP where there were official alliances I prefer the system remain as it is or we risk having one or two power alliances and a whole bunch of people who can't even participate.
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  6. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Why would I max Heaven's Echo ?   

    Elion's is horrible because of the short 6 sec duration and 2.5 minute cool down. You can literally have 100% up time on Heaven's Echo with no effort. Elion's isn't worth the 30 skill points unless you have literally everything else possible, I would level up Vow of Trust first.
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  7. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Why would I max Heaven's Echo ?   

    First of all 20 DP may not seem like a lot but for most Valkyries its going to be about a 10% increase which is a lot at end game and its even more significant prior to that point. The 12% accuracy in large scale PvP is the same, it may only be a couple of points but it can be the difference in a group confrontation especially if you are out geared by a bit and this one buff can negate that difference. Generally speaking the first rank is enough until you reach some where around 800 skill points but it is very useful when sieges come around and organized large scale pvp is happening frequently.
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  8. Zumbaro added a post in a topic finding Shanjo (node manager balenos sea)   

    He can't be accessed at this time, his location is shown on the map here...http://bddatabase.net/us/npc/50578/
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  9. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Secret vendor on NA? Cant find him.   

    In all our attempts to interact with the NPCs it appears he is in the game but that the actual shop offerings of the NPC do not appear to be activated at this time. If anyone has confirmed that the mysterious merchant is actually offering full functionality we would love to know.
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  10. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Axion or Vangertz in Combination with Taritas   

    How sure of this are you because I've seen a couple notifications for boss gear drops already? They are incredibly more rare than they will be when guild boss scrolls become readily available but I do believe at least some of the boss armor is in the game.
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  11. Zumbaro added a post in a topic neckless of the good deeds or kalis neckless?   

    If you pulled one use it w/ a kalis belt until you get a yuria +15 and a vangertz shield to enhanced to +10 or higher then you can look to switch to a tree spirit belt.
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  12. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Axion or Vangertz in Combination with Taritas   

    You will get plenty of responses stating the Axion is better because it scales its AP with enhancement, ignore them because you need the accuracy on the Vangertz.
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  13. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Yuria LS vs. Ultimate Basteer   

    You aren't going to have the cash for a Liverto unless you have been farming a long time late game and a +7 basteer isn't going to be adequate for that.  A +15 yuria will run most people 30-50m while a +15 Liverto will have a cost closer to 300m.
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  14. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Upgrading Armor Rarity   

    This may be something that was added layer in KR or was removed from NA.
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  15. Zumbaro added a post in a topic Yuria LS vs. Ultimate Basteer   

    The quest chain should be a series called something like 'Sharpening a Weapon' it has you do consecutive quests to kill different monsters around the map. In addition to equipping one of these weapons you also have to be something like level 48+
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