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  1. Teacow added a post in a topic Two Factor Authentication   

    Dude why. I posted this like a month and a half ago. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Also ok, that makes sense. You should be more careful with how you put things like that though, as:
    1.required by law or rules; compulsory:
     If you mean to say as an option, then by definition the word you use does not fit.  (this wasnt meant to sound condescending but it kind of does, sorry, that's not my intent)
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  2. Teacow added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    You treat PKing like it's the end of the world. Everyone in this thread does.
    It doesn't do anything overall except hurt your feelings. Which apparently is a big deal and you can't learn to suck it up when absolutely no harm overall is done to you.
    There's no gear loss or anything. At most, you lose 30 seconds of time respawning and walking back, or get knocked off of your horse afk, which you can just train in town. 
    Even worse is the mentality you have towards those who have PKed you. If they do it over and over and are harassing you, get screenshots and report it. But that's not PK, that's harassment. 
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  3. Teacow added a post in a topic Expand Pearl Inventory (IMPORTANT)   

    They should because it's losing them money from people like this who clearly want to buy more. Loses money, and business.  It should matter to the company, and it's not a player's fault for wanting to support the game by buying the things they like. Get over yourself.
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  4. Teacow added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Yeah, I only heard about it. But, what KR gets we're very likely to also get.
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  5. Teacow added a post in a topic Naming policy   

    Honestly, the content of the name itself ie "misogynistic" etc doesn't bother me, but the fact that they are clearly violating the rules does. 
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  6. Teacow added a post in a topic Undeccable Guilds   

    I think you should at least explain why... It's literally in the suggestion guidelines....
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  7. Teacow added a post in a topic Why are our dev's so masochistic   

    Well, yeah, I'm aware that there isn't a true RNG, I just really think the mechanic itself needs to be tweaked and fixed, because it's proven to be ridiculously bad and in some cases a hard stop for a lot of players.
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  8. Teacow added a post in a topic Maybe start fixing P2W?.. Please..   

    weight and inv can be gotten from loyalties?? Multiple events have given pets, and I've never, ever needed a maid. Costumes do give buffs but they're not really necessary, in some cases if you just join a guild with perks you don't really need the costume. What, amity +10% or exp+10%?? Is that why it's necessary?? because if that's the case, I just plainly disagree. 
    To clarify, I HATE the fact that COSTUMES give any buff. But calling it P2W is a little extreme... Aside from that darned horse riding costume >:^|||
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  9. Teacow added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    Thing is, if you wanted to do life skills, etc. There would be no need to go over level cap. People assume that because you say "PvE" it automatically means life skilling, which while I'm sure is the case for some people, it's not always the case.
    I never took it personally. I think that's the problem here. If it does fall under harassment, you can and should report it. Get evidence and build a case. Otherwise, get over it. it's a very minor inconvenience.
    but didn't they buff the mobs in KR??
    But yeah, I never saw the big deal about letting PvE and PvP be together, unless it's harassment which is reportable and bannable. Yeah, it sucks to be PKed every once in a while. But honestly, if you let something small like that that doesn't dock you or punish you in any way ruin your game experience, imo you should just toughen up a bit. Sounds harsh, but it really is what I think.
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  10. Teacow added a post in a topic Ghillies hiding need to dissapear   

    I think alot of the players who bought the ghillie did so for the hide option, and would be outraged if you essentially took out a mechanic that they paid for. There would be a huge outlash. Although I agere with you, I don't think it's very fair to change something that alot of people have paid for without proper compensation, and possibly refunds. And that's gonna lose the company a lot of money.
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  11. Teacow added a post in a topic Why are our dev's so masochistic   

    RNG is savage, and the gear differences can definitely lead to a different outcome. If they just tweaked the RNG a little, or even just reworked the system a bit, it'd help a lot, especially for the players who do actively level gear. I gave up a long time ago because I saw how bad it was and didn't want to waste my time on something I hated doing.
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  12. Teacow added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    See, this is what I've never understood. in order to make that work, you'd have to out-grind them. To out-grind them, you need better gear than them. But if that's the case, then you would be able to kill them easily anyways?? Making the PvE channels not even really matter.
      I feel like in the case of grind spots, pvp was meant to cut down on that time wasted before realising you're outclassed, or simply make you realise that you're out skilled.  That, or to take matters into your own hands when some guy hangs around anyways trying to slow you down. In either case, the person who is better geared wins. A PvE server wouldn't change that at ALL?
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  13. Teacow added a post in a topic MALE & FEMALE Hairstyles - including SKETCHES - UPDATE   

    Trying to think of what else to add to this...  I know in some games that aren't mmos, there are actually certain pieces of hair themselves that you can customise from, ie choosing bangs, back of hair, sides, and ponytails, but that would probably be an entire re-haul of current hair. I'd love to see it, just to allow for many different combos, therefore making more diverse characters, but I think it'd probably be far too much work.
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  14. Teacow added a post in a topic LGBTQ Perspective (Male Character Models AND Genderlock)   

    Why should it matter if you're LBGQT?? That doesn't add to your argument whatsoever. You could've taken it out and had the argument be EXACTLY the same. It was unnecessary.
    I've said it before, I'll say it once more: Kakao just needs to make actual counterparts to Ranger, Sorc, and Tamer. That, and don't age/ height lock. Make sliders actually show differences. Let me be a C cup ranger instead of having huge boobs and being locked into a certain body type.
    See what I mean? Doesn't change anything at all.
    Or everyone who wants to play a male character and is locked into those restrictions?
    You said in a farther post you were specifying " which community of their fans this feedback is coming from", but I just plainly disagree. Wouldn't you just be on the side for more customisation for a more enticing and enrapturing gameplay? Wouldn't that be like me saying, "I'm straight but I want more customisation for males". Being straight, gay, or anything else has nothing to do with it. It doesn't help your case, nor does it add to the conversation in any way. It's just interjecting your sexuality into something that has very little to do with it.
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  15. Teacow added a post in a topic Dedicated PVE Channel   

    No, that's clearly an insult. You are calling him stupid. That's not a fact. That's an opinion. What the hell? Did you never learn that in school?
    Like, putting aside the argument, look at this line. Can you honestly ever say "stupid = fact", aside from an actual mental problem??
    Also, that's not necessarily true. Look at all the people who are giving legitimate arguments that don't even stem from that. You're writing everyone off as thinking one thing when this thread could even have PvPers making good points.
    So, instead of teaching them how to deal with it and laugh it off or not take it so hard when it does happen, you take it out entirely, when it is avoidable?? 
    That just seems like you're teaching a bad life lesson. Rather then teach a man how to fish, you're feeding him a buffet over and over. He'll become useless and unable to find food himself. It'll become dependence. 
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