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  1. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    Finally a word from you guys... good to see that you are not trying to cover this exploit anymore removing threads on the forums denounciating all of it.... yeah you did, you know what I mean.
    I hope the sanctions taken to the players who exploited/abused this will be PermaBan. There is no other sanction possible, those people gathered Billions of silver and gained a SERIOUS advantage over fair players grinding to gear up. If you don't perma-ban them, expect a(nother) massive drop in your player base.

     I have some friends i-g who I know exploited this... I am sorry but I don't care these guys cannot run unpunished. 
    My 2cts,

    PS: don't act too late, A LOT of these people are selling their account right now because they know the ban-hammer will strike for them. Strike first!
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  2. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic BDO is by far the most P2W game out there   

    BDO definitely NOT P2W, u should try Tera or AA before saying this is the most P2W game outthere, u obviously have no idea. See ya
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  3. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Black Spirit Adventures   

    Keep it real! Believe in ur Black Spirit and he shall believe in you
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  4. ChickAndWin added a topic in General   

    Black Spirit Adventures
    Dear all,
    Anyone else really enjoying the Black Spirit Adventures daily rolls? 
    Usually, I come on forums to comment or react about stuff i don't like, but why shouldn't we post for something we like

    The rewards are nice and I just love to see my black spirit evolving after completed runs. I am just sad it stops after round 4, I would have loved to see him getting even more badass!
    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes Thank you !
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  5. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Don't release a giant area with no incentive to go there   

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  6. ChickAndWin added a topic in General   

    Any luck with hards/sharps since maintenance?
    Just to know if you guys had any luck when gatering for hard/sharp shards. I've been gathering wiht my main and rerolls and I did not get as many shards as before maintenance... event is supposed to be still ongoing... maybe it's just badluck you never really know with BDO #RNG

    Thank and see you around
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  7. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance September 7th   

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  8. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Should i listen to the internet?   

    Most fo this game PvP is about GvG eitha for regular Guild wars, Node Wars or Territory control.

    Then, you may have to fight for your grinding spot  Open pvp is nice!
    Best gear comes from killing Field & World Bosses
    Grinding is for EXP/ Skill EXP and money/rare loot such as MarkofShadow/WitchEarring/Crescent Ring/Ogre Ring/etc. (but regular Trading and Imperial Delivery is a very good way to make easy money).

    Quests if to raise your max. Contribution Points, which you need to connect nodes (to establish trade routes for example or invest in a node where you want to spend energy in... the higher the node lvl the higher your chances to get rare items while grinding).
    Finally, getting knowledges from mobs and npc allows you to raise your max energy points (after completing knowledge circles). Energy allows you to gather more/longer and as you get more energy you can invest energy in nodes faster and get rare items faster from Night Vendor.

    Finally, the higher your knowledge on a Boss/Mob (S>A+>A>B>C) the higher your chances to get better loots!
    Hope that helps you out
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  9. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic BDO Anime   

  10. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Should i listen to the internet?   

    At lot of people trash talk about BDO, like for others MMOs, because people... just like whining.

    At some point, most of s were afraid fo P2W but it turned out that the recent changes brought to the cash shop items made available at AH definitely don't make BDO P2W. The limitations set up (5item / week max.) and low exchange rate irl money - IG gold prevents from people spending heavy irl money to gain a real advantage IG over people who don't. Actually, the exchange rate is so low (and it's a good thing since it keeps whales away) that's not even worth it buying cash shop items and put them to AH to get Gold. Actually, the costumes, pets and value packs are such a good deal that i have snipped a lot for myself. 

    Now obviously, whatever the game u pick, u will always find someple that plays more than you... someone that plays better than you.... someone richer than you (and poorer! just like in real life you know).

    People complain about Grinding being the only way up to get money but this pleb definitely don't know a thing about BDO. You cna make so much profit from regular Trading (calpheon wood crates for ex.). And I don't even mention the Imperial Deliveries. Add a little grinding (which u need anyway for exp AND SP exp - thing you want rly bad since Awakening weapons are close for all classes and you need Skill Points to unlock those badass skills).

    To sum up : BDO is a good game, pvp is one of the best I have experienced so far and I have tried a few games (L2, Wow, Aion, Tera, RIFT, SWTOR, GW, GW2). Yes gear has an impact but it also gives u a purpose: get stronger. You will definitely get rekt from time to time but just know... your time to rekt will come

    BDO is not perfect but nothing is. The latest patch is one of the best we have so far, many events AND Awakenings are close! It's a good time to join  With the exp events on, you will get 57+ in no time.
    The MMO market atm is so trash that people had HUGE expectations for BDO.Maybe that's part fo the reason why so many people trash talk on internet Imo BDO met my expectations... but i play it from KR launch so I knew what I was going to play.

    Hope to see you IG.

    Have fun!

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  11. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic R.I.P motivation   

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  12. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic R.I.P motivation   

    RNG? Please stop crying about RNG in BDO, there is much more RNG in Pokemon Go (for example) than in BDO.
    You had bad luck, "sh!t happens"... now if you do not enjoy your time playing then you should definitely stop.

    About the so-said "P2W", there is no P2W in BDO yet... the irl money - IG gold exchange rate is so low (and that's a good thing since it prevents from people gainign a serious advantage over others by selling many cash shop items to the AH) that all people selling cash shop to the AH to get gold are eitha a bit silly or rich af.... Whatever game you play just know there will always be someone stronger (and weaker) than you... you will also always find someone richer (and poorer) than you in real life. The cash shop items made available at AH allows Kakao to make more profit from the game (which is their main goal as a company, it's worth reminding it) but the limitations put in place definitely prevent any serious P2W like in AA (for example).

    Also... it's good that OP kept a track of the money he spent enchantign etc... but come on, you are playing a game, what about... just enjoying? You can't find any pattern from getrand() function. Failing sucks but keeping track of failures definitely does not help you to chill and enjoy the game.

    Sad you left tho., the recent patch is really good... one of the best we had so far and your awakening weapon was close.

    Have fun

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  13. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Nouver never ever in NA/EU BDO?   

    @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes
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  14. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Nouver never ever in NA/EU BDO?   

    You talk like GK Sylta... you're just as ridiculous
    THANK YOU ! Seems like some people here cannot get it
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  15. ChickAndWin added a post in a topic Nouver never ever in NA/EU BDO?   

    Nouver is actually good for some classes as Giant/Warrior who do not have any Offhand focusing on AP.

    Yes there may be inbalance issue but would be nice to have a notification from @PM_Jouska

    Additionally, inbalance is not all about Nouver...

    Anyways... removing content from this game is not a brilliant idea.
    That's exactly what i meant with OP... thank you for getting it
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