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  1. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic What type of stuff gets you to check out another player?   

    Their cup size.
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  2. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

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  3. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    After picking Ranger on Day 1 of headstart because of the bow and thicc thighs, I've now played 8 months as ranged and 5 months as melee. At this rate, my playtime on a bow class will be mostly melee. :feelsbadman:
    Please, PLEASE Trump Kakao, make longbow great again..... 
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  4. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic I just tried a node war for the first time in a large guild. 1/10 gameplay   

    FPS isn't even an issue for some people, it's the incredible amounts of lag that really ruins large node wars/sieges, and we can't do anything about that. 
    Also I normally don't agree with Irrelevant but his advice in this thread actually does help. Maybe try it first instead of insulting him.
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  5. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Balenos 1 down   

    I knew we should've killed Disconnected first. FeelsBadMan
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  6. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Not Doing Damage (gear included)   

    Because literally any buffs to Ranger will set the forums on fire. People think we're incredibly OP as it is, and if everyone wasn't so busy -----ing about Wiz/Witch, they'd be complaining about Ranger instead.
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  7. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Dark Knight Gameplay (Level 18-20)   

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  8. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Red Battlefield.........   

    Yep they're perfectly viable, especially once you reach level 56 and get your awakening.
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  9. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Red Battlefield.........   

    I agree that it would be nice to have more PvP rewards come from actually PvPing, but there's a few things you have to understand (from someone who has spent over 5,000 hours on the game since launch, and has the "Hero" title from RBF):
    1.) Red Battlefield is an arena that only the top/most geared PvPers really do. Don't expect to walk in there as a fresh level 50 with less than 400gs and get any kills. You're going to have a very bad time if you're not "endgame". And there are SOME rewards, those tokens you get can be turned into a material which is used to make RBF versions of some crystals, but something better would definitely be welcome. Just keep leveling and gearing up, and go back in there when you're at least 58+ with good gear and you'll probably have a better time.
    2.) BDO isn't just a PvP game, it's an OPEN WORLD PvP game. There is a big difference. Open World PvP games tend to focus on GvG and PK/Outlaw gameplay, and in BDO's case, Node Wars and Sieges as well. I never played WoW but I did play TERA and SWTOR, and I can tell you for a fact that the instant those games added arena-based PvP, the Open World PvP completely died off. This would be fine if Pearl Abyss added the ability to level and gear up through arenas, but that would mean less revenue for PA/Kakao (less bag expansions/weight increases sold, etc.) and more salty tears from lifeskillers/carebears. That means PA/Kakao will probably never do it. Plus, GvG's are a blast and they would stop happening if all the PvPers were in arena's all day long.
    3.) Based on your post, it sounds like you're playing solo? If that's the case, I seriously suggest finding a Node War guild to join. Node Wars and Sieges are some of the best PvP I've ever had in any game, and they are what is considered "endgame" PvP in BDO. While you CAN play solo in BDO, you won't really get to experience the fun PvP until you join a guild.
    Hope this helps.
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  10. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Above and beyond   

    I'm surprised they didn't steal your guild emblem too, such bad trolls.
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  11. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Game Must Be Dying.   

    Yes it is, but this wall is to keep the DK rerollers in before they overrun our grindspots and take all our blackstones.
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  12. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Game Must Be Dying.   

    Let's build a wall around Balenos and make Velia pay for it!
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  13. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Remove Gem Shatter Until Servers Fixed   

    The last two hours have been especially awful, every few minutes there has been a 10-30 second delay, reported by everyone in my guild and folks I was PvP'ing with. On the bright side, FPS has been fantastic lately but that doesn't really do us any good if the server isn't responding in the first place.
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  14. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic The Battle of Thermian Cliff   

    CITADEL perspective, I haven't watched this yet but it was linked in my guild's Discord, so I figured I'd share.
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  15. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Dark Knight First Look   

    It's not a first look if the class is already released and we've had gameplay videos to watch for 2 months.
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  16. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic The Battle of Thermian Cliff   

    This T1 was untaken for 4 weeks and had 9 guilds on it last week. Everyone dropped there knowing it would be a huge fight again.
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  17. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic The Battle of Thermian Cliff   

    From 14 guilds down to 4 at the end. I'm sure it'll be a huge fight again next week, it's been untaken for quite awhile.
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  18. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic <Vertex> Hardcore | Node wars 4 nights a week | Experienced PvPers   

    We pulled away from Villain with 30 minutes to go so we could fight Vertex, so it ended up being more of a 1v1v1. Good fights all around though.
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  19. Caddywhompus added a topic in US Guild   

    The Battle of Thermian Cliff

    First T4 node confirmed, starting in 30 minutes. Come spectate and help crash the server!
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  20. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic First boss fight -no loot   

    Do more damage and don't die.
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  21. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Lv 57 noob questions   

    While the OP does need to work on his gear, he's really not far off on most of his complaints.
    Welcome to Ranger
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  22. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Ranger gear   

    Take a look at that guide by DSdavidDS, there's a gearing section towards the bottom. Compare what you have now to the gear in that guide and go from there.
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  23. Caddywhompus added a post in a topic Kriegsmesser Drops   

    @Virago , what makes you think only new players will be playing Dark Knight? There are multiple times throughout your discussion with @Jefferson where you state that new players would at best be putting a +2 AP Gem in the extra slot. What about people that have the +5 AP power gem, that costs a "whopping" 1.8mil? What about the fact that it is significantly easier to gem for 5 AS/5 Crit when your weapon has 2 gem slots? What about the fact that it is much easier to farm for a Krea/Rosar weapon right now than it is to get an Azwell (just take a look at the marketplace, over 10k Krea/Rosar kriegsmesser sold compared to 384 Azwell). After all, the whole point of this thread was to figure out where the Kriegsmesser's were dropping so people could go farm and enchant them.
    At best, Azwell is roughly equal to Krea/Rosar in terms of DPS, but when factoring in everything else (extra crystal slot, easy to get) Krea/Rosar pulls ahead of Azwell. Also Virago, quit comparing the "No AP Loss in the Rain", a special effect, with Rosar's 10% Ignore Resist, a set effect. Most people won't be using a Rosar offhand so there is no reason to be comparing those stats, and while you're correct in saying that Azwell's special effect is better than Rosar's (which doesn't even have an equip/special effect lol), Azwell's effect is still so utterly useless that it isn't worth mentioning. It's possible to level from 1-50 in 2-3 hours if you're properly prepared, so worrying about the rain is just silly.
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