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  1. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Old Totem leveling   

    I would not do the Old Totem at all without harpooning, and I think the easiest to try with is the Ray totem (I have one myself which is still level 1 as it has failed the first two attempts to upgrade), as I get a plentiful number of them in several seas when harpooning, particularly the Sea of Arusha. 
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  2. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic What is there to do underwater   

    I've looked and searched and I think the new gathering stuff and shipwreck content will come with a later update, so the short answer is: No
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  3. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Ocean Update   

    I was hoping to find a thread on this, as I also spent an hour or so in different ocean locales, diving and looking for stuff to gather, with a cat activated - no pings, nothing to interact with.  My findings are consistent with everyone else's.
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  4. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Wat dis   

    This is Xigncode - the built in BDO security engine, and it sure as hell does look like some horrible pop-up window telling you that your computer has been infected, directing you to some link in Eastern Europe which is intended to phish you or hack your computer, but it isn't, rest assured.  As others have mentioned, there could be a number of other benign programs you are running which Xigncode doesn't like, but in my case, it was a Windows 10 issue, and I'll offer the fix that worked for me in case it is helpful to you.
    In my case, it was something that Windows 10 updated which is rather easy to circumvent without rolling back your updates - you need to disable "Driver Signature Enforcement."  To do this, restart your computer, but hold the SHIFT key when clicking "restart."  Then when you are prompted, select "Troubleshoot," then "Startup Settings," then "restart."  It will restart and bring up the black and white Advanced Options settings - scroll down and select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" and hit enter.  For me, after I did this BDO started up without problems.  Here's a link which also tells you how to do this permanently so you don't have to do this every time you restart your computer (so far I just do this each time, myself):
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  5. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Single target attacks - which is better?   

    For high HP single targets (and things like centaurs and basilisks) nothing can really equal F-canceling WOTW and shotgun, I wouldn't really use any of those three.  I wish it was otherwise, as spamming shotgun feels so ham-fisted and it really makes fighting these mobs tedious and boring.  I will throw in a penetrating wind cancel just for shits and giggles every now and again but the damage it does is terribly meh. Hoping ranger awakenings change this.
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  6. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Catching a Sand Fish?   

    I think Ansion has it right - you don't have to KEEP the fish for most fishing quests, just catch it, and a Sandeel is a trash fish so it would have been tossed but you still get credit for the catch.  It is hard to deliberately catch the white fish
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  7. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Question concerning "fishing hotspots"   

    One thing to be aware of is that about a month ago the nature of a "hotspot" changed considerably.  These used to be fixed locations with no marking or indication of any kind except you caught mostly good quality fish at them, and never any trash.  A lot of the online guides still have these marked.
    The new hot spots are not static, but appear and disappear in semi-random locations, denoted by jumping fish and seagulls.  The higher your fishing level, the more likely you are to see one of these spots.  If your fishing skill is too low, you won't even be able to visualize a hot spot which can be seen by higher level fishers.  In these hotspots, you catch only gold quality fish, of about a dozen varieties, each hotspot specific to a species of fish.
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  8. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic problem with using my hoe at thicket and dry thicket   

    I have gotten mushroom hyphas from the mushrooms themselves, and would spend my time gathering those nodes for their seeds rather than dry thickets.  It is still a low drop - at Gathering Artisan somethingorother I might get one every 20 times, but you only need one to grow it into a special on your farms eventually.  I've also used the AH when I don't feel like being a purist about it. 
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  9. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic The fishing in BDO really needs to be revamped or refixed when using energy, its outrages how it is now   

    Forgive me if I misunderstood you - perhaps you know this already, in which case I apologize - but you can still catch spotted sea bass in hot spots.  I found two schools last night before maintenance while looking for black porgies to complete my own Velia triple float quest for the umpteenth time.  Most reliable area for spotted sea bass is just southwest of Baremi island. 
    I started keeping a ramshackle MSPaint map of every hot spot I encountered, after I became curious if there was a reliable geographic distribution for which hot spots have which fish - there is.  I'll happily link that here, just please don't make fun of my low tech mapmaking skills.    http://imgur.com/a/H1Rsf
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  10. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Question regarding Hide costume   

    It hides it for you and everyone - you will appear to them as you do to yourself.  (I have had this pose a problem when whaling because I have my fish suit on, but not displayed, and when we get swamped overboard, boat pilots will wait for me to swim back to the boat instead of following the whale, not realizing I can get back just fine, so now I have to remember to display it when whaling for just that reason).  Having said that, I have also found that it will not necessarily render in that way on everyone else's client immediately, so sometimes they may perceive you to be wearing your costume for a while upon first encountering you before it switches to how you intend to appear.  I have stood next to other players and switched costumes to see how they liked a dye arrangement and had them say nothing changed for a half a minute or more.
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  11. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Large Mining node concentrations?   

    Hmm.  Coastal cave has a ton of nodes, mostly copper.  Keplan hill has lots of iron and tin.  Mountaintops, in general, seem to have the greatest concentrations of actively mineable nodes.  But with Artisan level gathering, if you want to burn energy, I would just mine regular rocks.  I have 440 energy and artisan gathering, so I'll just hit all the stone around calpheon and usually end up with plenty of platinum, silver, gold, etc., besides always valuable rough stone.  Guild gathering quests are good for burning up energy and getting good mats simultaneously. 
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  12. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic How to organize alts with the Life Skills?   

    I do all life skills on my main, and I'm usually at least top 20 ranked in most life skills, depending on channel population at that moment.  It may not be the most ideal way of doing it, but I like that best.  I only use alts for energy stockpiles for node investment, night vendor, waving at NPCs with frustrating amity games, etc.  I do have one alt which I'll use to make beer, but only because I'll make 1,000 at a time and don't want to consume all that energy off of my main. 
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  13. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Which proffession?   

    For money making the two most lucrative "professions" are probably Processing and Fishing.  If you have your workers collecting raw materials - iron ore, say - and you AFK process them into shards and/or ingots, you can make plenty of money that way. The richest player in my guild accomplished it purely through processing. 
    Fishing comes in second, IMHO, but with the removal of static "hot spots," it's more lucrative if you actively fish, instead of AFKing.  Fishing the new active hot spots to fill your inventory and then sell the fish at a distance you can make good money. 
    Grinding is still the most efficient way of making money per hour, if you don't mind grinding. 
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  14. Voxhumbug added a post in a topic Keep Calm And....   

    Thumbs up for Homestarrunner reference
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  15. Voxhumbug added a topic in General   

    Mysterious Glowing Object

    Here's a mystery I'm hoping someone can shed light on.  There is another forum thread from months ago which first addressed this (here: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/60479-what-is-it-and-why-is-it-following-me/), and I posted there also, but it is in the New Adventurers forum so I am starting another here where more people might see it and someone might have an answer. 
    I encountered the same mysterious phenomenon twice in the last couple of weeks. On the first occasion, a glowing silvery ball appeared around the sail of my fishing boat while I was piloting it.  I stopped, and it moved around as if attached to me by an invisible thread, until I equipped my main weapon and it vanished. 
    The second time, a glowing golden ball appeared near another player.  It moved as if it was connected to his hands somehow - when he shot his musket and his avatar reloaded, it swung backwards and forward again with the motion.  I thought maybe this had something to do with the "golden items" event, and suggested that he equip a fishing pole and make a cast, since this was during the "golden coelacanth" week.  He did so, and the golden ball moved onto his bobber for the duration of the cast.  He caught seaweed, and it disappeared.  Most interestingly of all, the other player could NOT see the golden ball on his client, and was mystified by the picture.   
    I figured this had something to do with the "golden" event, and would make itself plain in the coming days, but in light of the other Forum thread, that was apparently incorrect, and I have not learned anything about what this might be.  This is not the guiding fairy, which looks different.  For both of these appearances, there was no fishing going on when it appeared.  Anyone know the answer to this mystery? 
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