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  1. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Cannon 's!!! Guide   

    I thought low levels were supposed to be able to fire these? Do you need to be 45?
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  2. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic New Trend: Pirating?   

    More like high risk, low reward, unless you have a lucky horseshoe parked in uranus.
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  3. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Tier 3 Ultimate Forges...working?   

    Yeah, proccing an ultimate when making an amulet would likely be akin to getting your weapon to +15 with 15 stones.
    I don't care that it's not 100% with grade 3 stones...as long as I'm not wasting them for no reason. I can make more, just needed to know it was possible.
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  4. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Tier 3 Ultimate Forges...working?   

    Thanks, I'll keep at it.
    For all servers? I haven't seen Kzarka spawn on Orwen yet.
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  5. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Tier 3 Ultimate Forges...working?   

    I'm using Grade 3 stones, and a Blue +15 Destruction weapon.
    0 for 7 so far, which now sounds about on par with the responses here. People in my guild were telling me not to keep trying, since no one has sold an Ultimate weapon on the marketplace-- and the Kzarka weapon isn't ingame yet, hypothesizing that Daum kept all Ultimate weapons out until they were released simultaneously later...even though we were able to level up our forges and make grade 3 stones.
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  6. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Tier 3 Ultimate Forges...working?   

    So you have an Ultimate in this current content? I'm fine with low % as long as it's possible, and I'm not just wasting reform stones.
    Artisan Human with 21 Luck.
    Ok...so has anyone successfully upgraded their weapon in current NA content?
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  7. Tiger_Law added a topic in General   

    Tier 3 Ultimate Forges...working?
    So Grade 3 Weapon and armor stones can be crafted now. I've made 10 so far.
    No one has sold an Ultimate weapon on Orwen, and I have now failed 6 attempts at taking my +15 sword of destruction to its Ultimate (yellow) form.
    Can someone please tell me that it's simply a low success rate, rather than it not being available ingame yet? I will be beyond pissed off if I wasted my time and the considerable investment that goes into making the stones and it's just not available yet...even though every prerequisite was released.
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  8. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic WTF! is up with all the -----ing D/C's!!   

    Not just DC's, but now my launcher won't even open. Anyone else unable to even connect and get to the login window?
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  9. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    So the proposed system in the OP is clearly not what's currently in the game, so why is it still up there? 
    And to anyone who tries to say you can't lose crystals in PVP-- you are wrong. I have full 300k karma, and have been killed 5 times in owpvp and have lost crystals 3 of those 5 times. No PVE in sight.
    And lastly, I'm getting pretty tired of hearing butthurt kids scream and cry that PK needs harsher penalties.
    Are you insane? Right now, becoming an outlaw is incredibly easy, and once there-- every other player in the game targets you, even able to kill you in your own home with aoe. Getting karma back through grinding is next to impossible, because anywhere that gives even remotely decent xp is permanently camped by the guilds who caused you to be an outlaw in the first place.
    Losing enhancements on your gear upon death as an outlaw is outrageous. And this is from someone who is still at max karma and has no intention of being an outlaw at any point.
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  10. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance - Extended   

    Network issues and a larger than basic patch. Stop crying.
    But you'd have to imagine having some patch notes would alleviate some of this -----ing. 
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  11. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Valk awakening trailer finally up   

    Still loving Valk, and this video wasn't anything negative. I think it proves that not all awakening weapons are meant to "round out classes, and cover weaknesses" -- this looks like it makes us a bit better at what we already do well, instead.
    And that's fine with me. From that video, I can tell she was able to use an ability to pull enemies together while blocking. That's huge.
    If Valks here are comfortable using Just Counter instead of Forward Slash like they should be, the Lance will be effortless to transition into. Add to that another gap closer for burst speed, and we can catch players, while still not being great at chasing them. Again, this is fine, you just have to understand what you're good at and not try to do what you aren't. In mid-sized and large-scale pvp, if you find yourself chasing a harrier around the battlefield, you've already failed as a Valk. If they run away from you, you win-- let them run.
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  12. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance - Extended   

    Would be nice to have some patch notes to read while we wait for networking issues, guys. 
    Also, I find it so funny how people cry about maintenance being done during the day...as if they have no concept of the day and night schedules of anyone else in the world. If you're playing on a NA server, be prepared for the maintenance to not follow your schedule.
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  13. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Maxing Shield Strike for Flow:Spinning Shield   

    Maxing Shield Strike does, indeed, increase damage on Spinning Shield.
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  14. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 11th   

    Not to mention the word is "Urgent".
    Good Notes on this patch, was kind of hoping to see something mentioned about rubber-banding while sprinting, and why BDO turns my keyboard into an illiterate idiot that can't type punctuation...but so far the changes seem good.
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  15. Tiger_Law added a post in a topic Yuria Longsword vs Bares Longsword   

    Neither. I'm going Azwell all day. Accuracy and comparable damage, with very little RNG at all to your damage numbers.
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