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  1. MadJukes added a post in a topic There is a disconnection bug next to the fishing hotspot near Velia   

    This is the PERFECT example of how much Daum cares about this game and bugs.
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  2. MadJukes added a post in a topic A big reason why BDO is leaking players   

    Once the node wars and castle sieges start and certain servers will end up like in russia, this game is gonna die in a matter of month. 
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  3. MadJukes added a post in a topic pvp game where pvp is the worst part?   

    Threads like this are usually a white knight magnet. They are probably all busy doin some RP shit ingame.
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  4. MadJukes added a post in a topic Dear everyone who voted in favor of auto-pathing...   

    I am so glad this game is gonna die in no time. Most gaming communitys suck, but BDO f*cks them all. If there would be awards for most toxic community, this game would win no problem. Even the russian Dota 2 flamers are better than this, at least you dont understand what they are saying.
    +1 @OP.
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  5. MadJukes added a post in a topic Why is BDO's English Localization Horrible?   

    Stop protecting them, its just bullshit.
    Even when you would be right they could have, if some normal human would've translated it, have written "You played -- so far" ?! Or you wanna tell me thats worse than what they did or it wasnt possible for some reason? And that was just something I thought off in the first few seconds after I read you explanation.
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  6. MadJukes added a post in a topic pvp focused game where skill means nothing.   

    And don't forget the most important part: He is a delusion.
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  7. MadJukes added a post in a topic No cash shop updates/no ghilie costume changes/community ignored   

    White Knights will always defend the game, because they dont want to see or hear how people are disliking their great game which is gonna die in a maximum of 6 month, just like in Korea. In a B2P game, where the first thing, of AAALL the things they could add, is ANOTHER goddamn 25€ costume with some serious bonuses.. then well, hello cash grab, and the dumb fanboys are even falling for it. 
    Why would companies make legit games these days? Just build up some hype, gather some fanboys, they will give them 10-50 Million in no time, add more cash stuff, let the game die in the next 12 month and continue, best profit ever. And why does it work? Because ppl are retarded enough to support it. 
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  8. MadJukes added a post in a topic PSA: Use Marker system, Game Mechanics, Ghillie suit p2w?   

    Bush Suit is OP and Pay2Win / YouAintDoinShitWithoutIt and the game is gonna die, get over it.
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  9. MadJukes added a post in a topic Ghillie costume GLOWS RED!   

    I really hoped for the game to succeed, but seing this forum every now and then, it's SO going to die in the next 12 month, just like in Korea. At least if everything continues as right now. Forum is near zero in regards of GM activity, and the game just being released is not a argument anymore, nearly 2 weeks after launch, when there is nothing more important than the start phase issues. 
    So glad I got rid of my account before it was too late. I did hope I would find my new wow in it, but sadly, this toxic community with weird publisher is gonna kill it sooner or later, rather sooner than anything else. Well, lets hope there is something else coming up this or next year. 
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  10. MadJukes added a post in a topic Can you release the client patch already?   

    I am SO pissed at PA for this! I have slow internet, because I dont live in a huge city, like many many other people, and its just a fu.cking shame that they wait until damn 8 or 9pm to release a Pre-Lord for the NEXT day in the morning. I would upgrade my internet ASAP if it would be possible, but it isn't. Of course, they sit in Amsterdam, getting stoned every day, laughing about the stupid community, but not everyone is living in the capital of weed and whores >.<
    Best thing was their answer on facebook when I said that in a nice way, that my guild-group would have to wait, they just answered "We hope your guild wont have to wait too long", when I arrive later because I still download. I thought they are ****ing kidding me. 
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  11. MadJukes added a post in a topic Release Client - Patch Question   

    PA is 100% ridiculous in some things..
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  12. MadJukes added a post in a topic Auro run   

    Where  could you do that? Or just with a under Lv. 45 char? Couldnt you get attacked otherwise? And what about the horses stamina  
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  13. MadJukes added a post in a topic Fan Art / CustomizationData - by Tenrai   

    I know, I know  Im from Germany, "friend" is boyfriend here if you badly translate it. Sometimes mistakes like that slip through  
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  14. MadJukes added a post in a topic Fan Art / CustomizationData - by Tenrai   

    15$ ^^ As her friend said.
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  15. MadJukes added a post in a topic Help needed with Character-Design choice   

    Ok, thanks guys!  
    Then it shall be the first one.
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