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  1. Najian added a post in a topic Flag of Determination bug   

    If you search forums,  you can find something similar at manes hideout. There's also an extensive thread on an outpost on a tree that was much harder to hit (not as impossible as this shit but still an exploit imo). 
    So people know they can do inside-wall placements and this is an intentional act even at the first placement. 
    One if the admins has replied about the tree one that it is a violation of ToS to abuse terrain clipping and actions would be taken against people who do it.  So we'll see.  
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  2. Najian added a post in a topic Comprehensive guide to Imperial Trading   

    I think they're built by workers in a Guild House, your guild will need to win a house by bidding on them.
    I'm not sure if selling them sends the funds to your own wallet or to the guild tho, it seems a lot of charity work considering you have to spend silver on doing the weekly quests to obtain the materials.
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  3. Najian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Love how the people coming out of the woodwork to ride some Kakao peinis are each Lawyer, Insurance Fraud Expert, PayPal representative and Game Developer simultaneously. Pass me some of that fanta flavored champagne.
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  4. Najian added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    They won't get indicted for fraud in any case, ever.
    First thing that will happen is Paypal tells Kakao: ----- you and take these guys to small claims court if you have a problem with the chargebacks.
    Next, Kakao spams every chargeback customer with a claim for fraud.
    There we go on the proceedings:
    The defendants says: it's a legitimate chargeback because I feel -subjective alert- that the product differs from my expectation.
    Kakao: look at the ToS.
    Defendant: well screw you nobody looks at the ToS, my expectation is based on interviews/forums/whatever
    The judge asks himself: can this subjective expectation be objectively justified or not? Which would make the chargeback legit pr not.
    The court gets swamped with similar cases and combines them into one. (I really hate the technical part behind this so we'll skip it)
    And okay, probably Kakao wins these cases. After a lot of time, effort and legal kung fu with the defendants who don't need lawyers in small claims court.
    The first step to take for Kakao lawyers is scaring some people in canceling the chargeback to size down the problems a little, and see where it would be the wisest venue  to start the claims. HQ in Amstelveen would take it to the court in Amsterdam. Which will be awesome, ill take my popcorn and go there. I might as well represent some defendants as have a degree in dutch law lingering around somewhere here.
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  5. Najian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    I don't mind betting 100 million on that the cap will at least move to 50million for a pet.
    lose around 18million if I resell them for the same price again or win 800million if the price goes up.
    It's literally using logic: cost-benefit analysis
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  6. Najian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Worthless guarantee. Many people will buy every costume and pet they can afford and resell them later when price goes up.
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  7. Najian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    I'm especially convinced by the truth of your post by the 3 exclamation marks. So many !!! it must be true.
    Also can you provide some evidence that you're actually even over 15 years old yourself?
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  8. Najian added a post in a topic Oh you people are truly silly about the Pay to Win stuff..   

    Good story OP. Here, take your smug&edgy points.
    Stop crying about crying about nothing.
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  9. Najian added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Selling now is so dumb, prices will increase twentyfold.
    There is no moderation. In Japan pets used to be 1 million and went up to 20 million relatively fast because people want to upbreed that 11% combat exp tier4 and keep breeding. Same thing will happen here.
    market tip: buy every pet you see now, sell back to market later
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  10. Najian added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    So, how much for that desert fox?
    I'll offer.... a MILLION silver. for your 11 euro
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  11. Najian added a post in a topic Is it fair to say only non competitive players will not lose motivation for playing?   

    At 158/186 lv 56 as a sorc (which is low-tier casual) with a busy reallife schedule I was planning to pick up on the grind later on, I know that if I put in the effort I can reach to become at least midtier... Now I won't, because I know that others can put in the money to become at top tier.
    Not sure how many others like me are there, but to answer: no, I'm demotivated as a casual too.
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  12. Najian added a post in a topic The "I will quit BDO thread" due to P2W   

    Not quitting the game. Quitting spending money on it though.
    Quitting most activities too. I will probably be afk fishing untill I really quit.
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  13. Najian added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    I created some elaborate fake patch notes with some jokes about 'adjusting' classes, the addition of items like 'Daum's Laughter' that will allow you to place more than 5 pearl items on the market place, with stuff like 'fixed the issue where players were unable to progress faster by using their credit card' and whatnot, inserted it here... and then deleted it.
    It's not even worth it. It's not funny at this point, there's nothing amusing about KashKao or all of this.
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  14. Najian added a post in a topic Isobel and her quest   

    You obviously haven't been cooking enough to go completely insane yet.
    [She] ...is both beautiful and magnificently wealthy. But...they were actually half brother and sister. 
    The story of Santo Manzi and Bahar is cool too. Like, they were actually brothers. It was a time not so long ago. An exhausted traveler went into an inn to get some food. The town gang quickly picked out the traveler is a softy. And then he appeared and slammed his sword right into the table and said, "Get the hell out of my kitchen!"
    That's the story of David Finto right there.
    And then there's this other situation that will be the main cause of BDO related suicides:
    Haha you suck! Do it better! Better I said! No not there! Even I can do better! Goddamnit!
    And the trade manager in Glish.
    Eehheeey look what the cat dragged in, another rookie.
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  15. Najian added a post in a topic Patrol Route (strength training)   

    Option A: Needs confirmation.
    Go overweight by a few 1000% and you will barely move at all while still counting the time that you're moving as training strength.
    Press T and see if you can make it trough an average street in Calpheon in 10 hours time. I saw someone do it so I guess it works.
    Option B: Needs a GM to clarify if this is not bannable
    If you are a geek: have LEGO technic and make a simple key pusher contraption that would press down on the W button forever and press A for one second every two secondes, creating a small size walking square inside your house.
    Probably not against the rules, as they only state software to do game controls (like movement) is not allowed.
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