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  1. Kodiak added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    I'm hoping instead for a male, dwarf ranged character with a rifle/cannon instead at this point with the Dragan content release.
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  2. Kodiak added a post in a topic Margoria Sucks   

    One of the biggest advantages to being a localized client for so long is we've had the advantage of Korea leading the way in terms of content and us generally getting the updated versions of said content much faster.  For example Valencia 2 was released around December 2015 but many of the locations were overhauled over time to include more density and better drops throughout much of 2016 to the point few people really noticed the difference.

    While Magoria did certainly fill many gaps (made underwater useful, added an other way to active trade, added new and faster boats, added non-mission based ways to earn guild money, etc) over all it is fairly content light compared to past releases like Mediah or Valencia.  As we catch up to KR we're going to start seeing some of those lulls KR experiences with new content releases where sometimes new content isn't fully fleshed out yet.  This will likely also be the case for Kamasylva as well where we'll get a few new systems (T9 horses, courser horses, etc) but over all the area we get really won't be useful till much later.

    However saying "it sucks" isn't helpful at all.  If you have suggestions on what you want to see or expected to see with Magoria you should state those instead.

    Finally, there are items called Origin of Wind that are made in a Tier 4 Ship Part building.  They take 2 breezy crystal (vendor), 2 glue, and 2 shining powder (alchemy) which in turn gives you 5 Origin of Wind that restore's half the power of an Epheria Sailboat (500,000).  They take 30 minutes to recharge and it takes roughly 33 minutes to consume all 1 million power the Sailboat has (2500 every 5 seconds) so you can essentially sail forever long as you have enough HP and are willing to use the consumables.
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  3. Kodiak added a post in a topic [Urgent Issue] Region Tier Guild Ringers are ruining node wars   

    The solution is to allow anyone to leave/join a guild after 24 hours and participate in whatever node wars they want but they can't receive an incentive payment for 10 days after joining.  So if they really want PvP (which is questionable if they have 10 allied guilds drop on their region) they can still PvP as much to their heart's content but not simultaneously reap the benefits for being in a guild that holds a region for pay.

    If you want to see a solution to the 10 allied guilds problem, make it so they can't drop on a region if they lost against that region the previous week.  That'll make it have to be 20 guilds which would be difficult for any guild to pay off.
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  4. Kodiak added a post in a topic Why I think BDO is not Pay to win at all.   

    The people you want to convince are uninterested in being convinced because ultimately they just don't want to play the game and are simply using a topic like p2w as an excuse to justify them not playing the game.
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  5. Kodiak added a post in a topic KR patch note for 19th January   

    The original assertion was that people are incorrect to assume this new system was designed to help newer players (as a lot of people were saying) and it's actually aimed more towards the players who are already TET/PEN and have nothing to really spend their money on or progress towards.
    However, as been noted multiple times by everyone including myself and yourself, the crux of how incentivizing that is depends entirely on what the Cron Energy effect is as going back and re-doing TET/PEN again is incredibly costly and may not even be worth it.  For all we know it's a cosmetic glow.

    Hopefully in a week or two we'll get some real details on the system and then we can have discussions on geared players getting more geared and other such quibbles.
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  6. Kodiak added a post in a topic KR patch note for 19th January   

    Actually there's really no debate going on, it's merely discussing the facts of the system and why it was implemented while acknowledging there are unknowns as well.  Never brought up how it'd affect me as personally it won't negatively impact me since I enhance all my gear.  Not everything is a complaint, albeit it's understandable how one might think such given how things generally tend to go around here.
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  7. Kodiak added a post in a topic KR patch note for 19th January   

    I said TET/PEN players.  A lot of people talk about hitting TET with their gear and never wanting to enhance their gear from there because of the extreme RNG in going for PEN.  With the Cron Energy system it gives them a reason to revisit their gear and upgrade it further with Cron Energy.

    Cron Stones are also a mixed bag.  While they do prevent your weapon degrading, they cost a rediculous amount of money and furthermore prevent you from gaining failstacks.  This makes for an odd strategy of needing to fail on your item but simultaneously once you reach a certain number of failures on an item you'd want to stop, build failstacks on other items then use that failstack to go for TET with Cron Stones to min-max the Cron Energy.  At that point you're gambling to fail repeatedly then succeed which adds a whole other layer of -----ery to the whole system to be honest.

    The million/billion (literally) silver question is what actually is the Cron Energy effect?  Something like +Damage Resistance on Armor or +Special Attack on weapons could be huge in reducing damage or taking advantage of crits/down states.  Meanwhile something like +2 AP or +2 DP at the cost of having to re-enhance your gear back to TET+ is fairly questionable for the cost.
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  8. Kodiak added a post in a topic KR patch note for 19th January   

    Because currently you can just AFK fish all day, earn money, then buy gear with the enhancement level you want bypassing the enhancement system.

    However with the new system, since purchased items reset the Cron Energy, they will never get the Cron Energy effect on the weapon.
    What it all boils down to is how powerful this Cron energy effect is.  People are wrong to assume that this is done to make things better for non-whales or non-advanced players because it's actually designed for the opposite.  It's the players who are sitting on full on TET/PEN with billions of silver and nothing to spend it on now have a system to go back, make a new version of their item, and attempt to get a better version spending millions of silver on upgrade items as well as throwing money away on Cron Stones in an attempt to get an item with maximum Cron Energy.  A powerful effect will make this mandatory while a cosmetic effect will likely be largely ignored.
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  9. Kodiak added a post in a topic Your daily fame   

    938/235/611 so 650k + 175k + 87k

    Dat 900k welfare

    Oh, and as a side note, I found leveling alts to 56 to be a joke.  Just get them a +15 weapon, +7 offhand, and hand them your main's jewelry.  If you can get to around 120 AP you can easily grind to 50, then Manes/Rogues/Helms/Elrics (wherever isn't taken) and level to 56 pretty easily in an XP weekend.  I usually make the +15 while failstacking on my main's gear.
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  10. Kodiak added a post in a topic Valencia Trading Desert Buff Applied?!   

    Originally it was a mechanic to allow overloaded players a means to remove weight off their body so they can move.  Not sure if you've ever been so overweight you can't move.  Then the horse couldn't move fast.  However over time people took that feature and used in other ways, such as storing stacks of weight for farmed items (bandannas, trade crates, etc) and Pearl Abyss changed it to remove it because originally they too felt it was bypassing the game's systems.

    However this change was universally hated by everyone.  Not only did it make cleanup take an excessive amount of time (having to slowly turn in things) but also it really pushed the pay for convenience factors down people's throats.  It was unliked so much that Pearl Abyss re-added it back to the KR version to the game and said it was okay.

    So you can dislike it.  You can report it.  You can complain you don't think it's right.  That's all great, but it's 100% legitimate and 100% okay in the eyes of Pearl Abyss.  In the case of trade goods, there is actual risk as if your horse is killed while overloaded it will lose a large % of those crates.  This also only works with 1 item type.  So if you have to bring thousands of multiple crate types to a location that means multiple trips.

    Also player crates stack into a nice huge stack, not inventory spaces.  NPC trade goods take up their own individual slot. 
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  11. Kodiak added a post in a topic Race to trade master 2 and the ''new exploit''   

    Welcome to the wide, wide world of trading where Calpheon Crates are permanently sold out in Valencia these days!
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  12. Kodiak added a post in a topic Refer your Friends & Get Rewards!   

    Just as a small heads up in regards to this section I had not seen this when I started to make a few accounts for the Gift Passes now that they were reset for 1/1/2017.

    I reached out to a GM before I claimed any rewards (just in case) and this is what his response was:

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  13. Kodiak added a post in a topic Fresh Start Server   

    Really doesn't make any sense.  Any time you'd spend doing things all over again "correctly" could just as easily be used to do things you now know is the right way for the same net results.  Furthermore this presents a large number of unmentioned issues.  For one they'd be back to splitting the server from a mega server to individual servers, which defeats the whole purpose of them merging servers in the first place.  For two old issues like the poor state of node/region wars in the split server setup.  In addition to this there's no monetary advantage for them to do this, especially if you want them to refund the pearl items purchased and given back to people rather than encourage pearls.  So you're presenting Kakao/Pearl with nothing but cost but no benefit.
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  14. Kodiak added a post in a topic I just can't decide. Help me! >_<!   

    There's things a Warrior excels at and there's things a Musa excels at.  I think this topic always really comes down to what it is you want to do in game.  If you're super concerned about 1v1 PvP then Warrior is probably going to simply be the better choice.
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  15. Kodiak added a post in a topic Musa Rankings   

    Personally I hate Musa in duels.
    It's like they gave me all the mobility in the world on my class, then confine me to a small circle area.  Just isn't representative of any game play mode other than duels.

    But 100% agree this class seems all about gear.  Once you reach the 230-240+ AP stage and can just bowl over people it's great, but it's a long ride till then.
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