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  1. Solracs added a post in a topic Current Top 5 seige guilds   

    vision who?
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  2. Solracs added a topic in General   

    Possible PvP changes from KR and do we have a choice?
    So, there was a test or an event for certain KR players to test modifications to the PvP "rules" and added mechanics. Whether or not this was a ploy, it still got enough buzz to have them seriously think about changing things around (we have been asking this for awhile) and haveing a second round of testing. My question is, IF THIS GOES LIVE, will the changes that KR agrees upon be completely adopted here or will we have a choice? I think some changes are great to the game and there are a couple that I feel will hurt the game drastically for NA and maybe EU. I know nothing is finalized and maybe nothing comes of it. I'm just curious if we even have a chance to dictate what changes to our game we get?

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  3. Solracs added a post in a topic Why do high level zerkers use Beastly Wind Slash?   

    FD and BWS have accuracy problems. If you aren't in a decent spot with axes (tri/tet Kzarka + bhegs + other crap) I really feel that you will have problems landing FD BWS for "full damage".
    Zio, best advice would maybe watch farming zerkers and hope they get into fights on stream. otherwise you are going to have to learn by trial of fire.
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  4. Solracs added a post in a topic I'd give away the grab chain entirely for a double in damage output   

    Grab chains are for mid level zerkers. Ff you face a zerk that kills you in 3 skills you know you found a geared one. We don't need grabs to kill at a certain point. Sorry to be a -----, but when one starts typing to you in the middle of the grab chain you know you are screwed. Try facing a kuno, they grab too, no one complains.
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  5. Solracs added a post in a topic Why do high level zerkers use Beastly Wind Slash?   

    1st: Since you said you took a break...there was a change to BWS. 
    2nd: FD x2 is poop cause the accuracy is terrible and the timing can be difficult in bad server conditions.
    3rd: C > blasting x2 has been chosen as combo of choice for some time now. Try it out!
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  6. Solracs added a post in a topic <Aftershock> recruiting   

    Looking for front-liners that love goin' balls deep baby!
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  7. Solracs added a post in a topic <NA - PvP> Aftershock is recruiting!   

    We are looking for all possible applicants but could use a few more front-liners. Wars, Valks, and Zerks would be mighty nice. Big butts not a requirement but appreciated. 
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  8. Solracs added a post in a topic <Aftershock> recruiting   

    but you liked it...
    @Hollowpoint please message one of these people character name in-game:
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  9. Solracs added a post in a topic Does zerker have long cooldowns?   

    longest cooldown that you will notice is Devastation. Its 20 seconds? You don't really need it that many times and should be up the next time you want to use it. PvE or PvP.
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  10. Solracs added a post in a topic best for berseker   

    100% accuracy does not mean you land it 100% of the time. Its a modifier. If you have 20 accuracy and you use the skill, you now have 40 accuracy. I don't think the game allows for true 100% chance skills.

    Saiyer is the jack of all trades off-hand. It's good in both PvP and PvE. The off-hand discussion is a long one and it really comes down to your preferred play-style. If you are going for a tanky build I would suggest kutum actually. I say this cause it gives you decent amount of DP and 2 crystal slots to get a max possible 300 extra HP. depending on your HP stat that could be a 10% gain for a little while. Also the 10% resist penetration does make a difference when you are a tanky class cause your CC means everything. 
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  11. Solracs added a post in a topic Zerk population   

    I see new zerkers every day asking questions, it takes a special breed of person to play zerk. We just want to give you a hug. It's not a good first class to play BDO, it is a good class to have as an alt or a re-roll though.
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  12. Solracs added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

    <NA - PvP> Aftershock is recruiting!
    Thinking of Joining Aftershock?

    We’re a PvP guild looking for highly skilled, progression focused, active members to join our forces. In Aftershock, the guild finds it very important that community stays top priority. Therefore, our new recruits should know that they should openly contribute and help other members in any way that they can. Our goal is to stay pvp-competitive and have good fights, so if that sounds like your kind of guild, please apply! We are excited to welcome new members into our family.

    We run node wars twice a week and are diving into the Saturday sieges. 

    Have any questions/issues regarding the guild? Feel free to whisper our recruiters.

    How to apply:
    Reply to this forum with:Your character name (family name if you want)Character classOptional – Whisper one of the officers/recruiters there's pretty much someone online at every time of the day.What to expect:
    There will be an interview, nothing too drastic.Guild pay is on a participation basis up to 5 mil. This will be explained within the interview.We do most of our talking on voice-chat (Discord) – We are a community, it’s still a good idea to be on Discord even if you don’t talk.
    Guild Recruiters(Character Names):

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  13. Solracs added a post in a topic PSA: Do not roll Berserker. Source: 1st ever 61 Zerk & day 1 veteran   

    WHY, did you guys resurrect this thread...............?
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  14. Solracs added a post in a topic Leading the Charge in PvP   

    Good shit, love the Transformers cut-away...lol
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  15. Solracs added a post in a topic Can blasting or slugfest get super armor plz   

    lava pericer > grab > beat wizard/witch.. yea...

    There are counters for everything. Look at the overall game, don't just complain about one thing. I have played witch for a little while now and there are plenty of classes that kill it pretty easily. Just gotta learn how to play against it. Take some time to practice.
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