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  1. Cervani added a post in a topic What will be your Musa\Maehwa? Play the game :)   

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  2. Cervani added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    Daum, this is starting to border on a XL Games level of badness now.  First with the pet, and now with the horse.  Don't go the way of Archeage and XL Games, please. 
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  3. Cervani added a post in a topic Blader and Plum released in April   

    Keep in mind they DID say that class releases for NA will not be the same as with KR.  So we might not get blader first, but kunoichi/ninja instead.  Just letting you know.
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  4. Cervani added a topic in PVE   

    "Exp from fishing has been adjusted based on the grade of what is caught."
    So, like it says in the title, it seems they did something to exp of fish depending on the grade.  Now, I had thought this was ALREADY the case but it seems it isn't.  The only question that remains is does it mean level exp, as in your own personal experience?  Or is it based on fishing life skill exp, where the grade of the fish gives more exp towards the life skill?
    I'm leaning towards life skill, as the exp to personal level seems to be unchanged regardless of quality of fish.
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  5. Cervani added a post in a topic Fishing hot spots! Post here! Rich spots myth?   

    Mrrrr, I too tried that second spot and I got a really mixed bag.  I got the Moray gold fish, which I had thought you only got from hotspots, so I thought I was in the right spot.  But the range of fish went back and forth WAY too much for it to be a true hotspot.
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  6. Cervani added a post in a topic Congratulations Daum, Ghillie Suit   

    It also has a third counter, which is actually PAY ATTENTION to your damn surroundings.  Christ, all this whining about the ghillie suit is having me believe that situational awareness in gaming is all but gone.  Yes, I can understand if he's prone in a bush you're not going to see him.  But he has to get up and MOVE to come gank you.
    Oh look! A mysterious bush running at me!  I better ignore it, cause it might be friendly!  This is a PVP game, ya asshats.  You should be aware of everything around you at ALL times once you hit 45.  If I see someone running around near me, ghillie suit or not, you better KNOW that I have my eye on them constantly until I either leave or he does.  And if they leave, I still watch my surroundings.
    PVP 101
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  7. Cervani added a post in a topic HOW TO GEAR YOUR LV50 WARRIOR   

    How DO you up the quality of an item?  I probably want to get my Yuria and gear up to blue at least before I stone it.
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  8. Cervani added a post in a topic Golden fishing spot in Velia (FIX THIS ASAP PLEASE !!!)   

    I currently trader the top spot for fishing with two or three people, depending on which of us fishes more at the time of day.  I fished all along the island, never really any sweets spots.  Hell, even using the steeling fishing rod and Skilled 7 I mostly fish up shit... and it DOES piss me off.
    Though maybe I will do that duo thing with someone trying to find rich spots.  I'm also open to some hints on research, or someone pming me some spots.  I'm tired of fishing up shit >.<
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  9. Cervani added a post in a topic Regarding Scars of Dusk...   

    I'm 36.56 right now, soooo close to it. Been saving up the 27 skillpoints so I can get it immediately as well.
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  10. Cervani added a post in a topic Favorite Warrior Pearl Shop Outfit?   

    Bern for me, tho I usually keep the helm hidden.  I'll like it even better once I get some dyes unlocked, or the enable the merv palette.
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  11. Cervani added a post in a topic Shipyard 2nd Level   

    You can, it just takes a shitload of time to do it.  You also have to have the materials for the part of the task their doing in the warehouse of the city they are in.  So if you were going to use workers from Velia, you'd have to have the materials for the part of the boat they were working on in the velia warehouse... and then they'd have to swim from velia to iliya to do a part of the task, which takes a little over an hour versus the 20-30 mins it may take per task if the worker was at the build site.  And he has to swim EVERY time, so if the task is say.. 25 bronze ingots... that's 25 hours due to him having to swim from velia.
    Trust me, Epheria is far superior.
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  12. Cervani added a post in a topic Shipyard 2nd Level   

    No, Epheria is by far the better place to make boats of any kind.  Lemme explain why:
    Lodging: Iliya Island only has TWO buildings for lodging, with one lodging each. You'll be capped on workers and be forced to shuttle workers from velia to iliya in order to do the tasks (which will take an hour or more PER task run), as well as have to have the materials split between the two areas to split up the tasks.  Epheria has 10 or more lodging slots, making it incredibly easy to just slot them all on tasks. Nodes: Iliya has no connecting nodes for materials.  You have to funnel all the materials to it, and then process.  Epheria has two birch nodes (you need 50 birch plywood for fishing boat, which translates to 2500 birch logs) that you can send your workers to, gathering birch logs for you. Epheria also has one of the few lead nodes as well, which you need to make a ferry.Houses: The houses that you need to buy in order to get the shipyard in Epheria are houses you would be getting anyway.  Along that row of houses is the wood workshop (to make the plywood needed), tool workshop to making fishing rods and lodging for your workers.  It all lines up.There is pretty much no reason to have the shipyard in Iliya.  The only thing you may want in Iliya is the took workshop, since its the only workshop (that I found so far anyway) that can make harpoons.
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  13. Cervani added a post in a topic Tamer bug? (No eye contact)   

    She's just shy!  Sempai makes her blush.
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  14. Cervani added a post in a topic Suggestion: Ship Repair (Lifespan repair)   

    Thank you all for the support!  Hopefully we can get even more people and get this pushed through.
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  15. Cervani added a post in a topic Warrior Skills (What To Get For PvP)   

    I have to agree, a web guide would make this a lot easier to absorb.  This way we can match it up with the video!  I can never find a warrior guide except on youtube >.<.
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