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  1. KaguKin added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    Been having disconnects frequently about every 10-15 minutes all day, been running completely fine up until now.
    I was online for about 3 days straight prior to this and nothing has changed on my end, I'm on the same computer and same internet connection.
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  2. KaguKin added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Question   

    see I figured it was something like that, I just find it weird how I only get 1-2 cherry blossoms when I do that, even tho I'd been online for ~8 hours
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  3. KaguKin added a topic in General   

    Cherry Blossom Question
    Hey, Just a quick question about the cherry blossom event, from what I understood we'd be getting one cherry blossom per hour we're online (max 5 a day) right?
    However I stay online pretty much all day while I'm at uni/work and when I come home I've got no blossoms waiting for me in the rewards tab, however if I exit the game and restart it I'll have 1-2 Cherry blossoms there waiting for me.
    Did I misread the event somehow?
    I was hoping to get the fine accessory box, but I don't know if I can going at this pace.
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  4. KaguKin added a post in a topic Fan Art Friday!   

    did a portrait of my DK 

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  5. KaguKin added a post in a topic Random Disconnects   

    Been staying in town all day just processing shit because I DC whenever I try to do anything significant tbh
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  6. KaguKin added a post in a topic A new year for BDO - your wishlist?   

    I didn't..
    Thanks for letting me know, I'm off to rearrange my roster
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  7. KaguKin added a post in a topic A new year for BDO - your wishlist?   

    I wish I could sort my characters by level on the character select screen (both the main one and the "exit game" one) 
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  8. KaguKin added a post in a topic Fan Art Friday!   

    I've been playing around with oil paint brushes lately and decided to redo an old portrait of my Tamer

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  9. KaguKin added a post in a topic Help with screen resolution, ruined my desktop display by starting up the game   

    Thanks a lot guys, I've sorted the problem now. Changing resolution and "forcing" the correct on onto the game have solved my issue. I'm still a bit confused as to why it's happend and why BDO is the only game that's ever done this, but for now I'm just happy that it's all sorted
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  10. KaguKin added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Help with screen resolution, ruined my desktop display by starting up the game
    Hey, I decided to start up the game again today after a long hiatus. After sitting through over 30gb of patches I finally got to play, but once I started the game things started to go wrong. I've been using a 1920x1080 resolution since I got my computer and I used to play BDO like this, nothing has changed with my computer since last time.
    However when I started up the game it resized my entire screen to a little rectangle in the middle with massive black bars around, at first I thought I just had to change the in-game resolution (the only resolution that worked was the maximum of 3840x2160, but my game ran at 4fps like that, but at a smooth 60 using 1920 (which is why I've stuck with 1920 even though my monitor can use 3840.)
    So I closed the game down and guess what, my entire desktop is now stuck in the little square BDO resized it to
    I've had to change my monitor resolution to 3840x2160 now to even have a full screen on my desktop, however this has made all my files and apps incredibly small and I do not like it, I've tried using the windows 10 resize tool but it only resizes some apps while others remain almost too tiny to read. 
    I CANNOT change my resolution back to a comfortable 1920 as my screen returns to the tiny square in the middle of the screen when I do. I'm genuinely upset about this as I can't play BDO like this, and also the entire user experience of my computer is now severely hindered due to me trying to start up the game.
    I never had this issue earlier while playing the game actively, and I don't understand what have happend.
    Does anyone know anything that could help me solve this situation, if anything I would just like to get my comfortable screen resolution back and just leave the game behind for good if that's what I have to do.

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  11. KaguKin added a post in a topic About the classes   

    Balanced hahah!
    Depends on what you're looking for.
    Large scale PvP/Battlegrounds: Wizard = Ranger > Sorc >>>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else
    Small scale: Skrims Wizard = Ranger = Sorc > Everyone else
    1v1: Sorc > Ranger > Everyone else
    so yeah pick whatever class you want, but if you want to be relevant and have a good time in the game, pick one of the ranged classes
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  12. KaguKin added a post in a topic Kyrill Outfit for Tamer - Which Parts are Dye-able?   

    I've got it for my Tamer and pretty much every single part of the outfit is dyable, even the jewlery that comes with it
    It's got 9 dyable parts in total iirc
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  13. KaguKin added a post in a topic never have i seen a class as bad as tamer in my life, what a parody   

    Tamer are godlike in PvE grinding/farming, and they are among the best in 1v1 PvP
    However, in group pvp we're basically a stunbot that dies a lot
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  14. KaguKin added a post in a topic Advice: Getting a Handle on my Tamer's Gear   

    You're gonna wanna keep the baster sword for the quest chain at level 48

    For armour you can use whatever really.
    Grunil is the best if you can afford good gems for it
    Taritas/Zereth is the better "budget" options imo, some people like mixing them 2 grunil 2 taritas etc.
    You just gotta find which armour set bonus fits you the most
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  15. KaguKin added a post in a topic Accuracy vs AP accessories?   

    Could just be personal pref here, but I run full AP accessories and Accuracy offhand, instead of the other way around.
    I'd say AP accessories are much better based on the way they enchant, giving more AP than an accuracy ring gives Acc for example.
    If you can't afford the witch earring/mark of shadow there's quests to be had from Becker and Bacho (the "manager" at abandoned monastery and Hexe sanctuary) They're both standing outside the zone and will give you a quest to kill 100 or 60 of said monsters, rewarding you one token of promise. For 15 tokens of promise you can get a free 5-5AP ring or earring, quest is repeatable hourly. You start this questchain by talking to the troll who's in charge of the Bank in calpheon (north entrance)
    You can enchant these accessories and they only cost you time, no money.
    And during the quests you'll be grinding mobs that can drop witch/mark so there's a good chance you'll get one or two while doing the questchain.
    Other than that on your armour, if you can't afford witch/marks at the moment, going full Grunil is probably not the best idea, as you want very expensive gems in grunils to make it good. I'd reccoment 2 Grunil 2 Tari, or 3 Grunil with zereth boots/talis boots instead, or 3 grunil with agerian glove.
    Sorry this post got a little long and rambling-y, but I hope it was of some assistance at least
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