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  1. Niscy added a post in a topic The current correct figures behind the cash shop selling system   

    I'm still here because it's funny to come back and look at what they are doing to this potential masterpiece of a game. I'll say it again it is disgusting. 
    This game will go down in history for what it has done to it's consumers and it will be a benchmark for how far a company can go.
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  2. Niscy added a post in a topic The current correct figures behind the cash shop selling system   

    Why are you continuing to feed this dead horse of a game? It's disgusting to me to think what this game could have achieved if it was ran correctly. It's people like you that let companies like Pearl Abyss get away with rinsing money out of their consumers. Deal with it.
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  3. Niscy added a post in a topic The current correct figures behind the cash shop selling system   

    See you in a week when you'll be eating your words when costume sets are 60mil
    Where you will see the real price hike is pets. As people who exploited a fortune in silver will be buying them all to get the perfect stats.
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  4. Niscy added a post in a topic Too funny...   

    This is probably the only post worth reading on this subject.
    This is exactly what will happen, anyone with any financial knowledge at all knows this.
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  5. Niscy added a post in a topic No P2W - Petition   

    It's too late, the market is skewed already, what crappy economy you already had it is now totally fubar.
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  6. Niscy added a post in a topic severs up!   

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  7. Niscy added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    I come back to the forums now and then just to see how much you are -----ing up this game. Nice to see you are now B2P, F2P, Sub, P2W, that's 4 models all in one game. Wow, you really are the worst publishers of all time.
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  8. Niscy added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    They aren't going to ban players who are pumping their cash into the in-game store regardless of how many times you report them for hacking / botting and regardless of the amount of times they are banned. They are out to make money, in a B2P game this is their only repeatable income, if someone has a good steady in-game shop order history... perma banning people isn't on their agenda.
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  9. Niscy added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    For everyone that is saying "improve xigncode" etc, is not helping.
    As soon as you find the memory pointers for anything in this game the hacks are unstoppable, it only takes a few hours to find them after a patch.
    This game runs mostly client-side.
    This game is over.
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  10. Niscy added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    Whine when you don't get something, whine when you get something. This community is toxic as -----, it's people like this that ruin good games.
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  11. Niscy added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 6th   

    None of the actual game breaking bugs or issues fixed, GG.
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  12. Niscy added a post in a topic Disconnecting while swimming   

    Basically it thinks you are using a speedhack.
    If you jump into the water wearing the fish costume you accelerate faster than the game thinks you can naturally move and thus kicks you.
    Just plop into the water by walking off and don't touch shift until your character surfaces, works every time.
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  13. Niscy added a topic in General   

    Massive monster lag, free kills.
    Yet again another "exploit?" brought along with the server side lag.
    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRKuvLt_0hY
    Monsters just standing there letting you attack and kill them endlessly, they swipe at you after 5-10 seconds, but at the position you were standing 5-10 seconds ago... so always miss.
    Confirmed that this is happening on multiple channels. Top guilds farming Mutant Tree, which are also just standing there letting themselves die.
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  14. Niscy added a post in a topic Fishing - Too lucrative for too little investment.   

    Made 1 mil in 2 hours earlier afk fishing, fishing is OP. Pls dont fix it.
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  15. Niscy added a post in a topic yet another issue   

    I've just made a video, uploading it to YouTube right now. I'm standing in the cave under the monastery and all the mobs are just standing there letting me kill them. This game is beyond a joke.
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